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Prenotazioni Alberghiere Online | Traveling Easy
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Prenotazioni Alberghiere Online | Traveling Easy

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Rome, 13 July 2011 – “Sconsiglio a any VIP to go on vacation, turning to travel agencies. Once I happened to book a famous agency in Milan my holidays in the Maldives. With the operator studied by the thread and mark the route, asking him to keep confidential the news. It was with great disappointment that, arrived at its destination, I was greeted at the airport by a swarm of photographers who gave me no respite for the duration of your stay. And 'since then that I decided to make travel reservations via the Internet and Holidays ".

He said the showgirl Elena Santarelli at the presentation of research on Italian and holidays purchased online was presented today in Rome by -Portal European leader in hotel bookings via the Internet- E state railways.

…continue l'Articolo » makes it even easier with the hotel reservation’iPhone App that allows you to quickly choose from over 210 thousand hotels around the world. Available free to download in’Apple Store, The application provides all the advantages of Apple fans of one of the leading services worldwide hotel reservations online.

In application development for iPhone priority has been ease of use by users. Optimally designed to the smallest detail, practice-oriented, focused on the essential functions that support particular frequent travelers with regard to hotel search: that is how the’iPhone App, with a refreshingly modern design, allows you to quickly and easily book a hotel suited.

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warini-munshi_hotel-info_1-150x180-9040407Rome in April 2011 -, The online hotel booking service with over 210 thousand hotels around the world, lands in Singapore with the opening of a new strategic location.

Besides the two German locations of Nuremberg E Hamm, operates subsidiaries in four European countries, including Italy, and a representative office in Shanghai. With the new Singapore office, the company further strengthens the reputation of the mark in’Asian area and proceeds to sail in international project. The prospect in the near future is that all the activities of marketing and sales in Asia will be centralized at Singapore

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