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The short break more 'expensive ever in Sardinia … | Traveling Easy
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The short break more 'expensive ever in Sardinia … | Traveling Easy

Written by Michela | 13 May, 2011 9:30

Five days to discover beautiful corners of Sardinia, Most strokes away from, but capable of arousing strong emotions and unmatched: has done really great things for the upcoming tourist season, developing a five-day package From 35.000 € for the pair.

In a period of low cost and standardization of tourism services, there is still those who want luxury and is willing to spend several thousand euros for a unique holiday.

A team of experts Destination Sardinia worked, So, proposal to create a provocative and intriguing tourist: 5 days left to live, two people, a Dream immersed in luxury and comfort and location leaving the Valley.

The journey to the discovery of the remote island includes several stages, that will allow couples to enjoy a true paradise on earth.

The first two days include a stop in the luxurious and charming Lighthouse, in a fascinating, which offers a breathtaking 360 ° sea and the wilderness: is expected to stay in one of the beautiful suites luxury Guest House with dinner.

The land surrounding the lighthouse is surrounded by a natural at times pristine and beautiful views of the sea and the coast, and deserves to be explored.

Anyone, then, wish to accept the "challenge" prepared by, will have a jeep with a guide when choosing, where and how long do the tours.

The peculiarity of these early days is that they are provided for wine tasting tours in the famous cellars of "Sa Mesa" of known Gavino Sanna, wellness programs and a dinner, sea ​​view, accompanied by string quartet.

The third and fourth days will be, if possible, more particular and exclusive: luxury, the class and originality of the Lighthouse will give way to stunning island, Island of Santa Maria Maddalena Archipelago, with its beaches and its clear waters.

Immersed in this idyllic setting, guests will enjoy the villa "La Casitta", a personal chef and a delicious and romantic dinner by the sea and under the sky.

To reach the island of Santa Maria, A helicopter will pick up guests from the Lighthouse, will lead them to discover the traditional cuisine of Sardinia in the famous and renowned restaurant in Oliena Gologone, the heart of Sardinia, near the famous site nuragico Tiscali, then, li trasferirà sull’Isola di Santa Maria.

On awakening, A Luxury Yacht will welcome two guests on board, an excursion to the enchanting Maddalena Archipelago, whose beaches are considered among the finest in the world.

Lunch will be served in Bonifacio, in Corsica, at the restaurant Le Caravelle, awarded the Michelin star.

After lunch the yacht will set sail for the Port of Olbia and then a driver will lead the two “esploratori” Olbia-Costa Smeralda airport ... maybe about to embark on a private jet, only they would wait to leave.

The agency, with this provocative action, but based on quality and not on the luxury end in itself, aims to enhance remote corners and full of charm Sardinia.

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