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Bavarian Traditions Spring: maypole and the beginning of the season Biergarten | Traveling Easy
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Bavarian Traditions Spring: maypole and the beginning of the season Biergarten | Traveling Easy

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 Monaco di Baviera, May 2011. The most beautiful month of the year is celebrated in Bavaria so, celebrating ancient traditions. These include the construction of the "Maibaum", the maypole. Equally important is the opening of the season Biergarten. Here some information on the most beautiful beer garden in the Bavarian Alps, traditions related to the months of May and the history of a particular drink.

The tradition of the May in the region of the Bavarian Alps

every year, in towns and cities in Bavaria, is renewed competition to see who can raise up and decorate the "Maibaum" (maypole) higher (sometimes up to 30 m). The establishment of this "tree" changes from region to region. In some localities have the bark, other is removed, painted with the colors of Bavaria – white and blue – or decorated with colored ribbons, decorated with carved figures and a crown. The preparation of the Maibaum requires the help of the whole community, which works using, as usual, the only physical strength. Tradition has it that the tree, already shot down several weeks before, must be "stolen". And this happens often, despite the vigilance of the population. At this point would require negotiations for the return of the precious trunk, negotiations that always end with a large amount of beer and various libations to eat together.

In spring and summer are willingly in the Bavarian Biergarten

In May, the days are getting longer and the climate becomes warmer: it's time for a visit to the Biergarten. In Bavaria, this tradition has been handed down for centuries. Old and young will find rest here during the hot days drinking beer outdoors, the shade of large ippocastagni. In this pleasant atmosphere you can spend the whole day, until evening. 

The history of the Bavarian Biergarten

The birth of the ancient tradition of the beer garden is due to the Catholic church and two saints. in 1539 the law regulating the production of beer, provided that this drink was allowed to be solely between the feast of S. Michele, il 29 September, es. Giorgio, iThe23 April. During the summer it was then prohibited the production, because of the danger of fire during the brewing process of beer. For this reason, the custom arose to make a great stock to own the summer. There remained, however, the problem with its cooling, just saw this summer was to be particularly refreshing drink. The solution was to build special cellars, very cool, usually located next to the brewery. To create a more cool and shady tall trees were planted, in particular ippocastagni, since they have very large leaves. That producers could sell their beer directly to the population, Finally, areas were set up with chairs and benches in the shade of these ippocastagni, where to sell and consume beer fresh. At Monaco there were several protests from the hosts. To avoid the danger of a rebellion the Bavarian King Ludwig I found a compromise: allowed the direct sales of producers, but forbade them to sell food. Those who wanted to consume their beer in the shade of ippocastagni should therefore bring your own snacks from home. Biergarten in this classic look has remained intact, in full respect of tradition.

A particularly refreshing drink and its history: la Radler

Legend has it that the famous "Radler", refreshing drink made of beer and lemonade, was invented by the innkeeper Franz Xaver Kugler. His tavern was on a mountain pasture known as the "Kugler Alm and crossed by many cyclists. One day, the risk of running out of beer because of high demand, served his guests a drink, the "Radlermaß", half lemonade and half beer.

Advice on the most beautiful beer garden in the Bavarian Alps

How should therefore be a beer garden? Sunny and mountain views, cool, near a ferry pier, elegant accommodation in a garden of a kiosk, or classic and shaded, under a roof of ippocastagni? The Bavarian beer garden during the hot season is a popular meeting point, to stay together in an informal and open.

Biergarten Incantevoli to Füssen / Neuschwanstein

Summer Alpine Füssen is between outdoor cafes and beer gardens, to eat and drink outside and enjoy the beautiful days. The rich traditional Bavarian cuisine and delicious beers bring great pleasures for the palate, Whether you decide to go to traditional Biergarten "Hirsch" or "Sonne" in the old town of Füssen, Whether you opt for the "Badecafé", a cafeteria surrounded by greenery in the vicinity of the lake in Tal Faulenbacher, or even for the restaurant "Gasthof Weißensee." To enjoy excellent seafood specialties and a splendid view over the Alps, there is nothing better than the restaurant Fischerhütte ", with terrace directly on Lake Hopfensee. On the other side of the lake there is waiting for the "Wiesbauer", another famous Biergarten. During a stroll along the shores of Lake Hopfensee you can find comfort here, while enjoying a traditional roast pork or cheese typical Allgäu, comfortably seated in the shade of huge linden.

  • Sun Garden c / o Hotel Sonne, Prinzregentenplatz, Feet
  • Hotel Hirsch, Kaiser-Maximilian-Platz 7, Feet
  • Swimming at the Café Mittersee, Füssen-Bad Faulkner
  • Seegasthof Weißensee, Pfrontener Street 23, Füssen-Weissensee
  • Fisherman's Cottage, Shore road 16, Feet-hop at the lake
  • Wiesbauer, Riederwies 112, 4 km north-west of Füssen

Beautiful beer garden in the region of the Zugspitze / Murnau

Beer garden Alpenblick a Uffing

The beer garden is located near the plant beach near the pier of the boats on Lake Staffelsee. WHICH, for l'estate, festivities take place on the lake. The Biergarten is the last stage of refreshment for those who enjoy walking along the lake. In addition to a refreshing beer, to sip while admiring the beautiful mountain landscape, you can taste the smoked fish on a spit, “Steckerlfisch” , and even the chicken, “Hendl”. 

Beer garden Alpenblick, Kirchtalstraße 30, 82449 Uffing, in fine weather the beer garden is open daily. Starting in May there is no closing date

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