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Written by Michela | 14 March, 2011 7:25

notte_tricolore-303x450-9016360Street theater and fireworks

Hours 20.00 | Stazione Termini, Piazza dei Cinquecento

Hours 23.00 | Giardini di Piazza Vittorio

Mo’ Better Band Funky Street Band

Edited by Agis ANEC Lazio

The band's goal is to bring in Italian streets the classic band with the energy of a repertoire mainly funky with "winks" to the jazz.

Hours 20.00 | Piazza Sonnino Square D. Maria in Trastevere

Hours 00.30 | Piazza Venezia

In Garibaldi's arrival ATMO

Edited by Agis ANEC Lazio

Six actors and stilt walkers dressed as Garibaldi, accompanied by a self-amplified stage machine, roam the streets throwing kabuki flag in a parade accompanied by the musical notes of the great composers of the Risorgimento.

pm 20.00 | Via dei Fori Imperiali


By Abraxa Theatre and Theatre dell'Aleph

Night under the stars: show choreography with fireworks on the ground by Teatro dell'Aleph. Public event and set up with street dance, courtship and toasts made by skilled actors and elegant wading-. A fireworks display of fireworks complete with sound effects and low light the poetic representation and seductive.

The festival of colors: street theater performance with stilts, music, dances, numbers, skills and explosions of confetti by the company Abraxa Teatro di Roma. Figure impressive and distinct from the behavior, dall'incedere mysterious musicians will appear in the street in celebration of joy and happiness to leave everywhere as they passed.

Hours 21.30 | Giardini di Piazza Vittorio

Hours 23.30 | Piazza Sonnino Square D. Maria in Trastevere

Flag Orchestra

Edited by Agis ANEC Lazio

The show is a mixture of music, Juggling, improvisation, a great natural and public participation and a fiery surprise ending.

Hours 22.15 – 00.30 | Via dei Fori Imperiali

SICURTEATRO in "High Level" - Turn on stilts

Edited by Agis ANEC Lazio

The show presents a gallery of funny and fascinating human characters and animals made with simple tricks based on the extension of the limbs.

Hours 24.00 | Parco del Celio

"The fires Italian"

The fires of the master collective dell'allegrezza Roman fire "Papi" and "Swifts"

By IX Invicta

Fireworks. Few can imagine that "Papi" and "Swifts" were two characters that represent the last "bastion" of the ancient art of fireworks. Their insights are evidence of, with great passion and dedication, made this art a source of pride and pride for the Romans and throughout Italy. It lived during the period when the Popes and Swifts pyrotechnics that took the higher tones. Later, after 1870, when architects and Vespignani Poletti devised the famous party machines in the Capitol, this art will fall into oblivion. After the first few minutes of fireworks, appear in the sky 20 effects with smiling faces representing the 20 regions of Italy as a symbol of a united Italy, happy and cohesive. Following a game of Olympic rings, a wish for the candidacy of Rome.


pm 18.00 all 24.00 | House of Memory and History, Via San Francesco di Sales 5

“Cinema, history and ... 150 years of Italy "

by residents of the Associations and the Library of the House of Memory and History

Film Series, films and documentaries on the history of Italy in the early 900. This cycle of cinema, history and ... opens with Viva Italy! Roberto Rossellini, the film was shown in the preview 27 January 1961, Teatro dell'Opera di Roma, for one hundred years of the Unification of Italy. In this review, we present feature films and animation, shorts and documentaries chosen from a wide span, from 1905 the 1984, and manufactured with different purposes.

Program: ore 18.00 screening of the movie "VIVA ITALY!” (directed by Roberto Rossellini, Italia 1961 – 106 min. colore); ore 19.50 screening of the documentary "The taking of Rome" (directed by Filoteo Alberini, Italia 1905 – 10 min. b/n); ore 20.00 screening of the film "THE MARK OF THE WOLF BRIGAND" (directed by Pietro Germi, ItalHours1952 b / n3 min. b/n); ore 21.30 screening of the animated film "The Hero of Two Worlds" (directed by GuidItalyMauriz–Nichmyi color, Italia 1995 – 80 min. colore).

Hours 21.00 | Biblioteca Rispoli, Piazza Grazioli 4

Voices of Italy

by the Libraries of Rome

Reading and opening-night concert special.

Adapted and directed by Vincent Stango with Xavier Adam, Alessandro Sessa, Massimo and Susanna Slamic Ventricina. During the evening service the loan will remain open.

Hours 21.15 – 23.15 | House of Literature, Square Clock 3

Italians vigorously

edited by PAV

A diagonal path between words, actions and music dedicated to the history of Italy. Three opportunities to look at our country, three figures in style for many theater groups looking for an abnormally, careful, stimulant of "making Italians". Program: Hours 21.15 public reception by Tony Clifton Circus, I like the, performance touring; Hours 21.35 Daniele Timpano, Pop Renaissance, staging; Hours 22.00 Patient property, Juke-box, Raid Dance; Hours 22.15 Tony Clifton Circus, I like the, performance. Replication at 23.15.

Hours 21.30 | Library Romana Sarti, Piazza Accademia di San Luca 77

The guitar Mazzini: words and music from exile

by the Libraries of Rome

Read-performance of Fabio and Marco Refrigerate Flournoy and opening night special. 


pm 20.00 all 2.00 (last departure at 1.30) | Ministry of Economy and Finance, Palazzo Finance, Via XX Settembre 97

guided tours

pm 20 all 23 | Barracks of Corazzieri, Via XX Settembre 12

guided tours. Reservations required at 060608.

pm 20.00 all 24.00 | Church of Ara Coeli, Scale Ark Capitolina 12

guided tours

pm 20.00 all 24.00 | Church of St. Ignatius of Loyola in Campo Marzio, Via the high cost of living 8 / A

guided tours

pm 20.00 all 24.00 | Historical Museum of Sharpshooters, Porta Pia

guided tours

pm 20.00 all’1.00 (last departure at 24.00) | Bank of Italy, Palazzo Koch, Via Nazionale 91

guided tours. Reservations required at 060608

pm 20.00 all 2.00 | Palazzo Madama, Senate

guided tours

pm 20.00 all 2.00 | Palazzo Montecitorio, Chamber of Deputies

guided tours

Hours 20.15 – 21.15 – 23.15 | Ministry of Economic Development, Palace of Industry, Via Molise 2

guided tours. Each visit is designed for a maximum number of 25 people. Reservations required at 060608.

pm 20.30 all 2.30 (last departure at 01.30) | Jewish Museum, Synagogue and former Ghetto Area

Visits to the Jewish Museum of Rome, Maggiore of the Synagogue and the former Ghetto Area

by Jewish Museum of Rome and the Cultural Association "The Cinque Scole"

The routes are associated with performances of professional actors of contemporary texts to the ghetto in Rome, related to everyday life of Jews in Rome during the Risorgimento. Meeting place for the public: entrance to the Jewish Museum of Rome in Via Catalana.

pm 22.00 all 24.00 | Chamber of Commerce in Rome, Piazza di Pietra

guided tours

Special openings

pm 10.00 all 24.00 | Chiostro del Bramante, Arco della Pace 5

Special opening of the exhibition "Karl Lagerfel. Working path "

Ticket: € 8.00

pm 17.00 all 21.00 | Galleria Doria Pamphili, Via del Corso 305

special opening

Ticket: € 10.00

pm 20.00 all 23.00 | Palazzo Farnese, Via Giulia 186

Special opening of the Palace and the exhibition "PALAZZO FARNESE – Collections from the Renaissance to the French Embassy ".

by the French Embassy in Italy

Ticket: € 12.00

pm 20.00 all 2.00 (last admission 1 .00) | Complesso del Vittoriano Monument, Hall Zanardelli and Scalea, Piazza Ara Coeli

Special opening and free the exhibition "At the Roots National Identity. Italian Cultural Nation "

pm 20.00 all 2.00 (The ticket office closes at 00.45) | Palazzo Valentini, Via IV Novembre 119 / A

Special opening of the excavation and free

by the Province of Rome

Reservations required on,,

pm 20.00 all 2.00 (last admission 1 .00) | Baths of Diocletian, Via Enrico de Nicola 79

Special opening and free

pm 20.00 all 2.00 (last admission 1 .00)| Senatorial Palace, Piazza del Campidoglio

Special opening and free

pm 20.00 all 2.00 (last admission 1 .00)| Capitoline Museums, Piazza del Campidoglio

Special opening and free

pm 20.00 all 2.00 (last admission 1 .00) | Markets of Trajan Museo dei Fori Imperiali, Via IV Novembre 94

Special opening and free

pm 20.00 all 2.00 (last admission 1 .00)| Museo di Roma, Palazzo Braschi, Piazza Navona 2

Special opening and free

pm 20.00 all 2.00 (last admission 1 .00) | Museum of Ancient Sculpture John Barracco, Corso Vittorio Emanuele 166 / A

Special opening and free

pm 20.00 all 2.00 (last admission 1 .00)| Napoleonic Museum, Piazza di Ponte Umberto I 1

Special opening and free

pm 20.00 all 2.00 (last admission 1 .00)| Ara Pacis Museum, Lungotevere in Augusta

Special opening and free

The Colors of the Ara Pacis

pm 20.00 all 2.00 (last admission 1 .00)| Museo di Roma in Trastevere, Square D. Egidio 1 B

Special opening and free

pm 20.00 all 2.00 (last admission 1 .00) | Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Antica di Palazzo Barberini, Via delle Quattro Fontane 13

Special opening and free

pm 20.00 all 2.00 (last admission 1 .00) | Castel Sant'Angelo, Lungotevere Castle 50

Special opening and free

pm 20.00 all 2.00 (last admission 1 .00) | Scuderie del Quirinale, Via XXIV Maggio 16

Special opening of the exhibition and free "Lorenzo Lotto"


pm 10.30 | Cinema Adriano (room 2), Piazza Cavour 22

Film Series

Edited by Agis ANEC Lazio

Hours 10.30 The Hero of Two Worlds "by Guido Manuli (82’)

Animated movie that explains in simple and fun, but cleverly effective, the events that led to the unification of Italy. The film is primarily intended for an audience of children in primary and lower secondary school age. It is scheduled to attend the Mauritian Nichetti, co-writer of the film.

Hours 16.00 and hours 20.30 "The Viceroy" by Roberto Faenza (120’)

with Alessandro Preziosi, Lando Buzzanca, Christian Capotondi, Lucia Bosé.

Loosely based on the novel by Federico De Roberto, The story begins in mid-800, in recent years of Bourbon rule in Sicily, on the eve of the birth of the Italian State. The projection of 20.30 Lando intervene Buzzanca.

Hours 18:10 and hours 22:45 ON BEHALF OF THE SOVEREIGN PEOPLE by Luigi Magni (112’)

with Nino Manfredi, Elena Sofia Ricci, Alberto Sordi, Massimo Wertmuller.

A succession of historical events will bring the resistance forces to win

The screenings will be free admission, and subject to availability.

Info and reservations for the morning HERO OF TWO WORLDS: Office Agiscuola ANEC Lazio - tel 06/4451208.

Hours 20.00 | Casa del Cinema, Largo Marcello Mastroianni 1

Screening of the film "The fall of Rome" by Filoteo Alberini

with Ubaldo Maria del Colle, Carlo Rosaspina (Italy, 1905, 5’)

“Viva L’Italia!"Roberto Rossellini

by Fondazione Cinema per Roma

in celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy, Fondazione Cinema per Roma and the House of Cinema, in collaboration with the National Film Archive, organize a screening of the film "Viva Italy!"Roberto Rossellini's 1961 filmed on the occasion of the centenary of the Unification of Italy. L’evento, to be held next 16 March at the Casa del Cinema in Rome at 20, will be presented by Piera Detassis - artistic director of the International Rome Film Festival - and will be preceded by a debate that will host the worlds of culture and entertainment. Free admission, after withdrawal of the coupon at the Casa del Cinema, from half an hour before the performance.

pm 20.00 all’1.00 | Streets of Old Town

Habs turn

by Atac, Trambus Open and Acea

Trambus Open, in partnership with Acea, will provide 4 double decker bus line 110 Open to offer a free transport service. The terminus is to Piazzale dei Cinquecento (Stazione Termini) with steps at the Coliseum, Circus Maximus, Piazza Venezia, San Pietro/Castel Sant’Angelo, Piazza Augusto Imperatore, Via del Tritone. Departures are scheduled every 15 'and will also be identified by means of a dedicated graphics on this side.

by 20.00 all 02.00 | Largo Argentina

Tram Town

ATAC spa care in coordination with GRAF-Roman Lovers Group Railway and in collaboration with Zetema Culture Project

ATAC will provide the citizens a historic tram, The 907, of a car 1928 whose exhibition will be accompanied by the presence of the association Graf (Gruppo Romano Amici della Ferrovia), that will tell the history of the medium and its restoration.

pm 20.00 all 2.00 | Museo di Roma in Trastevere

Rebel Youth - videogame Italian Risorgimento

by the Group of Chain of Italian Manufacturers of Video Games to Assoknowledge - Confindustria SIT, Students with the participation of the European Institute of Design in Rome

Interactive multimedia work that comes with the dual aim of celebrating the heroism and love of country of courageous young people, whose blood was used to unify our country and talk to the youth of today with their language, to tell the glorious history of their fathers. Three-dimensional interactive adventure, in which people and places are historically faithful reconstruction of places and protagonists of the Italian Risorgimento, made starting from photos and original documents, with the help of Marco Pizzo, Deputy Director of the Central Museum of the Italian Risorgimento.

Hours 21.00 – 22.30 | Capitol Historical Archives

History and counterstory Unit

by Marcello Veneziani

Alle ore 21.00 Giordano Bruno Guerri, author of numerous essays, tells a story of Italians throughout the centuries and the formation of the unified state, including un'antistoria which will focus also on the south and banditry Bourbon. Alle ore 22.30 Marcello Veatcontinue the thread of history and focusing on the counterstory Arcitaliani and anti-Italian, a journey between those who loved and hated Rome and Italy combined capital. Tell the fathers, parricides the stepfathers and national identity.


pm 20.00 all 24.00 | Museums in the Infantry and the Grenadiers, Square D. Croce in Gerusalemme 7

guided tours

by 20.30 all 23.00 | Auditorium Parco della Musica, Sala Santa Cecilia

Army band concert

The evening will be hosted by Michele Mirabella and will have as guests the soprano Daniela Dessi, Ron, Marcorè blacks and Chorus Giuseppe Verdi in Rome.

Hours 21.00 | Angel Theatre, via Saint Simone Well 19


Edited by Agis ANEC Lazio

Stage version of Antonello Avallone, with Antonello Avallone and Sergio Fiorentini.

One of the greatest masterpieces of Luigi Magni, moved from the big screen to the stage in tribute to Rome and the Roman. From an idea by Antonello Avallone, a comedy show, dramatic, involving, historical, full of emotions 12 actors and 60 costumes. A great new interpretation of the comic duo Avallone - Fiorentino. A show that the Magni has hailed as "faithful to the original and of the same artistic level" (length 2h). ticket: 2 €.

Hours 20.00 | Upper foyer of the Teatro Olimpico, Piazza Gentile da Fabriano 17

Opening of the exhibition "We were there ': Filarmonica Romana and the birth of the nation: 1821-1870

Made with the material in the Accademia Filarmonica Romana, by Maria Adele Ziino and Vanna Carmignani.

Hours 21.00 | Teatro Olimpico, Piazza Gentile da Fabriano 17

Choreographic tribute to the flag of Momix on the occasion of the show "Bothan"

Hours 21.00 | Foundry 900, Giovanni Via Assisi 33/San

The Allegro Franchino. The Variety Satirist

Organised by Associazione Culturale Comedy Store in collaboration with the Lazio Endas

A spectacle of satire in a different way to celebrate the 150 anniversary of the unification of Italy, uncontrollable and unpredictable, a walkway of monologues, characters, sketch, parodies and original songs. Written and directed by Max & Francesco Morini. By Alina Avagliano, Cristina Pedetta, FFrancesco Morini William Bartoli, Max Morini, Pauline Blandano. Free admission. Infoline 3471222239.