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Events in June | Traveling Easy

Written by Michela | 17 June, 2011

The different events in the year of jubilee

Dresden, June 2011 - Celebration bubbly, delicious discoveries and events - rich celebration of the Elbe for 850 years of viticulture in Saxony.

Events in the year of jubilee

The cultivation of grapes in Saxony dates back to 1161. And just this year because the winemakers and wine lovers are celebrating the big anniversary: 850 years of viticulture in Saxony. The association Weinbauverband Sachsen eV, the vineyards, the company that produces, entrepreneurs, consortia and local authorities took the opportunity to celebrate the cultivation of vines Saxons and the resulting wine production through different ideas, events, exhibitions and special offers, focusing on the cultural regional.

With around 500 events, proposals from April to November, the precious nectar is presented as part of the culture Saxon. These included "Weindorf", the square of the Cathedral of Meissen 25 June, day of vineyards open (Days of the open estate) il 27 and 28 August, and the international festival Müller-Thurgau, il 29Thectober, organized by the guild of the wine, Weinbruderschaft the Meissen.

Several wine festivals and towns will also be focused on 850 ˚ anniversary of viticulture, as party town of Dresden, between 19 and 23 August, which provides for special celebrations in front of the Frauenkirche. from 2 the 4 September the historic courtyards of Weinböhla will host the festive atmosphere of the wine growers. And yet the courtyard of the monastery of Pirna, the feast Local Wine, The 10 September, will draw for wine production Saxon. from 23 the 25 September it's time to Meissen and Radebeul: The 850 years of winemaking tradition will be the main theme of the celebration of autumn and wine in Radebeul and parade scheduled for the wine festival of Meißen. At the conclusion of this series of celebrations from 30 September to 2 October will take place in the Diesbar-Seußlitz Federweißermeile, the festival of new wine. The offer also states a number of thematic exhibitions, such as the one at the Sächsisches Winegrowing of Hoflößnitz.

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