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Milan Events in April | Traveling Easy

Written by Michela | 11 April, 2011

You can still do something new for the design week in Milan's Salone del Mobile? We think so. So we invented a word: UNFURNITURE DESIGN in order to indicate a precise concept, or "the rest of the design", furniture that is not strictly. We want to give home, accommodate all the disciplines arising from or adjacent furniture design.

We will do so in an unconventional way,by providing a location and low cost last minute where, in addition to the exhibition, will also set up a space-bar open all day long and a yard covered with grass for daily microevents, pic-nic (Brunch time 11:00-15:00), Merenditivo (snack-drink 16:00-21:00) and more.


The other world of design, L’UNFURNITURE DESIGN,will be an event that will host all ‘rest’ design, the surprising and unexpected that it is not exclusively tied to the furniture industry (eg. Food design, erotic design, ecologic design, game design, etc.…).

We will say ‘home’ in all disciplines from design, but who have crossed the borders, convinced that gather them all in the same space, may be an advantage for exhibitors, for the media and of course for visitors.

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