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Traveling Easy – The best tips for your travels – Part 3
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Traveling Easy – The best tips for your travels – Part 3

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sinalunga-2056926Goblets of Stars

The invitation is for the night of’07 August in the ancient medieval village of Scrofiano. The idea is to combine the pleasure of wine tasting, combined with the typical expression of the local heritage Sinalunga, Scrofiano by: 07/08/2011 the: 07/08/2011

Phone: 3497869501-3383811772-3336134384 –

Concert of SSMA (American conductor) Maestro Director Joseph Del Principe Concerto for Suns, Orchestra and Chorus of the Sienese School for Music and Art (Orchestra American)- Free admission Sinalunga, Teatro Comunale “Cyrus Pinsuti” hours 21.00 by: 13/08/2011 the: 13/08/2011

Phone: 0577636045

www.prolocosinalunga -

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It is titled "Zelindo il Garibaldino” il Bruscello 2011, uno degli appuntamenti più importanti e originali del teatro popolare italiano arrivato alla 72° edizione organizzato dalla Compagnia Popolare del Bruscello, which will be accounted for 12, 13, 14 and 15 August in Montepulciano (Siena) starting at 21.30. U

The show in three acts, that this year presents elements of innovation but always in keeping with a tradition that began in 1939, andrà in scena sul Sagrato della Cattedrale di Piazza Grande, interpretato e cantato con arie popolari da attori non professionisti e da circa 100 extras, age ranging from 6 to 70 age, and orchestra 35 elements.

Lo spettacolo di quest’anno è dedicato alle celebrazioni dei 150 anniversary of the unification of Italy e racconta la storia di “Zelindo il Garibaldino”, Poliziano who took part in an expedition of the Thousand. This has already been represented in Bruscello 1961 for the centenary of the Unification of Italy, ma per questa nuova edizione testi e musiche sono completamente rielaborati e aggiornati. The direction and set design is the artistic director Franco Romani, Navigate the music of the master and the libretto by Francesco Raffaele Giannetti. Among the young performers will Zelindo Mark Banin, Stefano Bernardini Garibaldi and his wife Irene Tofanina Fiorindo Zelindo Protasio and Clare in a very particular role in the character of "Homeland". Each act will be introduced by the "historic" ( Open Woldemaro),accompanied by pages with the sapling and the lantern and the individual scenes presented by the figure of "storyteller" (Alessandro Zazzaretta).

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Sunday 7 August, hours 12.30
Agriturismo Il Monterosso
Loc. Top Monterosso – Verbania – Tel. 0323/556510
Sunday 21 August, hours 12.30
Merina Court Farm
Loc. Merina, Fraz. Cicogna (Cossogno) – Tel. 0323/1975164 – ('walk 5 minutes on the trail)
Sunday 28 August, hours 12.30
ACLI Club Worker
Through Premosello 16, Fraz. Colloro (Premosello Ch) – Tel. 0324/88194
Friday 9 September, hours 19.30
 The Alpine Refuge Stria Rusa by Blitz
Loc. Alpe Blitz (Craveggia) – cell. 333/9176322
Saturday 10 September, hours 20.00
Circle Cooperative Ramello
Major Road 24, Fraz. Ramello (Cambiasca) – Tel. 0323/559123
Sunday 18 September, hours 12.30
 Circolo ARCI Felice Cavallotti
Square Mugnana, Fraz. Cicogna (Cossogno) – cell. 366/3995052 – 338/8826730
Saturday 24 September, hours 20.00
To Miller Farm
Cotton Mill Street 28, Verbania Trobaso – Tel. 0323/571574 – cell. 338/6398701
Friday 7 October, hours 20.00
Alpine Restaurant
Church Square, Cardezza (Beura Cardezza) – Tel. 0324/36409 – cell. 331/6526646
Sunday 9 October, hours 20.00
 Hotel Restaurant Novara
Piazza Garibaldi 30, Verbania Pallanza – Tel. 0323/503527
Friday 14 October, hours 20.00
Belvedere Restaurant
Middle Way, Fishers Island (Stress) – Tel. 0323/32292
Thursday 20 October, hours 20.00
 Trattoria La Motta
Piazza Fontana, 16 – Domodossola – Tel. 0324/481041
Friday 21 October, hours 20.00
San Antonio Restaurant
Through Fondotoce, 1/B – Bieno (with. Bernardino Verbano) – cell. 349/5485868

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The Val Grande National Park, to safeguard and recover the memory of many products and culinary traditions at risk "of extinction", organized by 7 August 25 November The food and wine festival for the promotion of local products "The paths of taste ' come this year the 11 th edition. Vco in a lunch or dinner can turn into a trip from one country to another through a comprehensive food and wine. The event each year has gained importance thanks to their awareness on the part of, As restaurateurs, has understood the importance of renewing and enhancing ties with the territory. In restaurants participants this year are 25 and lunches and dinners will be an opportunity for manufacturers to know and to hear their voices from the stories fascinating and full of passion that always accompany the stories of food and the table where there are stories of men.

Ancient recipes – some centuries – will be proposed again in their perennial aromas and flavors. There is also a booklet to follow one by one for each country and all the delicacies of Verbano Cusio Ossola from the shores of the lake to the mountain villages.

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July 2011 - Goodbye long lines at the clinic for a consultation by the plastic surgeon: the times and fashions change, and this time it's beautiful country to dictate the trend. If the transfers until the last season of Italians abroad for a complete package "holiday + cosmetic retouching ", especially to Tunisia and Turkey, were growing, this will be the summer of retouching on the beach. the cosmetic surgeon Now, closer to customer needs, arrives directly on the beach. part, So, umbrella of the debate: Liposuction, botox injections, breast augmentation or nose again? Women and men discuss directly with your doctor to clarify his ideas in terms of plastic surgery, between a bathroom and a game of beach volleyball.

A great number of bathing establishments in recent years have been equipped with real beauty salons and now extend the offer to a surgical consultation: as if to say, If Mohammed will not go to the mountain, the mountain goes to Muhammad. It seems that tourists, especially the Russian ones, not only appreciate the beautiful Italian coast, the climate and good food, but also the expertise and professionalism of our own plastic surgeons.

Between September and October, the studies are full of patients who have booked a first visit with a cosmetic surgeon, and in most cases it had decided to refera cosmetic surgery just over the summer monthsor at least talking about it seriously with a spouse who is usually present at the meeting with the doctor"Confirms Dr.Alberto Capone, specialist in plastic surgery and Chief of Plastic Surgery at the University Hospital of Salerno.

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Bibione,the famous Venetian resort on the border with Friuli-Venezia Giulia, is the first to apply (experimentally) area of ​​public land “No smoking” half a kilometer, with a thousand umbrellas interested, After the go-ahead by the city of San Michele al Tagliamento (Venice).

 “Dear guest! - reads a smiley Smile the billboard posted at the beach - in this initiative we are testing to limit or completely ban smoking on the beach. We invite you to collaborate and communicate his impressions”.

Bibione is definitely cutting edge in Europe. “That there appears – says Deputy Mayor Gianni Carrer – there is only one Frenchman who is doing a beach similar measure”. “For us – adds – this action, which currently does not provide sanctions, is part of a larger project, that of a city ‘zero emission '”.

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Tuesday 2 August, second, is the day when record the highest number of online searches by the Italians to book a holiday.

Based on data from previous years, and monitoring site traffic, has predicted that users of the site will reach a climax in the so-called “Travel Rush Tuesday – On Tuesday the race for the holidays”. In August, in fact, there are many Italians who are concentrated in the search for ideal holiday, also last minute.

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The Certosa di San Lorenzo, Padula, again, between cultural sites most frequented by Italian and foreign tourists. The BAP Superintendent of Salerno and Avellino, directed by Gennaro Miccio, recorded from January to July (2011) well 65 Attendance for the monument of the Vallo di Diano.

            The Certosa di Padula, Founded in 1306, recognized by the UNESCO World Heritage Site, covers an area of 51000 square meters of covered space, cloisters and green areas, and is the symbol the continuous interplay between the contemplative life and lived life, between asceticism and creativity.

The monument is visited by 9.00 / 19.00 . Closed on Tuesday (all day).

Admission is freefor all citizens of the European Union, under the age of 18 over 65 years and, for the disabled and their family member or other companion who is his membership in social and health services .

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