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Written by Michela | 18 June, 2011 9:00 makes it even easier with the hotel reservation’iPhone App that allows you to quickly choose from over 210 thousand hotels around the world. Available free to download in’Apple Store, The application provides all the advantages of Apple fans of one of the leading services worldwide hotel reservations online.

In application development for iPhone priority has been ease of use by users. Optimally designed to the smallest detail, practice-oriented, focused on the essential functions that support particular frequent travelers with regard to hotel search: that is how the’iPhone App, with a refreshingly modern design, allows you to quickly and easily book a hotel suited.

“To set the best of our App - comments Warini Munshi, managing director - In the design development phase we carefully probed the expectations of our customers, with particular attention to those who carry a lot of reservations. This survey among users has revealed that a reservation request via iPhone is essentially a key feature: make it easy and fast phases Search and reservation. That's why we have simplified as much as possible these issues so that users can quickly find the desired accommodation”. 

The selection of hotels is organized clearly and the reservation is made in only three steps. They are also integrated List view, in view of the map and. The "Favorites"For the hotels and the most interesting list of reservations facilitate providing the user an overview. Also included are photos of the hotels, assessments and customer-friendly functions "LiveView"And"Augmented Reality"For an even more immediate and easy to use.

 ”For customers who need a hotel ad-hoc on-site - continued Warini Munshi - function LiveView constitutes a very valuable help, showing the hotels located nearby along with the distance and immediately bookable room-rates. All this represents a fair value in everyday use”. 

For more information and to download the app: iPhone App