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Traveling Easy – The best tips for your travels – Part 4
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Traveling Easy – The best tips for your travels – Part 4

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Although not yet known the causes or the responsibilities of the fire that 24 July destroyed the equipment room of Rome Tiburtina, causing heavy impact on rail traffic, Trenitalia has nevertheless provided, for those who have given up the trip, full reimbursement of the unused ticket, from happens regardless of cancellation of train.

Who has given up to travel in the period 24-28 July with medium and long-distance trains involved in the events of Rome Tiburtina, can then request a full refund, but the 30 September, submitting your unused ticket to the ticket counters of any Trenitalia. For ticketless tickets for reimbursement must be requested via email or a call center and will be re-credit the amount on the credit card used.

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This is a new project Carpino Folk Festival In collaboration with l’Assessorato alla Mobilità della Regione Puglia e le Ferrovie del Gargano to discover the artistic and scenic treasures, stories and legends guarded by memory

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From today to those who tread the Via di San Francesco will be entitled to a certificate of participation. 'Testimonium viae Francisci’ is the name of the title will be released in Assisi to all those who walk, by bicycle or on horseback made the pilgrimage S. Francis to visit the tomb of the Holy.

To get the "Testimonium", But, must first be shown the "Pilgrim's Credential”, or a travel document, issued by parishes and monasteries along the way (in memory of "letter" that the church authorities issued to travelers) the travelers bring with them, attesting to their status and intention of wanting to bear a pilgrim at the tomb of St. Francis of Assisi.
The "credenziale", to get the "Testimonium", must be submitted in person, equipped with all the stamps and dates, able to certify that The pilgrim has walked at least the last 75 km, and at least 150 If a bicycle or on horseback.

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Milan AmaMi Card One is the card that brings together Public Administration, mobility, Tourism, culture and the financial world. The innovative technology developed with the card allows you to make available, on a single support, different functions: access to public transport at the entrances to museums and other cultural events in the city of Milan, and the ability to activate certain banking services and payment.

Milan AmaMi Cardit allows you to travel to 48 hours across the ATM network of urban transport, Metropolitan, Tram, Trolleybus and bus to the station of Rho-Fiera MM. Excludes transportation of the State Railways, North Milan Railways and the Rail.

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You'll probably wonder "What happened to the 'Wind And ...? There will also be this year? How to spend my week of sport Settembrina, agonism, entertainment and fun?”

And instead, better late than never, here's to you slogan that for five years now, has resounded in the ears of many, and announced the start of preparations for the happenings of the sports most famosod 'Europe ...

“…when summer seems to be coming to an end, Life takes an explosive mix of sport, nature and entertainment that makes the summer upsurge!!! From 9 all’ 11 September 2011, back the '... And the wind !!!

New Location, new philosophy, richer format, more sports, entertainment and fun!

Now in its 6 edition, The celebration of sport and the sea with great success that has animated the Cinta beach of San Teodoro changes location and moves in the windy west coast of Sardinia on the beach to give birth to Badesi GULF AND Asinara…WIND – Energised by Nature!

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for 150 Unification of Italy, Queen Margherita at Monza back and opens the apartments of the Villa Reale. From Friday 29 July, the rooms on the first floor of the palace we are open to the public for the first time thanks to the exhibition "Regina Margherita", edited by Elena Fontanella, conceived and promoted by Fondazione DNArt , that will officially inaugurate the 12 next September.

The furniture and objects that enliven the apartments come largely from the show "Regina Margherita. The myth of modernity ", promoted by DNArt, that has just ended, with a great success, the Royal Palace of Naples.

"The heart of this exhibition is the house whose rooms are the real protagonists of the project - says Elena Fontanella, exhibition curator and president of the Foundation DNArt -. A great opportunity for promotion to the house that will open its doors to the public by telling the story of Margaret, first queen of Italy, who lived here with Umberto I. Each room comes back to life thanks to the objects, furniture, clothing that belonged to Queen. and 12 September, with the official inauguration of the exhibition, The apartments will be enriched with a historical and new insights on the figure of Margaret ".

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E’ NATO 'Heritage d'Italia', The new brand reserved for national excellence that contribute to enhance the image of Italy and to generate subsequent tourism. The new 'brand' has been presented in recent days by the Minister of Tourism, Michela Vittoria Brambilla.

Italy, stresses, "Has a unique heritage and extraordinary. Our country has always been a beacon in the world for its history, Tradition, 's art, culture, creativity and style. These strengths are a great resource that only Italy can boast ".

For this, adds, "I wanted to create a brand new and prestigious: 'Heritage of Italy' will be the recognition that every year give these wonderful reality that, in fact, are candidates to assume the role of ambassadors of our country in the world and enjoy a special promotion also and especially abroad, precisely because of their ability to generate positive effects on tourism as a national of Italy and our sull'appeal made in Italy“.

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Presentation Wednesday 3 August to the ice during the Spring of Sorrento "Evening Blue" created by the pastry chef of the VIP, Antonio Cafiero. Among the guests, TV journalist and presenter Raffaele Auriemma, Luca Sepe with his band and the actor of the soap opera "A Place in the Sun" Germano Bellavia. Ice cream, Gadgets and balls to match free for all 

The many fans of the sultry showgirls Marika Hiss can breathe a sigh of relief. From now on, will "eat" not only with the eyes. From Wednesday 3 August, in fact, All the maid becomes an ice-cream pepper to taste all the same thought by Marika in collaboration with the "King of the ice cream" Antonio Cafiero that, Wednesday evening will present its own his new creation to the crowds of unchallenged aphrodisiac. The appointment is from by 21.30, the "Spring Ice" Course in Sorrento Italy, where the beautiful live Marika prepare the ice cream of seduction that will bear his name. Top secret recipe for now, although rumors speak of figs, chocolate, Champagne, miele e di una pioggia di zenzero, ribattezzato il “Viagra orientale”.

naturally, conoscendo i due eccentrici ed esuberanti protagonisti dell’evento, il gelato “Marika” non poteva essere servito in un semplice cono in cialda sottile. so, gli oltre due chili di gustoso sensual ice cream riempiranno un cono maxi in pasta frolla del peso di oltre un chilo, ultima chicca di stagione del vulcanico Cafiero, pensato per soddisfare un’intera famiglia o gruppi di amici. Un cono speciale che può contenere fino a 40 different flavors of ice cream ...

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Parma, August 2011 - The Fair Vans 2011, Fiere di Parma and produced by APC - Association of Manufacturers Caravans and Motorhomes - anticipates further additions to be present at the event from Parma 10 the 18 September 2011.

-As part of the vehicle, VAS presents Motorhome Aster 9.40 revisited and a new design for the exterior mirrors electrically adjustable with extended viewing with three mirrors embedded in the arm; adjustable bed electric manual; domestic hot water heating with oil burner, water heater with engine heat exchanger, Natural convectors heat transfer and thermo furniture; primary lighting and ambient light blue power LED ceiling lights made with low-energy. Other new features include the Motorhome Indigo 680 that the Fair will offer campers the opportunity to have an option in the walnut furniture; Electric adjustable bed with manual; Electric convertible sofa in an armchair trip with manual control; new interior layout with two single beds arranged an "L" in the back; primary lighting and ambient light blue power LED ceiling lights made with low-energy.

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articolo-9-320x135-6980718Marsala. Is extended until 2 October, the exhibition organized by Ente Exhibition of Contemporary Painting “Town of Marsala” and curated by Sergio Troisi at the Convent of Carmine.

A nation is made by its citizens, its history, but also by the physical reality that these people home and that this story has received and lived, then landscapes.

Therefore, the physical geography, as well as human, of our country, despite the enormous regional diversity, is unique. Piero Guccione to Sassu, Music of the Birolli, Marsala, works are on display 20 artists, one for each Italian region, to retrace journey of an ideal unification of landscape painting in the sign. adopted regardless of the linguistic register, changing lights, shapes and colors.

Also change perceptions of landscape painting: from realism to that of last season when the landscape dimension of naturalism assumed the character of a lyrical vision and internalized, up to some of the more recent experiences in which the data is returned to nature, After a momentary oblivion, central to the interests pictorial.

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