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Records are made to be broken and some hotels are going beyond their limits to make history. From the highest to the largest, the most "green" to most expensive, for travelers who love the '"excess", Extreme Hotels has identified that certainly does not forget! 

The tallest hotel in the world

hotel-alto-7050064The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong 5 stars - HONG KONG

From 448 euro per room per night

The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong, newly built, lies between 102 ° and 118 ° plane of the International Center of Commerce. with its 409 meter high structure is not suited to people with heart and to anyone suffering from vertigo! With the title of world's tallest hotel, overcoming the Rose Tower Dubai, The Ritz offers a luxurious stay at breathtaking heights. You can take advantage of the excellent services which provided for its customers, against the backdrop of a spectacular view of the city skyline. Guests can enjoy a drink from the highest rooftop bar in the world, Ozone, or break the routine and relax at the hotel spa that offers quality treatment for the rebirth of the mind, body and soul.

…continue l'Articolo » makes it even easier with the hotel reservation’iPhone App that allows you to quickly choose from over 210 thousand hotels around the world. Available free to download in’Apple Store, The application provides all the advantages of Apple fans of one of the leading services worldwide hotel reservations online.

In application development for iPhone priority has been ease of use by users. Optimally designed to the smallest detail, practice-oriented, focused on the essential functions that support particular frequent travelers with regard to hotel search: that is how the’iPhone App, with a refreshingly modern design, allows you to quickly and easily book a hotel suited.

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sofitel-320x154-7288845Sofitel Luxury Hotels opened its second facility in Equatorial Guinea, sull’isola Bioko, in Africa. Located east of Fuzzy, cosmopolitan capital and a tropical paradise, The Sofitel Malabo Sipopo Golf is designed for both the business traveler and leisure.

The new location is clearly marked by contemporary architecture glass, revealing a new aspect of the country, whilst continuing to tribute natural surroundings with a magnificent golf course, that stretches toward the tropical forest and its breathtaking view of the imposing Mount Cameroon.

The The Sofitel Malabo Sipopo counts Golf 200 luxury rooms, included 10 Suite, each of which offers a view ocean or golf course. Combining masterly French furniture, Noble materials and a touch of color in Africa, Sofitel Malabo Sipopo The Golf has created elegant rooms feature contrasts.

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On hot summer days the pool is a beautiful dream of all; and if it is right in your hotel room ... even better!, leader in online hotel reservations, has compiled a list of the best hotels near, above, under and inside l’acqua! Today, travelers can not only stay in hotels and resorts near the water, but also "jump" in truly new and exciting experiences: stay in a Canadian with the transparent floor, eat or sleep sott’acqua, swim in a pool 200 meters... offers top tips for the holiday as "water" you'll ever make! 

Maldives, Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Resort – 5 point

maldive-8332510If you want a true luxury vacation in the Maldives, The Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Resort, hotels are located on two private islands, will satisfy all your needs. After arriving at the resort aboard a seaplane, you can stay in one of 50 stilts over the water that are up to 500 meters from the shore, with a fantastic view of the lagoon and the Indian Ocean. For an unforgettable underwater, is inevitable at a dinner 'Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, The first underwater restaurant all with glass walls; The restaurant serves fusion Maldivian-western 5 meters below sea level, surrounded by fish and vegetation of all kinds.  …continue l'Articolo »

isola-favignana-sicilia-320x230-9356117What will be the destinations stormed in’Estate 2011? But where the situation will be much calmer?, free service for hotel reservations online for more than 210 thousand hotels around the world, asked its customers where they are going on holiday in 2011. The survey conducted by In the month of March 2011, attended by about 11thousand people France, Italy, Spain and Germany.

The results of the survey on summer holidays 2011 of indicate that:

  • in Italy 2011 is in first place for the Italians: Sicily is the preferred destination
  • Italy is the first foreign destination for Germans and Spanish
  • Cala French tourism abroad

for Italian, This year Italy is the first destination for holidays, far ahead than other countries: Almost half of respondents said it planned to spend the summer holidays 2011 home. the Sicily is the preferred destination by his countrymen, followed a short distance from Sardinia and Puglia, which contains many preferences. Cala tourism to our national Rome During the summer: only 1, 22% of Italians who spend their holidays in Italy has shown the Eternal City as a favorite. …continue l'Articolo »

warini-munshi_hotel-info_1-150x180-2208487Rome in April 2011 -, The online hotel booking service with over 210 thousand hotels around the world, lands in Singapore with the opening of a new strategic location.

Besides the two German locations of Nuremberg and Hamm, operates subsidiaries in four European countries, including Italy, and a representative office in Shanghai. With the new Singapore office, the company further strengthens the reputation of the mark in’Asian area and proceeds to sail in international project. The prospect in the near future is that all the activities of marketing and sales in Asia will be centralized at Singapore

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sofitel2-320x154-3393815Paris, April 2011 – Sofitel Luxury Hotels has just opened its first facility in Turkmenistan (Central Asia), in the city of Ashgabat, an oasis in the Karakum Desert, at the foot of the Kopet-Dag Mountains.

with l'opening Sofitel Ashgabat Oguzkent, Sofitel has taken its first steps in Central Asia, with this business hotel located in the heart of a rapidly growing city,Galvanized by access to oil reserves and gas industry and cotton, respectively called "black gold" and "white gold".

The new hotel is right downtown, not far from the Neutrality Arch. Its contemporary look, with facades of white marble and crystal, reflects the revival of Turkmenistan and combines local traditions with all modern amenities.

It offers Oguzkent Sofitel Ashgabat 299 rooms, included 48 Suite: 10 Junior Suite 105 m; 24 Luxury Suite di 160 sqm 14 Presidential Suite of 325 m, each with a name linked to the history of the country.

The hall is built around a fountain, above which rises a monumental atrium 12 plans.

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sofitel-320x154-9293648Sofitel symbolically chosen Spring to announce global partnership agreement signed with "L'Artisan Parfumeur”, French leader pioneer in niche perfume. This new initiative brings together two companies that share common values, both involved in maintaining the best French tradition.

since 1976, "L'Artisan Parfumeur has created fragrances, Fragrances for the interiors and collections of perfumed express the luxury of the difference, striving, with all creation, to surprise and touch upon his experience.

Geoffrey Mauguin, Vice President Global Marketing for Sofitel, explain this choice: “We see each Sofitel hotel as a unique destination, with its own character and personality, That's why perfume our hotels instead of installing just the fragrance diffuser. This is also why we have close collaboration with L'Artisan Parfumeur ", a point of reference between the manufacturers of perfume in the world”.

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sofitel2-2403193The Sofitel Essaouira Mogador Golf & SPA è stato costruito nell’eccezionale nuovo resort sulla costa di Mogador, in Marocco. 

Posizionato a sud di Essaouira, circondato da 600 ettari di foresta, protetto da una spettacolare duna di sabbia naturale e costeggiato da una spiaggia selvaggia ed incontaminata, The Sofitel ha creato un meraviglioso scenario nel quale la natura è fonte di relax e ispirazione. 

Questo complesso, The settimo Sofitel in Marocco, è stato progettato congiuntamente da Didier Gomez, per quanto riguarda gli interni, dall’architetto Rachid El Andaloussi, che si invece è occupato della costruzione stessa, e dall’artista paesaggista Isabelle Linski, per gli esterni. 

The Sofitel Essaouira Mogador Golf & SPA è stato realizzato come tributo alla ricchezza pura del meraviglioso ambiente naturale che lo circonda. In questo luogo si può apprezzare davvero la tranquillità degli spazi aperti e lasciarsi catturare dalla bellezza della natura. La ricercata continuità tra gli ambienti esterni e quelli interni si può notare entrando nella grande lobby, dove lo sguardo spazia oltre il campo da golf fino ad arrivare all’oceano.  …continue l'Articolo »

Following the sharp rise of the indicator for the World Economic Climate, according to the results of the WES (World Economic Survey)* 1 st quarter 2011, has updated on the progress of your rankings for hotel rates February 2011, on a pool of over 210 thousand hotels around the world. Both the current situation and prospects of the next five and six months are again estimated to be positive. This is indicative of a stronger world economic situation that also extends to Hospitality, because the high demand for rooms by business travelers and vacationers pushes up prices in several international cities, with an average increase of +5,89%, but also in some Italian cities., the free online hotel booking service for more than 210 thousand hotels around the world, determined with a poll on hotel rates, in February 2011, the places where the rooms are very affordable and in such large cities instead guests have to spend more.

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