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Skifast | Traveling Easy

Written by Michela | 22 December, 2010

Ski in Adamello Ski Pontedilegno-Tonale becomes even easier. from 23 December will be able to buy it Ski Pass online thus bypassing the queues at the ticket. Skifast is the only service that allows you to immediately be on the ski slopes thanks to a simple registration from home or from your mobile phone.

Enough 3 moves:
1. Sign Skifast: go up
skifast.itvia web or mobile, Enter the code of the ticket in your possession or have materials directly to an online, and create your account.
2. Upload online Skifast. Decide the type of pass to be loaded onto the card or authorize the debit of the daily credit card.
3. Skip the queues and you're on track. From this moment you are recognized the turnstiles of the lifts and you can go directly to ski without going through the ticket office.

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