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Bardi Castle | Traveling Easy

Written by Michela | 23 August, 2010

'S time to celebrate the Landi Court of Bardi Where, Sunday 29 August is a program largest reenactment in costume the square of arms, heart of the mighty castle, rivellino that opens up to the characteristic medieval. In the heart of the Castle go on stage "Resistant Fortress”, a day theme - set between the late thirteenth and early fourteenth century – where animations are taking place, games, shows flag-waving, depictions of battles and military training, Teaching children, surrounded by atmospheres and melodies inspired by the era of knights and ladies.

L’evento – Co-organized by Ati Parmigianino Fontanellato and socio-cultural cooperation in Venice in collaboration with the "Door S. Francesco di Parma under the coordination of its chairman Fabio Bernazzoli – runs from 11 all 18.30: the opportunity for tourists and visitors will have the unique opportunity to live as the protagonists Bardi Fortress, hung like a journey through time, in those centuries of the Middle Ages light that marked the history of the Val Noveglia. With a single ticket (cost 10 euro) The Castle opens doors and welcomes you in a corner of history 625 meters above sea level. Patrols and garrisons of soldiers with weapons at auction, faithful and noble knights archers will transport you in feudal fortress to defend a rare example of medieval architecture.

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