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Palm Sunday 2011 | Traveling Easy
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Palm Sunday 2011 | Traveling Easy

Written by Sonia | 30 March, 2011 8:40

In the Christian liturgical calendar Palm Sunday also called Second Passion Sunday is celebrated on the Sunday before Easter. It starts with the Holy Week, Last Lent, which ends with the celebration of Holy Thursday, which will start to Sacred Paschal Triduum. 

This festival is also celebrated by the Orthodox and Protestants. On this day the Church commemorates the triumphal entry of Christ into Jerusalem riding a donkey, with the crowd that greeted him waving palm branches. The people, gathered by the news of the arrival of Jesus, spread their cloaks on the ground, and branches from other hubs olive trees and palm, and waving cheerfully pays homage. 

The ritual of the olive trees, Palm Sunday, takes place outside the church where the faithful are gathered together, and the priest blesses the branches of olive or palm oil carried by the faithful themselves, then began a procession inside the church door. Here come the Mass continues with the reading of the Passion of Jesus.

Usually the faithful to bring home the sprigs of olive and palm blessed, preserved as a symbol of peace, party giving it to relatives and friends. In some regions of Italy, we also use the householder uses a sprig, dipped in holy water during the Easter Vigil, blessing the table prepared in Easter Day.