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FAI | Traveling Easy – Part 2
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FAI | Traveling Easy – Part 2

Written by Michela | 10 September, 2010

would, churches, castles, villages, natural areas, archaeological sites, abbeys, convents, Monasteries. These are the types of places that already many of the Heart, many Italians voted with the postcards and the Internet. First provisional results of the Casa Bossi Novara.

» Report immediately to your place of the heart!

of Lucca a Palermo, of Torino a Rome, of Lucera a Novara. the enthusiastic response of the Italians the call of the new edition of Places of the Heart has exceeded all boundaries, giving voice to a national mobilization that, more than in previous editions, confirms the great love of so many, many people to the wealth of art and nature of our country.

And so, many individual private, Committees spontaneous, Delegations FAI, schools, even football fans organized, Friends have rallied involving, acquaintances, tourists to vote for their own place to save and make known through the Census and sponsored by the FAI by Intesa Sanpaolo and now in its fifth edition. Singles such as' initiative Fans of Torino Calcio, who have organized themselves to save the historic Philadelphia Stadium.

Help us to grow the Census, let us bring the voice that comes from the territory to institutions and media. If you have not already done so, report your places of the heart, There is no time to 30 September! You can vote through Postcards present in branches of Intesa Sanpaolo, In Heritage FAI and at Delegations FAI, site, its Messenger and

They are already over 100 thousand reports sent the Italians through the postcards and the Internet. At the top of the standings are provisional Casa Bossi Novara, splendid nineteenth century villa, that now requires restoration and enhancement. In second place was the Philadelphia Stadium Torino, followed by Angevin Fortress Svevo Lucera (FG). In the fourth St. Catherine's Church Lucca, Finally, the fifth’Old Hospital Street Quarter Andria.

Great attention has been paid by the Italians and then to places that might be distorted by overbuilding: by’Islet in Ponte San Pietro (BG), To Piazza Castello in Pavia, to cite just two examples.

There are also reports original and funny: by’marble shrine of genius in Palermo, the feet of marble in Rome, an important fragment of a colossal statue of the Roman era and a real curiosity about the Romans and tourists who like to be photographed at his side; a hundred years old tree, renamed "Grandmother Oak", located in the Town Park Rugareto (VA) and likely to be demolished, the ladder that connects the center to Solbiate Olona valley (VA), became famous worldwide because during the cyclocross races, athletes should do up and down with the bike on his shoulder.

» Report immediately to your place of the heart!