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Caravaggio | Traveling Easy

Written by Michela | 10 June, 2010

Surely one of the Infiorate best of central Italy is held every year Genzano di Roma which is 30 km south of Rome. The road where it takes place over long 200 meters wide 9 not to mention the sidewalks as the steps toward S. Mary's Peak as a backdrop that makes.

The factor more important than this event is undoubtedly the enforcement community. In the four or five hours, starting from eight in the morning, you would use to cover two thousand square meters of paving the way. Belardi (Via Livia), more than two hundred people including children, girls and children, can be seen workingtogether: who transports the boxes of flowers from the caves where they were stored; chi, using this natural palette, color the drawing made the previous evening, Chi means, Main innaffia; chi, directMain the implementation of the framework, rooms from the windows of homes to control from afar the success of the details of the work.

This year as part of celebrations for 400 years after the death of Caravaggio, the Flower Festival in Genzano, reached the 232 th edition, celebrates the great artist Lombard died prematurely just 39 age, for which Rome is the moment of maximum splendor and artistic maturity of expression.

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