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It 'started last 3 December, the new service Trenitalia – LeNORD for all fans Mountain that could reach from Milan the most beautiful places in Valtellina comfortably train + shuttle (for the last leg of the train stations Colico, Sondrio and Tirano to the ski resorts of Madesimo, Church in Valmalenco, Bormio Aprica), without code and without stress.

The train on the Mount, which is active in the weekend three-way connections from Milan to Tirano, with stops at Monza and Lecco (Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday mornings) and two for the return (Saturday and Sunday afternoon), is done with modern Flirt trains from 160 places, with large panoramic windows and racks to carry skis, to offer travelers the utmost comfort.

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the Snow is here and also abundant. a Bormio already have fallen over 80 inches. a Livigno Madesimo 40 inches. It continues to snow for the enjoyment of tour operators in recent days had already started shooting the snow on the slopes of Valtellina and Valchiavenna.

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Arriving this year,a l 15/16 and 17 October , at the fairgrounds Provincial Morbegno , as for over 100 age, the Venice Bitto , the most important event of the Valley, and showcases food and wine, local crafts and traditions of Valtellina and Valchiavenna.

cheese, wines, Bresaola, pizzoccheri, apples and honey will be the great protagonists of the 103 of the Venice Bitto. The excellence of the Valtellina “on show” directly to the territory that generates, that makes them unique and valuable, the result of an art of taste that comes from ancient rites and knowledge, now valued and protected.

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Back again this year the popular event with “Morbegno in cantina”. The event, Now in its 15th edition, This year will involve more 30 wineries that visitors can visit to taste wines and cuisine Valtellina.

L 'initiative includes visits to the cellars of the old historic center of Morbegno and Traona, with wine tasting of local products and Valtellina, weekends from 8 the 10 October. The event is continuing with cellars Mello Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 October.

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At the end of the season as birds fly each year will be held at the airfield of Caiolo in the province of Sondrio the “6° Avioraduno Alps – Day Air” organized by the Aero Club in cooperation with Avio Sondrio Valtellina.

The event is scheduled Sunday 5 September.

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Two hours of travel between Italy and Switzerland on Europe's steepest railway line (that reaches 2253 meters). E’ adventure between enchanted mountains and breathtaking viewpoints that takes away from 1910 without ever losing charm in all these years.

So just 100 years ago came into operation Bernina line that connects Tirano in Valtellina in St. Moritz with its red train that since last year is an integral part of UNESCO World Heritage.

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Sunday 4 April to animate Easter in Bormio There will be a big parade with the final stage of Pasquali, artistic creations crafts made on site and then taken to the shoulders of the young people in traditional costume Bormio.

The preparation of Pasquali start in mid-winter, when Easter is still far. When I feel ready to attend a exhibition of artistic subjects a religious background in the context of which are reproduced historical buildings and holy places of the country or refer to the problems and issues of daily life, beds will always be a Christian.

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This is the true recipe Pizzocchero encoded by the Academy of Pizzocchero Teglio.

Ingredients 4 people: 400 g buckwheat flour, 100 gr of white flour, 200 g butter, 250 gr cheese Valtellina Casera DOP, 150 g of cheese grater grit, 200 g cabbage, 250 grams of potatoes, a clove of garlic, pepper.

Preparation: Mix the two flours, mixed with water and knead for about 5 minutes. With the help of a rolling pin roll out the dough to a thickness of 2-3 mm which are derived from the bands 7-8 inches. Stack the strips and cut across the width, getting some wide noodles 5 mm.

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On the outskirts of Valtellina, on a rocky promontory of Lake Como addressed to the important and Colico Pian di Spagna Nature Reserve, sorge Piona Abbey is a gem of Romanesque Cluny.

L‘abbey Mille was founded in around the church of St. Nicholas. Now belongs to the monks of the Cistercian abbey Lazio Casemari,who are masters in the art of distilling herbs. In fact produce spirits of famous and ancient tradition. Among the most famous are the Imperial Drops,digestive efficace, friendly and refreshing; l’Elixir of San Bernardo a bitter tonic and disstante; The Grand Liquor slightly bitter el’Alpine a mix of flavors of the mountain. E, then again infusions of herbs and aromatic roots, infusions, naturaliper body care products, sweets and honey.

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