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Fox Hunting | Traveling Easy
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Fox Hunting | Traveling Easy

Written by Michela | 26 April, 2011

The 1Tournament of simulated fox hunting, entitled “Conte Ranieri Campello della Spina” result is a unique and striking initiative organized by the “Pro Loco plug Campello” , curated and organized by the President and his staff Santino Fortunati. The event was designed to create a leisure time, suggestive and aggregation and at the same time has beautiful places revisited of the mountain near the step of the Thorn and the country of Agliano.

The origin of fox hunting, as well as for the wolf or the boar was determined to control the excessive population growth, that affects especially the agricultural and pastoral. Subsequently, especially in England, became a social event completely divorced from the purpose of population control, characterized as an activity of hunting elitist. Once the fox hunting involved a large number of people, to some other horse and on foot and involved a large pack of dogs. Today, in Great Britain has banned fox hunting, but Tradition if life. A man pulls up to a predetermined path, a foxtail impregnated with animal urine, thus replacing the real animal that is protected not only in England, but in many parts of the world including Italy.

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