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Bernina Express: PRICES, HOURS, path | Traveling Easy
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Bernina Express: PRICES, HOURS, path | Traveling Easy

Written by Michela | 19 August, 2011 9:30

Bernina Express prices

In price of the Bernina Express vary depending on the route traveled and range from a maximum of 66 € and remarkable 15 Euro, one way, second class, E between 97 and euro 25 Euro first class.

between rates of the Bernina Express facilities are also provided for:

  • children with under 16 years traveling with a parent do not pay the ticket
  • groups comprised of more 10 people entitled to 20% off
  • each 10 people in a group, a free travel
  • l 'Half Price, you'll pay 50% less

The official currency is the Swiss franc, then in online bookings no problem, but if you are already in place You can also pay in euro. A word of advice: should always be the currency of the country visited!

Bernina Express Reservation

The Bernina Express is a tourist train with 7 cars driving over the. Having achieved considerable heights (over 2.000 m), not exceed the number. So aboard the Bernina Express booking is really necessary. It will involve an additional cost of 7 € in winter and almost 10 € in estate.

in August, when the tourist flow is stronger, you may not find room on board and having stand. By booking your place you do not remove the no.
Tickets are available via the Internet at official website of the Rhaetian Railways and print it. The checks will be enough show print, no problems. Recall that the reservation must be made online by credit card only.
Otherwise you can apply directly to Swiss ticket.

Hours Bernina Express

The times of the Bernina Express vary depending on whether summer or winter. The difference is still minimal. Then St. Moritz to Tirano In estate, The first train leaves at 7.45 E the others follow in exactly one hour from each other, until 19.45 with the last race 20.20. In the opposite direction, The first train from Tirano is expected to 6.50 and has a frequency between 40 EI 70 minutes, with the last race 19.40.

Then St. Moritz to Tirano in winter, time remains the same as summer, while in the opposite direction, the first train to St. Moritz is expected to 6.55 and others to follow intervals between 40 E 70 minutes.

Bernina Express Route

Introducing the Bernina Express Route. From Tirano the stops are: Buzz, Miralago, Speaker, Poschiavo, Cavaglia, Alp Grum, Bernina Hospice, Bernina Diavolezza, Morteratsch, Pontresina e St. Moritz. E 'can, on request, stop at other stops.