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Miss Wet T-Shirt Tour Malizia Pignataro and Maddaloni | Traveling Easy
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Miss Wet T-Shirt Tour Malizia Pignataro and Maddaloni | Traveling Easy

Written by Michela | 19 August, 2011 8:00

"Miss Wet T-Shirt"Back in the province of Caserta 2 stages of the new tour.

The next 20 August will be in Pignataro Maggiore Via Francesco Vito Square "The Black Cat" and the 23 August will be at the Tour of Malice Maddaloni Square of the Bar Del Monaco..

Miss Wet T-shirt is the Italian version of the popular American show “Wet T-Shirt”, show great success for years, involving the most famous U.S. coast.

The competition is the strength of active public participation.

The parade is built around a compelling entertainment with games and music.

The competition this year confirms and solidifies his national notoriety, positioning itself among the most spectacular contests and media of "Planet show". A 20 th edition featuring a new format with new characters and a host of exceptions, Renato De Mattei, promising comic version Firefighter. A new look coming very year of the consecration of the competition "coolest" summer. The finalists of Miss Wet T-Shirt, This year will host the national final of "Miss Centerfold", event to be held in December in Caserta striking at a gala evening dedicated to Mother Nature, where the winners will feed all the stages of national.

Godmother of the evening will be the Neapolitan Claudia Letizia Miss Wet T-Shirt Audience Award and winner of other 5 bands in the final 2009. Miss Wet T-Shirt-show, the competition from the National 1992, this year is distributed by Michele Ciliento "I Love Edition" that has thus held: Miss Wet T-Shirt is not just a wet T-shirt, is not just a parade of beautiful girls but due to the structure of the format ... MISS can enjoy natural and demonstrate their talents with colorful art testing. Objective, play with mother nature in a mischievous and sweet, be leaders before the cameras and take part in a unique show of its kind ".

Girls interested in participating can register for free by calling the numbers 081 8130098 or 337 582584. A special of the evening will be broadcast on Music Match and Circuit BLUE Italy.