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Estate Romana 2010 | Traveling Easy

Written by Michela | 29 June, 2010 7:03

The Estate Romana, come to the 33rd edition, confirms rich appointments that will not disappoint tourists and locals looking for entertainment at a large European Capital. Summer events organized in the famous landmarks, as it prepares to celebrate the pride and renewed energy 150 years of the Italian Unification and 140 years Capital. 

The agenda includes over 150 appointments, between these 35 art events, 24 theatrical performances, 23 music shows, 12 cinema exhibitions and 23 reviews based on reading, readings and concerts, With 3 special events for children, 3 events dedicated to books and 5 Special Events (including the fires of Pinwheel – the 28 June Castel Sant'Angelo – and the celebrations for the feast of S. John). These appointments must be added many other initiatives in the various municipalities located Romans.

art - In the Capital this summer, the art does not go on holiday, through a series of Exhibition to be held for the duration of summer. An important anniversary, that of the fiftieth anniversary of ‘Dolce Vita’, is recalled two exhibitions: ‘La Dolce Vita 1950-1960, the golden years of gossip’, (from 3 August 14 November) to Markets of Trajan, and ‘Italian cinema at the time of the sweet life‘ (until 4 July) the Museo di Roma in Trastevere, with a wide range of films, documentaries and concerts. In the two sites Butcro (until 22 August) you can visit the exhibition ‘Trasparenze: art for renewable energy ', featuring works by Italian and international artists, by Laura Cherubini. the Palazzo delle Esposizioni (until 11 July) continued success ‘Nature according to De Chirico’ and staff photographer Mimmo Jodice

theater: IN SEVERAL SCENARIOS’ Certain – The most beautiful places of Rome become unique sets of shows and events open to the public. In front of one of the most spectacular views, the view of inia Garibaldi Gianicolo, held this year 'Fontanonestate’ (21 June - 12 September), series of shows at theFountain of the Acqua Paola, with the presence of more than 100 artists and a special evening dedicated to the writer Ennio Flaiano, On the occasion of the centenary of the birth. The area of Forum of Augustus for the event Passing Secrets (until 1 August) Instead the hosts’Aeneid Travelling by Roberto Marafante. The key of the stage adaptation of Virgil's masterpiece is one of the crossings of the migrants suffered busy modern, as Aeneas, in dramatic journey in search of a land. Nel Garden of the Basilica of S., Aventine, there is the festival of performances of Pirandello ‘Pirandello 2010′ (from 6 July to 8 August) while in the square opposite the Prison Mamertino the Roman Forum, thanks to the group stage of the Miracle Players, space ‘The History of Rome - Part One’ (but the 6 August), a play in English based on a collage of texts from various Latin authors who can compose a humorous review of the history of ancient Rome. At Giardini della Filarmonica Romana go to the scene ‘Soloist Theatre(from 15 July 3 August) while the archaeological area of Teatro Marcello hosts the scenes ‘Theatrum Theatre’ (from 10 the 25 July).  Saturday 3 July the Teatro Villa Pamphili and 5 July the Theatre of the Ara Pacis To ‘Space and memory’ Instead there will be ‘Me e Bessie Smith’, the first story in music about the life of one of the greatest blues singers of all time.

Also this year are proposed as representations of historical events’Anfiteatro della Quercia del Tasso in Gianicolo (‘Between the folds of the art ', from 30 June 30 August), or starlings roman Paolo Gatti GIardino of Oranges in the XXI edition of review ‘Roman women’ (24 June – 29 August). One of the most interesting experimental theater experiences that will then be carried out by’Association Condo via Sabelli. L’associazione, a Piazza Immacolata a San Lorenzo, the proposed collection of music and theater ‘Great Pumpkin’ (until 26 June) in collaboration with the Department of Child Neuropsychiatry Hospital Umberto I. The Teatro Belli home instead ‘Green Carnation - gay theater scenarios’ (until 25 June). 

SHOWS IN THE PARK - A combination tested, that between green spaces and open air events, which are inspired by some event taking place in the most beautiful parks in the Capital. Among these, the Park Villa Pamphili: ‘Invitation to the Dance’ (from 1 the 30 July), ‘Concerts in the Park’ (from 30 June 21 July), THE evening shows for children ‘Fireflies and Lanterns’ (from 24 the 29 June),Evenings actor '(2 luglio, 8 July, 2 August), 'Spaces and Memory - The theater and culture between the wars' (from 3 July 1 August).

For the review 'Invitation to the Dance', among the many appointments are expected on 13 July Mauro de Candia with its choreography ‘Casanova, the smile of the devil ', the 15 July the Ballet Esperia directed by Paul Mohovich with the show ‘Scenario Natura’, the 22 and 23 July ‘Cincotango’ presented by the company Otango. Two events in exclusive, specially created for 'Invitation to the Dance', the 9 July he Gala 'Night of Stars', in co-production with the Fondazione Arena di Verona, which houses some of the most important international étoiles, the second meeting the unique 21 July with the Gala ‘Omaggio al Royal Ballet’, at which the étoile Mara Galeazzi performs with the Prime Dancers and Soloists of the Royal Ballet in London.

For the twentieth edition of 'Concerts in the Park' perform, among others, Italian-American pianist Peter Cincotti and in ‘Contemporary Tango 'Antonella Ruggiero. World premiere, the 12 July, the musical reading of the writer Gianrico Carofiglio, ‘The nights Advocate Warriors'. Valeria Golino is the scene 16 July In ExhibitThe hostess’. The 20 July is the turn of Morgan, that he performs as both singer and pianist. For the three ‘Evenings actor’ scene are Gianfranco Jannuzzo (2 July), Lella Costa with an unprecedented ‘Alice’ (8 July) and Anna Mazzamauro (2 August) in the role of Anna Magnani.

cinema – Rome again this year proposes a series of projections from the most important Italian film festival (The ways of the cinema from Venice to Rome, Locarno in Rome, Pesaro Film Fest) thanks to the project of’ANEC Lazio ‘The film by the great Festival’ (22 June-September 23), which proposes to Piazza Vittorio (within the festival 'Movie nights at Piazza Vittorio ', but the 6 September) and some Roman salt, a rich selection of films in their original language with Italian subtitles, punctuated by special events with the participation of authors, directors and actors. To Casa del Cinema in addition to the exhibition ‘Cliciak 2010 – thirteenth national competition for photographers', screenings of films by critics and public ( ‘The great successes of BIM ') as The Barbarian Invasions di Denys Arcand, or The pianist DI Michael Haneke, and Eight women and a mystery Francois Ozone Cell.

Rendezvous with the cinema under the stars ‘Mysterious Star ', ten days of screenings in Gardens of the Villa Medici, a tribute to two exceptional actresses, Delphine Seyrig e Claudia Cardinale (from 12 the 23 July). 

EVENTS - back ‘The ancient feast of St. John’, Piazza San Giovanni, ongoing until 24 giugno. also, shows and musical events in the Museums of the capital through ‘Rome Scene’ (from 24 giugno al 17 June) and underground routes in and insulae sacred 17 archaeological areas of the City with ‘Secret Rome’ (from 1 July 30 September). Music and Solidarity for a big event to raise funds for the benefit of patients with ALS provided the auditorium of 'Auditorium Parco della Musica the 25 June: it is ‘Notes on ', that will see on stage Franco Battiato, Carmen Consoli, Marina Rei, Paola Turci, Alice. The 26 and 27 June is expected”Exception of the opening of the Imperial Fora ', with the opportunity to enjoy guided tours. For lovers of the shots of the appointment is with the author ‘Festival of Photography’ (from 23 September to 4 October) all’Auditorium Parco della Musica, with the theme ‘Futurspectives’, or an exploration of possible futures, starting with the controversial relationship between photography and the reality.

EVENTS ALONG THE TEVERE – The scenario becomes Roman Tiber through the summer of shows and events such as the historical ‘L'Isola del Cinema’ (until 5 September) all’Isola Tiberina, proposed open spaces every night for drinks along the river, screenings of art films and recent blockbusters and dining areas, while returning to Lungotevere Castle the stands of books ‘Readings in the summer along the river and through the trees - IV edition’ (but the 29 August). It's called ‘Along the Tiber…Rome’ (until 29 August) the event between Ponte Sisto and Ponte Palatino, which offers music, Cabaret, entertainment and shopping while ‘Sottopontesantangelo’ (Lungotevere Vatican, until 15 September) available to the public cabaret, live music and of modern markets.

MUSICA… – The ‘European Music Festival’, symbolically inaugurated the Roman Summer with lots of free concerts in many locations throughout the city. Many big names in music who are guests of Rome, this summer: a ‘Villa Celimontana Jazz Festival’ (from 1 July 4 September) many voices of successful Italian jazz, as Malika Ayane, Stefano di Battista, DANILO REA, FedericoZampaglione unusual role in musical, but also Sarah Jane Morris, Maria Joao and David Liebman. for ‘Summertime at the Casa del Jazz’ (from 27 June 20 July)  Guests are Eddie Gomez, Roberto Gatto, Panta Rei, Francesco Diodati Neko while Captain tense, Mark Knopfler, and Paolo Nutini, Norah Jones, in addition to Simply Red are in the planning of ‘July sounds good’ (from 26 June 1 August). Back to Host ‘Cosmophonies’, that until 28 July, the bill provides Jethro Tull, Momix, Alessandra Amoroso and, the 28 July, Patti Smith, as well as offering readings with Corrado Augias and the show 'Reminder'Of Marco Travaglio.

On stage ‘Rock in Rome’ (from 5 the 30 July) all’Capannelle Hippodrome in concert The Gossip, Mika, Shaggy, Skunk Anansie, The Cult,i Cranberries, plus Italian stars are very popular by young people as Site, Litfiba, Daniele Silvestri and Afterhours

…And international exhibitions – A festival devoted to American culture through central and southern '100% Latino’ (30 June – 31 July). Expected the presence of artists from Cuba, Puerto Rico and Peru. Artists from five continents will perform on stage instead of Villa Ada To ‘Rome meets the world’ (until 7 August). At the Festival Euro Mediterraneo, dall'8 the 20 July in Archaeological park old Music marathon Chopin, THE Four seasons of Antonio Vivaldi and The Four Seasons of Astor Piazzolla A comparison, in addition to piano Giuseppe La Licata gift and a musical with music by Bach, Handel, Mozart, Schumann and Chopin, but also the jazz Duke Ellington.  

CLASSICAL CONCERTS – But there are musical events to suit a more classic taste like the concerts of the summer season of 'Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia with review ‘TelecoMusica’ of the Cave 'Auditorium Parco della Musica those dell’Accademia Filarmonica Romana to Gardens of the Philharmonic. The event continues ‘Roman Nights at the Teatro Marcello’ (but the 3 October), that, together with the programming ‘Under the starry sky of Villa Torlonia’ (from 1 July to 8 August) is part of 'Music Festival of Nations'. The summer season of Opera all Baths of Caracalla prevede ‘Romeo and Juliet’, ‘Aida‘ and ‘Rigoletto‘. For ‘Evenings of great music to the plot of S. Ivo’ (from 2 July 10 August) to the Sapienza’Orchestra Chamber Ensemble he held a series of concerts and operettas, dedicating an evening among the 60 Piazzolla and Beatles.  

Summer evenings - Top of the formula guided tours of Rome, unusual, unknown even to those who live it every day ‘I'll tell you the history of Rome‘ (sino al 26 settembre), conversations pitches to promote awareness of historic villas, little-known neighborhoods and districts, while ‘Walking Roman’ (sino al 2but the, expected also this year ‘walk’ with theatrical interludes and ‘Under the Celio’ (until 3 settembre) repeats the sSeptember formula of visits to Roman Domus interspersed with performances. The nocturnal visits of the same kind in the city organized by ‘At night the narrow streets of ancient Rome’ (until 11 September). The ‘Gay Village’ (until September 11) the Eur Parco del Ninfeo houses, among other Boy George while ‘RomaVintage’ (until 15 August) the Parco San Sebastiano, offers special evenings including a revival party with special guest Ivana Spagna, while the 14 July is hosting the 'Beatles Day 2010′ organized by Beatlesiani d’Italia Associati

A SUMMER FULL OF LAUGHTER – ‘Shadow of the Colosseum’ (but the 4 September) Back again this year to Parco del Celio, with artists Zelig, Max Giusti, Lillo and Greg, Antonio Giuliani, Pablo e Pedro, Dario Cassini. Also open for a few laughs comedy festival ‘Rome laughs’ (from 3 July 22 August) a Villa Sciarra with actor Marco Falaguasta and its ‘Roll life’. Back again ‘Artest - theater and cabaret’ (from 25 June 31 October) the Unstable Theatre of humor. ‘Comicosmico’ (from 2 the 6 August) Instead houses among others Antonio Costa, Alberto Alivernini, and Paola Pinto. 

YOUTH TRIALS - At the Multiplex Intrastevere are held the 18th ‘ Archipelago – International Festival of Short Films and New Images’ (until 24 June) while the review 'Cinema at Belvedere' (from 26 June 30 September), Yellow is dedicated to copyright, that can be ‘enjoy’ the Belvedere Antonio Cederna. ‘Context X’ however, is the exhibition dedicated to emerging bands within ‘Rock City’ (until 15 August) that the Park of the Aqueducts Via Lemonia proposes, among other initiatives, a rich collection of cover band. Also this year finally ‘Village Notetempo’ (until 31 August) to Giardini del Verano hosts performances by young bands that have new songs and covers.

ALONG THE SEA - Festival of jazz and classical concerts dedicated to the moon, ‘Luna Mediterranean’ takes place in Ostia (the 17,18, 19 and 20 July). ‘Harbour Party’, always at Ostia, proposes exhibition stands, concerts, fashion shows (until 19 September). 

readings - Last meeting today Julia Kristeva and Tiziano Scarpa For the ‘Letterature 2010. Festival Internazionale di Roma ' while reading by Calvin, Wilde and Palazzeschi, accompanied by the showing of films adapted from their works will be the protagonists of ‘The garden between the lines’ (8, 15 and 22 July), in garden of the Santa Scala di Porta S. John. Summer program at ‘House of Literature’, with an exhibition dedicated to the writer Giorgio Manganelli and the event “Romanesca. Meeting of Poets, writers and artists who engage in dialogue with the Roman tradition” (from 30 June).  

Children - A summer that Roman does not forget the little ones with ‘The city in your pocket’ (from 26 June 18 July), or a green space to Parco degli Scipioni where artists, animators and actors clown jugglers welcome children from 3 to 12 years involving them in games, creations and entertainments. In the theater of the Villa Pamphili, in front the House of Theatres, from 24 the 29 June, in the event ‘Fireflies and Lanterns’ held six shows presented by theater companies, children. On the final evening the children's jury awarded the prize Gianni Rodari for the theater 2010. Bioparco organizes instead ‘Meet the rangers', (27 June, 11 and 18 July) three days where you can hear directly from the habits of the two keepers and elephants Nelly Sofia, macaques and animals ‘Guests’ of Bioparco which generally are afraid, as geckos and pythons 

The information for the public are available on the number 060608, site and page 621 Teletext regional Rai.