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Written by Michela | 15 May, 2010

Tomorrow, Sunday 16 May opens the thirteenth edition of “FOR SHORT AND CASCINE“, an event promoted by the Green Tourism and the Italian Confederation of Farmers (CIA) Lombardy, that this year will create a rich season of activity and animation of the countryside, organized farms and tourism in our region.

Even for the 2010 the opening day of the season, will be full of initiatives of interest to adults and children. More than one hundred farms participating in the event that will open their doors involvingthe entire region, thus giving the opportunity to appreciate the various products of mountain, of plains and hills.

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Written by Michela | 12 May, 2010

Scar Navigli Lombardi opened this year, the third season of navigationsummer tourist 2010: unpublished cityscapes, the oasis of the Park of Ticino, Milan South Agricultural Park and then villas, abbeys, farms, historic houses and food traditions.

Thus resuming 4 different paths:

Saturday May 1 is allocated the line 5 Parco del Ticino, Sesto Calende linking Porto Torre through the Conca Miorin, accompanying passenger in the nature of the 'blue river'.

Sunday 2 May is allocated the line 3 of Earthly Delights: starting from Milan, The tour presents nature, art, and history of the area between Abbiategrasso and Magenta, showing the beautiful stately homes and the famous Abbey Morimondo. For the season 2010, Line of Earthly Delights offers two new routes besides the two already active.

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Written by Michela | 11 May, 2010

Sunday 16 May pm 9.00 at 19.00 the farms and tourism in the province of Lecco, Como and surrounding will welcome you in their homes to show how products are produced by local quality: cold cuts, canned, honey, wine, …In the farm products of the same plots can.

For this reason it is proposed a route between parks, hills and lakes of the Brianzain which each company will guide you from the main roads with appropriate signage to the chosen destination.
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Written by Michela | 10 May, 2010

The 58a edizione si terrà a Milano dal 12 the 16 May 2010.

It is expected to arrive 120.000 /130.000 plumed soldiers in Milan, as well as supporters and friends of this specialty 'only Italian army.
Miscellaneous fanfare for the City 'and the surrounding towns, will play from Friday 14 May until Sunday 16 to create the event that will involve 'nice all the Milanese. The energy of the sharpshooter, the shrill notes of the brass will be a happy company for a different weekend, full of Italians' with so many initiatives are the following corollary.

The highlight of the event will be 'the Traditional Dress in a run to Piazza Duomo Sunday 16 May 2010.

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Written by Michela | 10 May, 2010

From14 the 16 May from 10 all 20 Switzerland Tourism will be in Milan in Piazza San Carlo (Corso Vittorio Emanuele) with a souvenir stand and the game of living for celebrate the year of hiking.

In fact, the Switzerland has more than 60,000 km of trails who are ready to welcome all walkers of all levels and all ages with 32 several excursions.

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Written by Michela | 7 May, 2010

tomorrow 8 May for 9 days in a row Nova Milanese Nova hosts Fair a fixture of Novi in May this year that provides a completely new. The event will be dedicated of associations and voluntary “Together we can”.

All visitors to the Fair will now have a way of a closer look various associations, their origins, their purposes and their activities directly encountering the operators contribute to the existence of the associations were.

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Written by Michela | 3 May, 2010

The 7, 8 and 9 May 2010 Bergamo will host the next 83 National assembly of the Alpine. Bergamo has "defeated" the competition Pordenone, only opponent for this job. The decision of the National Council left no doubt of An: 16 the votes for Bergamo, 5 those for Pordenone. Bergamo è sicuramente a ground for alpine excellence: 262 Groups, some born again recently, With 33.819 Members (between shareholders and aggregated Alpine).

For the occasion provided at least 400 thousand people. Sunday 9 May will be greeted from the flag of the Italian Air Force aerobatic team. The 7 May is scheduled to be the Minister of Defence, Ignazio La Russa. So many EVENTS regarding the event: Cori e Fanfare – Exhibitions and Events – Religious Ceremonies – Philatelic – Citadel of the Alpine – Website – Tricolore and decked with flags.

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Written by Michela | 28 April, 2010

Two hours of travel between Italy and Switzerland on Europe's steepest railway line (that reaches 2253 meters). E’ adventure between enchanted mountains and breathtaking viewpoints that takes away from 1910 without ever losing charm in all these years.

So just 100 years ago came into operation Bernina line that connects Tirano in Valtellina in St. Moritz with its red train that since last year is an integral part of UNESCO World Heritage.

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