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Written by Michela | 29 June, 2011

Back in its heyday the wonderful House of Bishops in Luvigliano Torreglia. Thanks to restoration work carried out by the FAI, Italian Environment Fund, We can now go back to admire the architecture and the beautiful halls in the Public opening times Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday from 10 alle 17, Saturday from 11 allall.
The spaces of the villa are available to families and children during the summer through workshops and picnic tickets.
For further information please visit this page on our site or call 39 049 9930473.

Villa is also dedicated to the latest cover of PadovaToday version quarterlythe months of July, August and September available at our offices and Tourist Information of Padua, Abano Terme and Abano Terme from next week.

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Written by Michela | 24 June, 2011

Last 19 May FAI – Italian Environment Fund launched the third edition of “Make your Movie“, The short film contest sponsored in cooperation with the Milano Film Festival offering the opportunity to tell in pictures the beauty of our country.

Born as an ideal development of the “The Places of the Heart“ – The National Census of places you can not forget sponsored by FAI In collaboration with Intesa Sanpaolo – In 2011 “Make your Movie” back with great news: a short film competition open to all and free participation that will appeal to those who care about our heritage, art and nature and want to help promote it.

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Written by Michela | 14 May, 2011

Saturday 14 May 2011, pm 10 all 22, The FAI - Italian Environment Fund makes an appointment for adults and children to 'Arena Civica, which will stage the “Festa dell’Aria”: a day of fun and entertainment to Free admission, for celebrate the Air, precious and fragile, indispensable to our life.
On this occasion, thanks to the FAI balloons return to animate the sky above the Civic Arena, Just as happened in 'Eight hundred: In fact, the audience can experience the thrill of boarding the basket where the passengers are accommodated by making Special flights bound (pm 10 alle 12 and 18 alleall and admire, pm 21 About,suggestive performances at night that will feature colorful
specially illuminated balloons.
But it will not only fly the balloons: during the event are provided fun fact show of acrobatic kites, interesting falconry demonstrations - During which you can get close soar into the sky and see some of the most notorious predators of the air - and original shows with actors and soap bubbles, while all children will be given out so many balloons.
The day will be gladdened by the presence of Sharpshooters of the fanfare and the Air and performances of musical wind instruments. More, for kids, will be organized recreational and educational laboratories to learn how to build kites and a special course of falconry and environmental education. also, pm 11 all 17, it is also possible to affix a special postmark its postcards celebratory event.
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Written by Michela | 22 April, 2011

For the feast of Easter to Villa Gregoriana you can make a outdoor picnic, with the possibility of buy at the cafeteria for lunch baskets – containing tasty dishes of the Easter tradition, including the “pizza Giulia”, typical sweet Tiburtine – the price of 8 E ( for baskets early booking is recommended to the numbers 0774-318296 or 392-3256162 ).

For children will be organized a special edition of Sunday of the Small: on the way the children can learn about animals such as the Tales of the Enchanted Forest, participate in the botanical laboratory Of course Villa and have fun with the tricks of the colored Magic Box Ponte Lupo. Finally at the end of the course some games will approach the knowledge of our constitution in’ Corner of Constitution. also, all day, will be carried out guided tours Park.

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Written by Michela | 23 March, 2011

Returns this year, On the occasion of 19/edition of the Days of Spring, scheduled for Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 March, collaboration between fable and Make a plan 53 EVENTS su tutto nationwide For all lovers two wheels.

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Written by Michela | 14 March, 2011

Partecipa al concorso online del FAI per la Giornata FAI di Primavera e vinci splendidi voli a New York e nelle principali capitali europee. Non devi fare altro che iscriverti al FAI o alla newsletter elettronica della Fondazione e inviare un messaggio all’Eroe dei Due Mondi illustrandogli la tua idea su come salvare la bellezza del nostro Paese.

Un messaggio di 150 characters, pari al numero degli anni dell’Unità d’Italia, per spiegare a Garibaldi la tua idea per un’Italia più rispettata e per difenderne la bellezza. E’ quanto ti chiede di fare “Garibaldi ti scrivo…“ the nuovo concorso online che il FAI ha lanciato in occasione della XIX edizione della Giornata FAI di Primavera, to be held Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 March 2011 e che festeggerà insieme a tutti gli italiani il 150° anniversario dell’Unità del nostro Paese.

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Written by Michela | 14 March, 2011

Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 marzo apertura straordinaria di 660 beni in tutte le Regioni e un percorso dedicato ai 150 anniversary of the unification of Italy.

Scopri l’Italia e sostieni il FAI. Visita a contributo libero.
Siamo tutti fratelli d’Italia, quest’anno ancora più del solito. E siamo tutti pronti a ritrovarci in centinaia e centinaia di luoghi particolari, molti dei quali inaccessibili nel resto dell’anno e aperti eccezionalmente per la Giornata FAI di Primavera, un appuntamento giunto alla 19ª edizione che ha mobilitato fino a oggi più di 6 million people.
Sarà una straordinaria festa di piazza dal carattere e dall’atmosfera unici, una mobilitazione popolare che si lega come nessun’altra al patrimonio artistico, culture, nature, all’identità del nostro Paese.

E alla nostra storia, proprio mentre si celebra il centocinquantesimo anniversario dell’Unità d’Italia: per festeggiarlo il FAI ha preparato un percorso speciale di “150 luoghi per 150 anni” e la manifestazione è stata inserita nelle celebrazioni ufficiali della Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri.

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Written by Michela | 23 December, 2010

Thursday 16 December at 12.40 the first 99 Cinnamon of monumental fountain Aquila has started to throw water.

”An event for the city’ and a sign of hope – You said the President of the, Ilaria Borletti Buitoni -. Our commitment’ a sign of hope after the tragedy of 6 April 2009. The city center’ E’ still battered by injuries and the water and’ back to flow from this precious fountain’ the hope for an early recovery and fast”. The event was also attended by Mayor, Massimo Cialente, L’Arcivescovo Giuseppe Molinari and Formula 1, Jarno Trulli.

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Written by Michela | 9 November, 2010

The new appointment The Play Room 2010 FAI will be held on 13 E 14 November,two days to enjoy the games and amusements of the past; The exhibition will be held at the Villa Necchi Campiglio in Milan.

A lot of news this year, including a original dollhouse "Travel", that once closed it becomes a convenient box to take with you anywhere. also, theme edition 2010 will be three notes and love stories - "The Adventures of Pinocchio", "Little Red Riding Hood" and "The Pied Piper" - which inspired puppet shows, animations and laboratories organized on both days of event, and entire lines of accessories (Hanging, port-pajamas, trunks-door games, etc.) Theme and dresses for both children and their dolls.

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Written by Michela | 29 October, 2010

Sunday 31 October and Monday 1 November 2010, by 9.30 all 17.00, the sky above the Castle of Masino, wonderful properties of the FAI – Italian Environment Fund to Caravino (TO), again host for the fourth consecutive year “Hot Air Balloon Rally” organized by Team Charbonnier Balloon Aosta.

In Castle Park there will be many balloons – from Italy, France and Switzerland – their crews will compete in exciting races and chase away the sky, that all spectators can watch from land. For those who want it before the race, may also watch the colorful balloons inflate – a ritual of great fascination for the little ones – and experience the thrill of boarding the basket where the passengers are accommodated. Among the many proposals competitions, one of the most spectacular is definitely the one call “Fox Hunting“, call in which a balloon “fox” take off and all the other riders will launch its pursuit.
This year too Masino you can admire a very special balloon – the largest balloon Italian that can hold up 10 passengers – which will be conducted by a pilot as special: Igor Charbonnier, two-time Italian champion of balloon flight and 8 th place at World Air Games 2009.

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