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After Aperitologo, The new initiative Unconventionall: A COURAGE TO BE AFRAID. | Traveling Easy
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After Aperitologo, The new initiative Unconventionall: A COURAGE TO BE AFRAID. | Traveling Easy

Written by Michela | 16 May, 2011 8:00

L’associazione Unconventionall People, within the Psychological Culture Festival – “Who's afraid of fear?” organized by’Order of Psychologists of Lombardy, presents: 

Do not change jobs, without looking for, marry, break off a marriage, escape to an examination, burrow house… If you've ever, The path A COURAGE TO BE AFRAID is for you.

Why all this often arises from “scars” that the experience has left, and which result in lives not so much avoiding some situations and not just environmental, As his fear of being adversely impacted in, still, Fear.

Unconventionall People, After the success of‘APERITOLOGO, the appetizer with the psychologist in considered by the media, by experts and the participants themselves one of the most innovative initiatives and useful views of Milan, returns with this new initiative.

But… COS’È?

It is an experiential path consists of three laboratories: “Paurosa…mente”, “Mappaura”, “Coraggiosa…mente”. Within the Psychological Culture Festival, Psychologists of the Unconventionall Gens will offer the opportunity to experience life in which everyone can recognize their fear, hear it and find within themselves strategies to cope with everyday life.


Often to avoid the fear gave up so many lives as possible.

Fear, Like all emotions, serves as evolutionarily determined to ensure the survival of the organism. We have inherited from the animals. The gazelle and the lion, eg (see Liotti, flour, 2011): the gazelle knows he is weak, The lion knows to be strong and tip the prey. So that it can react: running away and trying desperately not to get caught; if taken, reduced to the paralysis; Finally, trying to play dead, so the lion let go and run chasing other prey.

The avoidance or escape, emotional paralysis: these are common experiences for human beings.


The path A COURAGE TO BE AFRAID is new and innovative, and reconciles within each laboratory varied approaches and intervention techniques.

            1. The first laboratory, Paurosa…mente, allow the exploration of fear through verbal and nonverbal techniques (collage, Drawings, handling of plastic, Orff instruments for the sounds), to define boundaries, meaning and intensity of fear.

            2. The second laboratory, Mappaura, enable participants to contact their fear, exploration of the places where it lurks in the body, their understanding and their acceptance and “ammorbidimento” through relaxation techniques and Bioenergetics.

            3. Coraggiosa…mente, Finally, will be oriented to facilitate the recovery aware of its resources, fiabaterapia through the array and some techniques and psychodrama theater.

The three workshops will involve psychologists and psychotherapists of various orientations: psychodynamic, Jungian, rogersiano, bioenergetic, systemic, cognitivo…

Will also be prepared how to collect data (baskets, cartoon on a human ...). Will – both participants in the path A COURAGE TO BE AFRAID As all participants in the Festival – can leave their “sign” on fear, expressing it in a way different (parole, images, sounds) so that the closing of the Festival can be summarized, reflect and disseminate to the media gathered emergenciesThe fears of today, with the courage of lions!

To book please email, where he will have to indicate what you want to book (entire route or only one or two laboratories proposed), name, telephone. The number of places available is limited.


The course will be held on 21 May 2011, by 15.00 all 19.30.

The hours of each laboratory:

- Paurosa…mente: h. 15.00/16.30 -15 places

- Mappaura: h 16.30/18.00 – 20 places

- Coraggiosa…mente: h. 18.00/19.30 -12 places


The headquarters of the Festival of Culture Psychological, in Via Press 8 Milan

How to reach us:

get off at Duomo MM (line 1 the 3), via Torino take 14 or 2 and the second stop (Via Torino, Via S. Maria Valle). Continue on Via Torino, turning left at the first (Via Soncino). Follow this road until the junction with Via Print.

alternatively: get off at Duomo MM (line 1 the 3), take a walk to Via Torino and go until you find on your left Via Soncino. Take this road and to the junction with Via Print. 850 m path.

For info:

338.3299189 – 3397314080