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The return of the vintage cars of the Circuit Tricolore – Saturday 18 June, Departure and arrival in Reggio Emilia | Traveling Easy
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The return of the vintage cars of the Circuit Tricolore – Saturday 18 June, Departure and arrival in Reggio Emilia | Traveling Easy

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Saturday 18 June 2011, regolaristi, collectors and enthusiasts of classic cars are meeting in Reggio Emilia for the 6th Circuit Tricolore, 4° test of Regularity Championship Towers & Motors (4Edition). The race takes place on board cars constructed by 31 December 1991 and touches on the major points of interest Appennino reggiano.

Departure scheduled for noon 9 from the place of Confcommercio (Via Giglioli Valle 10) then go for Viano, Baiso, Carpineti, Felina, Casina, Cortogno, Quattro Castella and the Lands of Matilde. Back in Reggio Emilia with arrival of the first car around 16 and, to follow, awards ceremony in the Sala del Tricolore.

Are provided about 40 prove (Time measurement) along a path 120 km approx.

The track resembles to that of Regional Championship Auto Racing which took place in the Emilia second half of the '30s because, in each edition of the Circuit, The organizers introduce some variations to make the challenge more exciting.

The club Historical Campanon Sport organizing the event along with Marquis Club Lothario Rangoni Machiavelli, In collaboration with Confcommercio-Reggio Emilia and communications agencyfolettiepetrillodesign.

Among the members real gems on four wheels as the Lancia Ardea (1946) and Mercedes 300 SL, the famous “Gullwing” of 1954, one of the most beautiful cars of all time.

Nice car, passion, Appennino Reggiano, with its beautiful landscapes, the historic medieval castles and fine cuisine of Emilia.

It could not miss a stop at the court of 'King of Cheeses'.

The Consorzio del Parmigiano-Reggiano section of Reggio Emilia has renewed its collaboration with the Circuit, an important event for the recovery of traditional engineering and enhancement of the Reggio Emilia area.

On the way, crews will be heading to the dairySan Giorgio di Cortogno and Fornacione Felina

Not only. As in previous editions of the Circuit Tricolore is dedicated to social and this year supports the Rainbow, non-profit association which has for years been engaged in awareness and prevention of specific learning disabilities and support to families involved in the rehabilitative.

The event will conclude with the awards ceremony in the Sala del Tricolore, a tribute to national flag, During the celebrations for 150 anniversary of the unification of Italy.

For information: 

at a glance This program: Saturday 18 June, pm 7.30 at 9

welcome, scrutineering; ore 9, 1° test and departure from the provincial headquarters of Confcommercio (Via Giglioli Valle 10); ore 9.30, 2And 3rd test field test Autoscuola Cats (Via Emilia Romagna); passage Scandiano (ore 10 Piazza Spallanzani), Viano (ore 10.15), Baiso (ore 10.30)hoursre 11, 4° test at the Castle of Carpinete valid for the Memorial Andrea Magnani; ore 11.30 The stop at the Dairy Fornacione; 5And 6th try Cortogno and lunch at the proloco Cortogno by the Bar Cortogno (by 12 all 15); reorganization and resumption in the direction of Canossa (ore 15.15); ore 15.30, 7° test in Quattro Castella; ore hours00 arrival of the first car to the finish in Piazza Prampolini in Reggio Emilia; Exposure to follow the charts and award ceremonies in the Sala del Tricolore.


- premium first 3 crews in the overall classification;

- Award 1°, 2And 3 winner in each group per year of car registration;

- Award Memorial Andrea Magnani crew with the best position to test the Castle of Carpinete;

- Award Matilde di Canossa highest placed female crew to test Quattro Castella raffled by the City of Quattro Castella;

- Duet Challenge 2011 the first 3 classified crews belonging to the Club Scuderia Alfa Romeo Duetto (premium inside the club);

- Ladies' Cup the best female crew in the overall classification, raffled by Confcommercio-Reggio Emilia;

- prize at’crew came from as far away and Lancia with best finish in the overall classification assigned Friends of the Club Carpineti Engines;

- Award most beautiful car The social given by the dairy Fornacione.

- Award Abarth at the most beautiful assigned by Leo Models.


S.P. 76 "CARPINETI - CASTLE – COLOMBAIA”, on the section called Via Valcavi, between the intersection and Villaprara SP. 07 “PRATISSOLO – FELINA”, pm 12 at 15.30;

Le Vaglie Cortogno to be until after the Cortogno Center 11 will be closed at 16.30 even in Quattro Castella from Via Roma 13.30 all 17

The path