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Bardi Fortress | Traveling Easy
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Bardi Fortress | Traveling Easy

Written by Michela | 21 March, 2011

a Castle of a thousand secrets and Crossed Destinies to discover. a intrigue by solving with the acumen and insight of the detective dell'indovino. a Special tour one of the most mysterious castles of Parma - the Rocca dei Rossi di San Secondo where legend midnight roams the ghost of a girl with long hair - with a guide from room to room, art, arcana, literature and history. a Price sitting at the table, with buffet menu, where to meet new friends, fun with friends and Party with Murder Murder to play, having fun together.

Here's the formula for spending an evening of original, in an exclusive location,by 20 midnight the chimes will ring when the fatal hour for the murderess: able to unmask and bring to justice? Or let it continue to work undisturbed in your midst?

Party with Murder Murder takes place Saturday 2 April by 20 Castello di San Secondo Parmense. It is titled "Post Mortem"Inspired by and between secret behind an old brooch. Think of a child born in 1769 that in the future would conquer and dominate Europe: Napoleon Bonaparte. Step into a Castle, The castle at San Secondo Parmense, seven kilometers from the Fortress of Sanvitale Fontanellato, where he lived instead Albertina, morganatic marriage of his daughter Marie Louise of Austria (who was the wife of Napoleon) and Count Adam von Neipperg.

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