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SONG TOO | Traveling Easy

Written by Michela | 22 April, 2011 8:15

Great expectations for the manifestation of “San Venanzo Festival”, to be held at the Green St. Equipped Venanzo , from 16 the 25 June 2011. This year the program provides a rich set of events of obvious relevance that will attract large amount of specialized public, now loyal.

among many, pointed to the event on the organization, concerns a “format” now tested on the national networks. In the wake of “Leaving Song” and “Io Canto” was born “SONG TOO”, who wants to offer children the Umbro area and not only, opportunity to raise awareness their interpretive skills and qualities of boys ranging from singing 6 to 14 years.

the event, As is now known to the wider public, tended from the first edition,to involve young people and families in shows and events various, but they also aim to aggregate, over young people and their peers, also their families. The 9th edition of “ROCK IN JUNE”, is a prominent example. The event easyevent weblog by the EcoStudioGroup in collaboration with the Pro-Loco San Venanzo Spoleto, quest’anno, inclusion “SONG TOO”, over the show, sought to promote the involvement of a much wider public, and the families of young artists as effective advocates, especially for the youngest among them. In particular, the song event, unless changes to the program, is scheduled for the evening of 22 June.

Those wishing, right now to participate can access the site and report their adherence to time, prepared in the registration form on-line.