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Circuito Del Tricolore | Traveling Easy
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Circuito Del Tricolore | Traveling Easy

Written by Michela | 14 June, 2011

Saturday 18 June 2011, regolaristi, collectors and enthusiasts of classic cars are meeting in Reggio Emilia for the 6th Circuit Tricolore, 4° test of Regularity Championship Towers & Motors (4Edition). The race takes place on board cars constructed by 31 December 1991 and touches on the major points of interest Appennino reggiano.

Departure scheduled for noon 9 from the place of Confcommercio (Via Giglioli Valle 10) then go for Viano, Baiso, Carpineti, Felina, Casina, Cortogno, Quattro Castella and the Lands of Matilde. Back in Reggio Emilia with arrival of the first car around 16 and, Following, awards ceremony in the Sala del Tricolore.

Are provided about 40 prove (Time measurement) along a path 120 km approx.

The track resembles to that of Regional Championship Auto Racing which took place in the Emilia second half of the '30s because, in each edition of the Circuit, The organizers introduce some variations to make the challenge more exciting.

The club Historical Campanon Sport organizing the event along with Marquis Club Lothario Rangoni Machiavelli, In collaboration with Confcommercio-Reggio Emilia and communications agencyfolettiepetrillodesign.

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