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Eventi Musicali Giugno | Traveling Easy

Written by Michela | 17 May, 2011

The event relies on the patronage of the Region Piedmont, Province of Novara and the City of Prato Sesia
e come Partnes radio media Bla Bla.

Also this year, After the success of past years, Pro Loco di Prato Sesia (In) decided to organize Meadow Music Festival Sixth Edition, the competition for all bands and all genres of music such as rock, blues, people, radio, jazz, pop, punk, metal, Experimental, vanguard, cover and taxes and everything else about this site ...

The music festival for "live bands", who will contend for the win 10 Groups, selected from among 37 applications received from all regions of Italy, is mainly aimed at young audiences

Friday 3 and Saturday 4 June preliminaries will be held in which five groups for evening, from the provinces of Alessandria, Until, Novara, Parma, Pavia, Verbania, Vercelli Verona and the finals will contend access to contend access the final on Sunday 5 June.

The ranking each event will be jointly decided by a jury and audience vote, expressed by means of special cards. The first two groups classified in each of the semifinals will advance to the final Sunday 5 June. this year, along with the traditional section “Groups” have created a new section “solo and duo” which will take place entirely on the evening of Thursday 2 June. After dancing with the best music year 60-70-80-90. For this section are still open for enrollment, all details can be found at

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