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“Air Festival” sponsored by the FAI Arena Civica di Milano | Traveling Easy
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“Air Festival” sponsored by the FAI Arena Civica di Milano | Traveling Easy

Written by Michela | 14 May, 2011 0:30

Saturday 14 May 2011, pm 10 all 22, The FAI - Italian Environment Fund makes an appointment for adults and children to 'Arena Civica, which will stage the “Festa dell’Aria”: a day of fun and entertainment to Free admission, for celebrate the Air, precious and fragile, indispensable to our life.
On this occasion, thanks to the FAI balloons return to animate the sky above the Civic Arena, Just as happened in 'Eight hundred: In fact, the audience can experience the thrill of boarding the basket where the passengers are accommodated by making Special flights bound (pm 10 alle 12 and 18 alleall and admire, pm 21 about,suggestive performances at night that will feature colorful
specially illuminated balloons.
But it will not only fly the balloons: during the event are provided fun fact show of acrobatic kites, interesting falconry demonstrations - During which you can get close soar into the sky and see some of the most notorious predators of the air - and original shows with actors and soap bubbles, while all children will be given out so many balloons.
The day will be gladdened by the presence of Sharpshooters of the fanfare and the Air and performances of musical wind instruments. More, for kids, will be organized recreational and educational laboratories to learn how to build kites and a special course of falconry and environmental education. In addition, pm 11 all 17, it is also possible to affix a special postmark its postcards celebratory event.

A big party is open to all, with which the FAI also wants to "spotlight" on 'Arena Civica with its Building - from 2010 seat of FAI Lombardia and FAI delegation to Milan and famous for the great hall decorated by a beautiful monochrome frieze attributed to 'Appiah - In order to promote the recovery and restoration This imposing neo-classical designed and built in 1806 architect Luigi Canonica and inaugurated by Napoleon Bonaparte 17 December 1807. An important place for Milan, that for two centuries has hosted events that have marked the life of the city and that the FAI want to contribute back to the community today.

Thanks for the FAI sponsored by the Milan City Council - Leisure and ATM.


Hours: by 10 all 22.
Admission tickets: The event is free admission.

For information and detailed program of the event: FAI Secretariat Lombardia:

Tel: 02 76002503 

For more information please visit the FAI