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Scenes from a Marriage! reveals the most beautiful traditions linked to “best day” | Traveling Easy
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Scenes from a Marriage! reveals the most beautiful traditions linked to “best day” | Traveling Easy

Written by Michela | 23 May, 2011 0:30

Spring, can be, and ideal time for weddings. Start your search of the white, of confetti, at least in Italy for wedding favors ...! In other countries, in fact, wedding can be very different., leader in online hotel reservations, sought around the world traditions related to the special wedding ceremony, For example, in discovering Japan the bride is not wearing white to represent purity, but the grief of his parents, that Mexico After the ceremony the bride and groom are tied together with a lasso, that Jewish wedding preserved ancient biblical traditions and the Polynesia is the ideal destination for a truly romantic wedding.


One of the most fascinating rituals of the world is certainly Shinto, still practiced today in Japan. The ceremony is usually celebrated in a temple or house of the groom, where the bride arrives dressed in white, to symbolize the mourning of his parents, E wearing a white cloth, that is his intention not to be jealous. The ritual itself is called san-san-ku-to and is Drinking sake and rice three times by three cups of different sizes, first in the living room and then in the bedroom. After the ceremony the bride will change the habit, wearing a very impressive and generally red, lucky color.

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In Mexico, Very Catholic country, marriage is one of the key events of people's lives and its preparation takes about a year. The ceremony takes place according to the traditional Catholic rite, but, after the exchange of rings, the bride and groom are tied together with a lasso, d'oro od'argento, from one of the godfathers of the pair, To symbolize the eternal union. Then the husband gives his wife thirteen gold coins, The arras, to prove its commitment to maintain. The Mexicans, true to their reputation as hospitable people, continue dancing until dawn, when, with the soundtrack of traditional Mariachi, Guests must be at the home of the bride's father for a last toast to the new couple.

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A favorite destination for couples from all over the world to celebrate a dream wedding on the beach is Polynesia, where the bride and groom can enjoy a truly memorable ceremony. The bride is accompanied by some girls in a typical Canadian Polynesian, where is massaged with fragrant oils and dressed in sarongs and leis; groom, instead, is tattooed (temporarily) and dressed like a Polynesian chief. The couple, then, arriving at the ceremony in canoes decorated with flowers and with the ukulele sound in the background; here the master of ceremonies and blesses the union gives the couple their names in local language, which are also written on the certificate of marriage, written on a scroll of bark, palm (way).

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Jewish ritual

Another ritual is that of the charming and fascinating Jewish wedding. Unlike other traditions, Judaism has it that the groom see the bride just before the ceremony, before she wears the veil; this to recall the Biblical story in which Jacob married the wrong woman because it is covered by a veil. The ritual takes place under a canopy, The chuppàh, symbol of the couple, where, after The bride has made seven laps around the groom, is the exchange of rings. The ceremony ends when the groom breaks a glass with his right foot, gesture that recalls the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem.

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... And in Italy

Although we Italians, when it comes to weddings, we do not miss the traditions and Sorcery! A well-known and well-established tradition that the bride wants to arrive at the altar wearing: something blue, symbol of purity; something old, reminiscent of the passage from adolescence to new life; something new, that symbolizes the beginning of the new experience; something given, that represents the affection of loved ones; something donated, sign the full support of relatives and friends. Less known but another "rule" that drives away bad luck: the bride on her wedding day can not look in the mirror, if not removing a shoe, an earring or a glove!

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