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Events 150 Unit years’ of Italy | Traveling Easy

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Written by Michela | 10 March, 2011

Special opening of the old Savoy Stables, where specimens are placed more’ rappresentantivi of historic carriages del Quirinale, in the two Saturdays before and after the anniversary of the 150th anniversary of’ of Italy.

Given the success of the opening scheduled one Saturday per month, reservation is mandatory for a number of one hundred inputs – inform the site of the Quirinal - the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic has arranged the opening of the exhibition space to more’ broad audience of enthusiasts, on the occasion of the anniversary of the founding of the nation state”.

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Written by Michela | 9 March, 2011

There is no need to go far to enjoy the best of the Bel Paese: at the 150Anniversary National Unity, hotel.infor offers a tour of the capitals to the discovery of the extraordinary events held all over Italy to celebrate this important anniversary. The free service for hotel reservations for over 210 thousand hotels around the world, Serbia has great opportunities for accommodation across the nation for the bridge linked to the celebrations of 17 March

The central themes, history and culture, protagonist in the forefront of all the cities in different historical periods have been capital of Italy and great celebrations to welcome the opportunity, military parades, concerts, demonstrations and special events that begin now to continue also during the whole 2011. The Programme of Celebrations is vast: from exhibitions to conferences through socio-cultural initiatives and restoration of many cultural, which have played a significant role in the historical process of unification and that you can find on the project website The places of memory. 

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Written by Sonia | 1 March, 2011

Termoli, the 6 and 8 March 2011, will take place 'for Carnival 150 anniversary of the unification of Italy. This event will include the involvement of all children who will parade in a parade dressed up as historical figures from that period, with a float. 

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Written by Michela | 21 February, 2011

Over the next ten years Italy change everything. The advent of broadband (ultra large big cities) opens the door to telepresence and telemedicine, eliminating the paperwork of the bureaucracy. We all connected, to share knowledge, do research, launch business, to innovate.

The network will make it stronger and innovators will be the spark of a new industrial revolution. The cars will be electric, the houses will produce clean energy consuming, disease will be stopped at the first onset, thanks to sophisticated machines. It is not science fiction. Those projects are already.

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Written by Michela | 17 February, 2011

The first Italian Senate will revive’ Turin for the celebration of 150 Unit years’ of Italy.

the great Room on the first floor of Palazzo Madama, that the 1848 was intended for hall of the Senate and the Subalpine 1861 the first Senate of the Kingdom of Italy, becomes as in the nineteenth century, thanks to the faithful recreation of the big wooden amphitheater, designed by Ernesto Melano.

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