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Great show Saturday 16 July Marmolada. All are invited to turn its sI look up to admire the spectacle plane which will be staged in the blue sky above Queen of the Dolomites. Trusting in the mercy of weather and weather conditions, The passageway will presumably between the hours of 12.15 and 12.30 and will be the highlight of the new terrace del'inaugurazione Marmolada Punta Rocca. with its 3265 m above sea level terrace will become the highest vantage point in the Dolomites, easily accessible (thanks to the cable car and lift) by all including people with disabilities.

For logistical reasons the opening is restricted only to a limited number of guests on behalf of the authorities, institutions and the press in the early afternoon, but as early as pm 14.00 Normally the cable car reopens to the public which can then climb up to Punta Rocca and enjoy the extraordinary panorama from the new terrace overlooking 360 ° of the Dolomites elected by the UNESCO World Heritage Natural Monument.

All those who will be in the area for a walk or a hike in the mountains looking up to heaven, however, may enjoy the air show which will culminate with a "switch flag"Over the Queen of the Dolomites.

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The news of the summer 2011 Queen of the Dolomites will be the new roof terrace located in Punta Rock, at an altitude of 3.265m, at the arrival station of the cableway Marmolada. The rooftop terrace becomes the vantage point of easy access highest in the Dolomites. From here you overlook all the peaks of the most beautiful and famous natural monument by UNESCO that are elected in the Dolomites universal heritage of humanity. The cable car of the Marmolada open to the public summer season from Saturday 2 July and all mountain enthusiasts will have access to the terrace immediately at no extra cost in addition to the fare paid for the ascent by cable car. The rooftop terrace will then be officially opened on Saturday morning 16 July.

Despite its location in a context of extreme high-mountains, the terrace and easily accessible to anyone. the terrace, Indeed, was designed and built with the goal of putting all the visitors in a position to gain access to the extraordinary landscape that opens the view from the summit of the Marmolada, "Queen of the Dolomites" in the Province of Belluno in the territory of the Dolomiti Stars tourist information. Opportunities that Today will also have the disabled and handicapped so that they can live and enjoy this unique experience with nature.

"The elevator cable break down every barrier architecture - Mario explains Vascellari President of the Company SpA Marmolada.-. The terrace becomes easily accessible from all. There are steps. You climb comfortably thanks to the cable car of the Marmolada, comfortable and fast, in about 15 minutes you reach the top ".

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