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Rome City Christmas – EPIPHANY 2011- All events for children | Traveling Easy
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Rome City Christmas – EPIPHANY 2011- All events for children | Traveling Easy

Written by Michela | 5 January, 2011 17:42

Rome offers a wide schedule of meetings for all children, the players always FEAST OF THE EPIPHANY tomorrow. As part of initiatives “Rome City Christmas“, children can choose from theater, music, exhibitions, Laboratory, animated reading or pirouettes on the ice.
This is Calendar of Events devoted to them:

6 January 11 – 17 THE EPIPHANY Casino Casino of Raphael's Villa Borghese – Free admissionEpiphany dedicated to children with magic shows and workshops, Juggling, street artists, face painting and street games traditional Roman and Italian. In addition, free distribution of balloons, cotton candy and popcorn. by Ass. Amateur Sports Cultural La Fenice

6 January at 16.30 THE PHYSICS OF THE EPIPHANY Technotown of Villa TorloniaInput: 6 € reservation is recommended to 060608
Special occasion “The Physics of the Epiphany” Prof.. Salvatore Rino Milone, Physical writer. A talk show for children, children and families to explain the “because” physics of the Epiphany, but also to investigate in a fun and interactive, the flight because of its physical reasons, addressed experimentally and addictive. Spectators can watch the live creation of a model flying, to really understand what it takes to fly and how does the old lady to stay balanced on her broom.

6 January at 17.30 Grand Concert RECITANTE THE EPIPHANYChurch of S. Paul's Within the Walls, Via Nazionale – Admission free until all seats A show dedicated to children on Epiphany. With the flutist Marco Celli Stein and actress Giuliana Loiodice, in a program of music and words, footage taken from a popular and accessible to all. Wide use of music and reading stories and poems inspired by the traditional figure of the Befana and the history of the Magi. Organized by the International Music6 January at 15 – 19 AN EPIPHANY FOR ALL Piazza Capecelatro – Free admissionA real village square with puppets for children, cotton candy, Fairy Tales, balloons, CLOWN, festoons, witches. Posted by Cultural Association and musical musical

7 January at 16 E 18 PAINTINGS INSPIRED MUSIC BETWEEN, MUSICIANS ... AND BOXES OF LIGHTTechnotown of Villa Torlonia – Free admission to the activities subject to availability
Musical performance for children. Live musical performance with a team instrumental, narration, computer projections. Edited by Art Village Archimede Onlus

until 6 January Libraries in Rome – Free admissionActivities for kids, from readings to workshops, performance projections from.

until 30 January MARI STREET. THE WORLD THROUGH A LENS – Casina di Raffaello in the Villa Borghesean exhibition, a magical journey through the beautiful images of the artist for over twenty years has produced books with no words capable of telling the only figures with nature and its mysteries using a visual language clear and simple (by 24 December 9 January times are doubled: ore 10, 12, 15, 17 e 18 e, for adults, ore hours. È anche possibile partecipare ai laboratori creativi di manualità (Tuesday-Sunday at 11.30 e 16.30) and theatrical performances of The Tale of tales ... words game where you tell the most famous stories of all time (Sunday Hours 16.00).

until 6 January – THEATRE MONGIOVINO
Two theater gifts for children this year who leads them? Santa Claus? La Befana? Big O gentle giant? (the last reply 26 December 2010 hours 16.30) with stilts, puppets and stories, and The Epiphany and the Tramp (4, 5, 6 January at 16.30) including nursery rhymes sung live, action puppetry and theater games, a party / show involving all the family pending the arrival of the famous old lady. And finally ... a sweet surprise for all!

until 6 January – TEATRO SAN CARLINO
A magic show, The Nutcracker, in a scenario somewhere between dream and reality will take turns and share share narrated dance to the music of P. In. Tchaikovsky (26 December 1 January at 16:30; 2 gennaio 2011 hours 11:30 e 16:30) E, by 6Januaryo, Hansel and Gretel show with puppets and actors, for children 2 and over, where the four animal characters embark on a journey to fulfill their dream music.

until 6 January HOW TO PLAY THE CRIB – Sale del Bramantefor the International Exhibition “100 cribs”, children from 4 to 11 years may participate in the workshop to learn how to build the characters of the manger.

until 9 January THE THOUSAND FACES OF PUNCH – House of TheatresChildren aged 6 to 12 years can attend the workshop on the occasion of the exhibition Luzzati puffins to create images of the famous Neapolitan mask according to the teachings of Emanuele Luzzati.

until 9 January Auditorium Parco della MusicaChildren who visit the Auditorium will enter into an enchanted forest with 40 firs lit, meet Father Christmas in his house, play games, Animations, theaters and a drawing competition and drive up the colorful vintage carousel.

until 10 January THEATRE QUIRINOA Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens (2 gennaio ore 11.45; 28 E 30 December and 4 the 6 gJanuary at16.45) a tale dedicated to children and adults with actors, puppets, puppets and music. from 26 November 10 January 2011 will be open DRAW YOUR THEATRE, on 1 Corcorso design (for children 6 to 10 years)

until 31 January ATELIER RAY OF LIGHT – Explore. The Children's MuseumInteractive exhibition; dal 23 al 31 December and 3 al 7 : dal 23 al 31 Anita December reindeer magnet to create a decoration and 2 al 9 The witch's broom in January to build a broomstick.

until 7 February Auditorium Parco della MusicaChildren who visit the Auditorium will skate every day on the traditional ice rink.

But even for adults “Rome City Christmas“, reserves still many appointments until next Sunday.
With regard to transport, control
bus plan for the day of Epiphany .