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Province of Bergamo | Traveling Easy

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Written by Michela | 22 December, 2010

E’ Born BERGAMO CARDthe first City Card of Bergamo. BERGAMO CARD is a true single pass that allows you to visit and stay Bergamo and its Province.The project was born from the collaboration and the promotion of the territory from the point of view of tourism and culture by the municipality of Bergamo,  ATB SpA Mobility, Accademia Carrara, Museo Adriano Bernareggi, Foundation Bergamo in History and Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery in Bergamo, Province of Bergamo.

BERGAMO CARD brings together in one offer a range of servicesincluding unlimited use of public services and TEB and ATB free access (or reduction) Museums of the City and the Province of Bergamo. Of BERGAMO CARD have been produced 2 different types:

BERGAMO CARD 48 hours – € 15,00
(validity up to 48 hours after validation of the card and ticket ATB)
BERGAMO CARD 72 hours – € 20,00
(validity up to 72 hours after validation of the card and ticket ATB)

The card is valid for 1 adult and 1 child up to 6 years

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Written by Sonia | 14 October, 2010

Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 October , in Martinengo (BG) , you will see the seven districts , compete in the old town in the traditional Palio of Canterbury.a introduce the evening event will be the initial of the Palio Marendì, that will allow guests with a special commemorative plate taste the dishes local food (polenta with anchovies, sausage and beans and other delicacies autumn) fifteenth in the atmospheres of Piazza Castello, where costumed figures depicting scenes of everyday life in an impressive display of the time.

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Written by Michela | 11 September, 2010

A day in the flavor of truffles. And 'that proposes that theTruffle Festival Bergamascoin calendarioSunday 12 in Spirano.The event, organized by the City with Arto (Association researchers truffle growers orobico) and the Alpine, beginsall 9.30 St. Rocco to the park with the Regional Championship Race of research and collection of truffles. 

But it will alsotaste typical products - Not only but also truffle cheese, cold cuts, honey, oil, jams suggested by several exhibitors.
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Written by Michela | 17 March, 2010

Spring is coming, missing a few days with her and reopen the Minitalia Leolandia Park. Infatti Saturday 20 part of the new season in March of entertainment in a setting even more beautiful and more magical, with lots of news. In addition to the fast train of mine, there will be great events and special activities: Tour of Minitalia, Mamyday, HalLEOween and many other surprises.

In addition to Minitalia you can have fun with the area devoted to Leonardo with the Museum, Cannoball, l’acquario, the reptile house and the farm. Then as tour guides there are exceptional characters: were made 16 life-size statues that tell traditions and culture of the Italian regions.

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