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Cortina D'Ampezzo opened Planetarium “Nicolo’ Cusano” | Traveling Easy
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Cortina D'Ampezzo opened Planetarium “Nicolo’ Cusano” | Traveling Easy

Written by Michela | 2 March, 2010 0:04

A Cortina d'Ampezzo Olympic Stadium in front of the ice in December last year was inaugurated on New Planetarium. The dome has a diameter of 8.4 meters and can accommodate up to 60 about people and is dedicated to the great mathematical, Philosopher, theologian and astronomer "Nicholas of Cusa" . For many years Bishop of Brixen, Cusano passed Anpezo, Today's Cortina d'Ampezzo 27 April 1460.

The work was funded by Municipality of Cortina, by the Veneto Region and the rural and artisan banks of Cortina d'Ampezzo and the Dolomites.

l’Astronomical Association of Cortina and the municipal authority have made in 2009, International Year of Astronomy,and Planetary “Nicholas of Cusa” because’ The Planetarium can show any portion of the sky as at a certain time, location and latitude, simulated and accelerated the movement of the heavens, Sun Moon and all the planets also becoming a surely extraordinary teaching tool for the dissemination.

The tours are guided and to provide information visit (minimum 10 participants – maximum 60) and carried out theWednesday evening – hours 20,30 or The Saturday afternoon – hours 18,00.
For school groups can book the Saturday morning.

Entrance costs whole Euro 7,00 – reduced for students Euro 4,00

Even the Queen of the Dolomites now look at the stars…