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A summer of art and culture in the Bavarian Alps | Traveling Easy
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A summer of art and culture in the Bavarian Alps | Traveling Easy

Written by Michela | 14 June, 2011 9:30

Proposals unusual to enjoy the summer

Monaco di Baviera, June 2011. To explore the artistic heritage of the Bavarian Alps should visit the "Small historic towns", with their charming old streets of the historic atmosphere and the vibrant, exciting and original cultural activities. Here is a selection of the best cultural festivals in the Bavarian Alps and some great deals.

Insights of historic towns:

Isny: Opera Festival by 19 the 25 July 2011

Isny città nella natura ", is a medieval jewel. With his installation oval surrounded by ancient walls in the large doors that open and close in an embrace towers, palaces, churches and the castle, provides a stage built specifically to host concerts, theater ed'opera, as well as craft markets.

Among the missed appointments 2011 Figure Isny ​​the-Opera-Festival, from 19 the 25 July.

The Isny-Opera-Festival is synonymous with vibrant theatrical performances and concerts, whose players are mostly students, artists, young singers and musicians and international, coming mainly from Eastern Europe and China. The performances in the open air, full of atmosphere thanks to the backdrop of the historic city walls, have a strong local and regional identity in the mixed character of major events. The Isny-Opera-Festival is one of the smaller festivals in Bavaria and is funded both through official funds contributed by citizens is particularly committed, including the families of offering hospitality to artists Isny. One method that can create human relationships and friendship.

Bavarian Alps on the site are available for special offers Isny ​​Festival:

Ottobeuren: Notes Classic Abbey – June and July 2011

L'Abbazia di Ottobeuren, with its late-baroque basilica, is one of the most spectacular structures monastery in Europe. This masterpiece of Baroque architecture has become the symbol of the Bavarian spa resort Kneipp, making it famous even beyond the borders of the Allgäu.

Famous of all the concerts of the festival Ottobeurer Konzerte, that the 1945 constitute an irresistible attraction for lovers of classical music. The concerts are held inside the basilica or in Kaisersaal Ottobeuren, composed by two high towers and almost 90 M.

Upcoming events in the Ottobeurer Konzerte:

17 – 19 June 2011:          Soloists of the Vienna Philharmonic in a trio
08 – 10 July 2011:                         Evenings of piano with Arseni Sadykow
15 – 17 July 2011:             International festival for young artists

Special "Notes Classic abbey Alps on

Kaufbeuren: Taenzelfest from 14 the 25 July 2011

Kaufbeuren is a jewel in the Allgäu, with its old quarter with narrow streets and ancient walls, Franciscan monastery that housed the life of St. Crescentia, the art of jewelry imported Neugablonz by refugees in the district of northern Bohemia after World War II.

A unique event is the traditional "Taenzelfest", great medieval re-enactment performed by children in period costume, as well oldest children's party in Bavaria.

From the penultimate weekend before the summer holidays throughout the Bavarian town is involved in this fascinating event. It can not be accurately traced to its origins: recalled the visit in any way in the city of Emperor Maximilian, "The last German knight", nell’anno 1497. The big parade celebrating (Sunday 18 and Monday 19 July) involves 1.600 Children in costumes, 32 wagons and more than 150 horses, with the intention of telling the story of the city until the time of the Carolingian era Biedermeier (early nineteenth century).

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Kempten: Allgrove Festival dal 13 the 21 August 2011

Kempten – l’antica Cambodunum romana, Allgäu capital today – is the heart of this beautiful tourist area of ​​Bavaria. The excavation of the archaeological park of Cambodunum, the sumptuous rococo rooms of the prince-abbot and the old town invite you to dive into the past, not without the help of some "trick" modern, as the multimedia presentation of Erasmuskapelle, the underground chapel of the church of St. Carry.

Kempten annually organizes the "Allgaeuer Festwochen", a summer event in the fair theme and summer festival, which combine art, culture, business, Communication, sport and folklore. In Germany there is nothing comparable. The location in the heart of the city helps to increase the characteristic charm.

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