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Written by Michela | 17 June, 2011

6c6c_aisa_vincitore-2010-320x213-7046593For the feast of Corpus Christi back the charm of Infiorate Spello, Infiorate one of the best known and appreciated in the world, for the size and artistic quality of works carried out and the excitement and involvement that can call forth in the thousands of visitors present for the occasion (80-100thousand in a weekend). The news and the program 2011 were presented today, Wednesday 15 June, at 10 Zuccari in the hall of the Municipality of the presence of the mayor of Spello Spello Sandro Vitali, the Department of Culture and Tourism of the City of Spello Liana Tili and Antonio Luna, the president and vice president of The Infiorate Spello John Good and Simon Tili, the President of the Pro Loco IAT Spello Umberto Christmas.

The party more participatory community-Spello year starting one week before With Mangiaspello, a two-day extra-virgin olive oil and flowers Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 June were the focus of oleo and food tasting and walking along the streets and alleys monumental flower of Spello, and the awards of Seventh Edition of "Windows, alleys and flowering balconies”, the national "flower Towns 2011" organized by the Pro Spello. also, to complete the tourist offer revolves around the return Infiorate the second edition of food and wine tour floral Spello which extends to other Umbrian towns belonging to the Association of Town Infiorate, who cultivate with passion the tradition of flower festivals of Corpus Christi: San Gemini, Cannock and Norcia. The project, launched in 2010 involves restaurants and bars, For the occasion, from 24 the 26 June will offer a menu of unusual herbs and flowers, combined with the local cuisine. 

During the week of Infiorate many initiatives are not to be missed, almost all free and free income: The selection and "capatura" flowers in the streets of Old Town, visit to Museum Infiorate, The historic photo exhibition, The exhibition of floral embroidery, floral composition “Finestre, alleys and flowering balconies ", tourist train (from parking lots to the main access points to the old town) and many musical events. All this and much more takes place during the "Night Flower”, night vigil in which the flowers produce their works floral, cheered by visitors and tourists who stroll looking through the rain and wind protection structures. In addition, the menu of flowers, herbs and other products in the city's restaurants and evening tours to sites of art Spello (hours 21 Saturday and hours 6,30 Sunday).

Among the novelties of 2011 There is also trophy “Daniel Ciampetti”, the work given to the category "under 14", that will enrich the prize money offered as a prize for the contest tied all'infiorata, rewarding the commitment and the surprising involvement of young. Foligno made by the sculptor Stefano Bovi, the trophy is a sunflower in bronze and enameled copper, prepare the flowers and pay homage to the young who died prematurely last year, Saturday right in the floral. The trophy will be awarded to the winner of the category under 14 starting this year and, just like in the trophy Propertius – the coveted category of paintings – the following year will be returned to the Association which organizes the competition and delivered to the new winner, in a sort of symbolic relay.

By nine o'clock on Sunday morning the streets will be covered by a single, ideal multi-colored carpet and scented long about 2 km, composed almost 80 between floral rugs (from each 12 ai 15 m long, with a minimum area of 15 m) and frameworks (by 25 ai 90 mq.),toealized by some 50 Groups prepare the flowers.

The procession Sunday, that the 11 dissolve in the air works floral, will chaired by the Bishop of Foligno Mgr. Gualtiero Sigismondi. THE awards competition of the 50th Infiorate Spello will be held in Republic Square on Sunday at 18,30.

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