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Written by Michela | 1 April, 2011 8:52

From Rome to the draft, innovative platform designed to offer geo-localized information and services.

Through a quick and easy mobile application, circuit totem touch, installed at strategic locations and increased inflow of cities, and web platform full of news and insights, optimized for mobile devices in HTML5, Exploro allows residents and tourists to consult in real time, maps, Points of interest, the business, sporting events and cultural program, land offers services and social utility of the main places of high tourist Italy.

L’applicazione mobile (Free), used by owners of mobile devices based on IOS and Android (15 million in Italy, 4 million in Rome between tourists and residents) is among the most innovator of the category "location based services"; via GPS or cell gms, the system determines the position of the person using the service, providing a list of places, sporting events, performances, or commercial zone of reference. The contents of the application are "quality tested", updated with the help of a network of websites and a staff of 50 people who regularly review and update the data.

In “totem”, system with digital signage (display for viewing images and video) and touch panels, to interact with the public and private utility services through a new form of promotion, dynamic and advanced than the traditional poster, easily reach end users. The system, In addition, supports all modes of payment (Cash, Credit card and / or prepaid) to allow purchases or online reservations.

«Explore - Explains l’Ing. Vincenzo Vilardo, ICT manager of RPS Consulting, creator of the project company, – is a good way to promote the area, through the dissemination of information on the activities of organizations, companies, and sporting and cultural events. Who wants to go to the theater, for example, find a form of entertainment that interests him; those who follow the sports events, MAY, short, know not only the activities related to top level sport but also those that concern the youth sector and the initiatives of all amateur sports. Rome, This sector employs about 50,000 people, involves 1.500.000 practitioners and 2.500 spaces, creating an expense of over 3 € billion made by public, businesses and families. This is the classic example of an area that, thanks to a promotion created by new technologies, could be further pushed forward».

By partnering with Seicos, companies Finmeccanica Group which operates in the defense electronics and security and that, in particular, designs and manages communications networks for secure institutional bodies such as the Civil Protection, Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Defence,have been provided Possible applications Exploro in the field of public safety. Seicos will do the hosting of the servers in their data center Exploro, characterized by high standards of quality and safety, to ensure maximum reliability.

«In the event of emergencies or - Explains l’Ing. Luciano Pucci, President Seicosyou can send alert messages in a widespread manner to all those who are in a certain area. The peculiarities of geo-localized content, that can only places or events regardless of commercial and cultural, encourage the inclusion of information such as new medical devices set up for specific events, Medical guard, collection points, and all related topics, Whenever, the event that you want to manage. Can then be, in perspective, another instrument of selective disclosure between institutions and citizens, support for emergency management ».

Operators of Civil Defence, for example, may communicate with the operations center, Noting photos and videos from the area and send real-time a detailed description of the situation on the ground. As for the "totem", instead, those of the latest generation installed video surveillance cameras, whose images will be accessible from a central server; you can also use the "totem" for emergency calls that the city should place themselves in danger. will also be partners in the field of educational initiatives such as iUniversityRoma, service is aimed at 320.000 university, postgraduate students and researchers in the Capital, and offers services and products at discounted prices. In 3 months, acceded to this project 400 companies and 85.000 students."IUniversityRoma" organized the "Celebration of youth and university students of the Capital", scheduled for Saturday 26 March at 21 the BABEL (Via del Galoppatoio n ° 33 – Villa Borghese), an evening to spread more and more the culture of "responsible entertainment", to sensitize the youth about the importance of "responsible leadership".