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“Porchettiamo”, In May, the third edition of the festival of suckling pig in Italy (San Terenziano, Umbria, 6-7-8 May 2011) | Traveling Easy
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“Porchettiamo”, In May, the third edition of the festival of suckling pig in Italy (San Terenziano, Umbria, 6-7-8 May 2011) | Traveling Easy

Written by Michela | 21 March, 2011 8:40

Through "Porchetta", the amazing street food of pork, veritable cult of Italian gastronomic tradition, will be featured for three days between the squares and streets of San Terenziano:in this picturesque Umbrian village along the Strada del Sagrantino scene of the best expressions of the country one of the tastiest foods, ancient and popular.

There will be wine tasting, matched with local wines and craft beers Italian, tasty "twinning", Exhibition, insights to operatorsand fans, visits to the territory as well as original initiatives for families and children 

San Terenziano, Perugia – “Porchettiamo, suckling pig festival in Italy”, its Third Edition, continues to be a unique moment for the use and comparison of different styles to make pork in our country.

three days (6-7-8 May 2011) dedicated to this delectable street food, that will be the undisputed protagonist of the squares and streets of San Terenziano, suggestive Umbrian village Near Gualdo Cattaneo (Perugia), green hills, in unspoiled nature and breathtaking scenery. After the extraordinary success of previous editions, This year there will be moments of depth, tastings, discussions and meetings, served by many activities, and the joyful presence of musicians and street performers that will alternate through the streets of the country with events and entertainments of all kinds.

With "Porchetta" you will know and enjoy, in one fell swoop, different porchette d’Italia, through continuities and differences in ingredients and production, selected this year even more in terms of quality, craftsmanship and authenticity of the product.

the pork was cooked and eaten in winter for the banquet feast of early summer. The date of the event - 6, 7 E 8 May - is therefore chosen to emphasize a relationship between a product still alive so representative of the area and folk traditions that identify and bring it to life. May, Indeed, the month of pork, of removed, animal that the Romans sacrificed in honor of the goddess Maia to open in May.

Thanks to "Piazza della Porchetta" each region has its area, prepared with small angles of rest for the consumption of sandwiches, and may be characteristic of its product to allow the public to choose between different types of these, which differ from place to place ingredients, flavor, aromas and often cooking. among other, suckling pig will be present from Ariccia (Lazio), Monte San Savino (Tuscany), Campli e Torrevecchia Teatina(Abruzzo), from various regions of Marche and Umbria (with real Grand Cru as Grutti, Cost, Bevagna, Todi and Casalalta).

The main square will also host the 'Enoteca della Strada del Sagrantino, ideal for exploring the local wines (still more and Selected), for a match to all tastes that will create, key in elegant and contemporary, the evocative atmosphere of the old fraschette, places for the consumption of wine and pork. Just as there will be wine tasting led by Antonio Boco, great food and wine journalist and wine expert. To stay happy in terms of combinations, on the front of the beers will be offered several appointments, including wine tasting and preparation of Birroteca, a tasting and sales of the best Italian craft beers (selected and presented by Nicola Utzeri, one of the top experts in the field). Beer or wine, In short? The search for 'perfect match has already begun ...

But the surprises do not end there, given that this year will confront the pork with the other major Italian street foods. A "Porchettianmo 2011" will find the space lampredotto, that is the essence of the Tuscan way of cooking. A true "twinning" under the name of tradition.
The pleasure of a good pork will not be denied even to celiac, Having regard to collaboration (sandwiches and thousands of ad hoc) with the Italian Celiac Association and Umbria Biaglut. Here then the area "The pig on display, between history, tradition and design ", with photo, historical tools, and finally with innovative design works related to the pig, the latter part curated by the Italian Design. It will complement the exhibition offer the "Market for local produce and crafts local artists", which will among other things, the presence of artisans and sculptors with their artistic interpretations, including the work of the famous pink stone San Terenziano.

the Conference that will open the event (6 May, hours 17,30) will explore topics related to history, culture and the most peculiar and current dynamics that revolve around the pig, from the farm to its transformation, to the theme of the roast pig and the most general of street foods. Confirmed, Finally, the "Pig-nic”, appointment “Roast pork and wine on the grass”. A walk with a snack to discover the green lanes around the village of San Roman and Terenziano Gathering Lambretta, able to attract fans and collectors from all over Italy.