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Festival of Europe – 6 – 10 May 2011 – In Florence the first edition of the Festival of Europe | Traveling Easy
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Festival of Europe – 6 – 10 May 2011 – In Florence the first edition of the Festival of Europe | Traveling Easy

Written by Michela | 10 March, 2011 7:33

Commission President José Manuel Barroso, il President of the European Parliament Jerzy Buzek, Antonio Tajani, Commission Vice-President European, Foreign Minister Franco Frattini, EU High Commissioner (Foreign Minister) Catherine Ashton. These are just some of the people attending the first edition of the Festival of Europe scheduled for next May in Florence. L’iniziativa, promoted EUI, European University Institute, has been made in recent days in the presence of Mayor Palazzo Vecchio Matteo Renzi.

Central moment of the calendar Festival of Europe The Conference will be “The State of the Union”, conference international level with the participation of major EU, many policy makers and experts in international politics. The conference aims to examine the current European Community and the main policies of. the appointment 9 E 10 May in Palazzo Vecchio.

Raising Florence provides the ideal backdrop for international discussions, gain leadership and values of the Florence, transform the city into a workshop on European issues and opportunities. These are some of the purposes that there is the Festival of Europe, international event created and promoted EUI, European University Institute.

For the duration of the event will be colored blue Florence, the official color of the EU. The comparison also Europe will be staged in the streets and historical buildings in Florence, where cultural events are organized, educational initiatives and academic meetings and socio-economic.

Among the most attractive events of the Festival: the BLUE NIGHT, a variant of the White Night dedicated to Europe, its cultures, its traditions, its diversity, his tastes. scheduled during the night 7 8 May. A large urban collective experience and that will unfold over a period of 27 hours between roads, squares, would, shops, THEATRE, cinema center on the outskirts of the city of Florence following the thread of Europe, but also of many non-Europeans living, work, studying the continent and contribute to its prosperity and its development. The Blue Night will be an opportunity for discussion and reflection, but also a time of celebration, fun and meeting. To read the full program, Visit the website

Other important events are: The Galileo Prize 2000 scheduled for the evening of 9 May at the Teatro della Pergola and the show "Voices and sounds of Europe”, provided on the night of 6 under the Loggia dei Lanzi in May to celebrate the cultural identity of our continent. Leader at the Festival of Europe also the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino with a performance of Aida as "Concert for Europe"On the evening of 7 May. The appointment is to Theatre.

The calendar also exhibitions, as the one devoted to historical maps of the boundaries of Europe at the National Central Library, and discussions, from the one promoted by the Foundation Spadolini on "Italy's role in European integration", activities for kids, such as those proposed by the Istituto degli Innocenti, E shows.

The Festival Fabbrica Europa, in its eighteenth edition, present at the Stazione Leopolda some of the most interesting creations of the contemporary international scene.

Florence is known for his art, for its culture and its history. But few people know that Florence worked for many years a piece of Europe. With this initiative, after 40 years of activity, The IUE is available to the territory. The Festival of Europe to contribute to the international profile of Florence. With the first edition of the Festival of Europe Florence is also a candidate to become a global laboratory for delivery of European values. The event involves at the forefront of major local institutions, which: Region, Province, Common, Regional School Management, University of Florence and the Chamber of Commerce.

The event has the patronage of Presidency of the Italian Republic and the Patronage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Organizing Committee: European University Institute, European Commission, European Parliament, Italian Government, City of Florence,, Province of Florence, Chamber of Commerce of Florence, University of Florence, Agenzia LLP e YOUTH in ACTION. 

All information on the event website