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Traveling Easy – The best tips for your travels – Part 6
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Traveling Easy – The best tips for your travels – Part 6

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In the days 2, 3 E 4 September will open the XXXI ^ Regional Fair of crafts and agriculture of Franciacorta in Brescia. Traditional event and qualified in the scenery of Lombardy.

Proposals 2011 will be as every year new and exciting, from the revival of the agricultural life of late nineteenth century, staged by the The Old Homestead "in Pontefract (BS), with the presence of about thirty people in costume and many heads of livestock, the evening entertainment, reserved 150Anniversary of the Unification of Italy, to an evening of the famous Guitar Festival "Acoustic Franciacorta" and a great tribute to the music of the Beatles.

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In the warmer months of the year the Egyptian Museum in Turin offers a full calendar of events that invite you to visit the rooms on the Academy of Sciences: between divinity mysterious, food and the discovery of ancient hieroglyphs there will be opportunities to have fun. The most fascinating is scheduled Thursday 21 July, The date of Egyptian New Year which will coincide with a special visit in the museum.

In ancient Egyptian culture is done to start the new year in summer, when several natural signals evoke a sense of departure and the birth of something new: the beginning of the period of flooding, the summer solstice and the rising of the star Sirius are hints of new, that are experienced by men with expectations and a bit of concern. During this period they develop so many propitiatory rituals and worship the gods, in particular those related to the power of water. Thursday 21 July by hours 10:30, after many years visitors to the Egyptian Museum, particularly the smaller, will experience these feelings and welcome the arrival of a new season through signals present in the salt and a little surprise at the end of visit.

Every Saturday and Sunday morning in summer thematic routes will guide families and children to explore the Egyptian civilization through the issues that have characterized the most over the years. “Pets or?”, “Hieroglyphs that emotion ...!”, “A house Kha”, “Divine forces and formulas magic”e “A hunger from beyond the grave. Menu for body and soul"Are the initiatives which help to deepen the divine and the material aspects of culture of the pharaohs.

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l’autunno 2011 of green thumbs will be in “Mark Giglio”

Autumn is the season's most beloved real gardeners. E’ that magic moment when every inch of green dreams like this or re-invent the corner of his plant kingdom. So easy to determine that the autumn edition of “In the sign of the Lily” ( 8 – 9 Park in October of Colorno, in the province of Parma) will be a success.

It already is in terms of exhibitors. In addition to many confirmations of those who, in the spring edition has chosen as Colorno fixture, There are a number of important new entries: nurserymen, especially.

So plants in tubs and already bare root, of species from the garden and orchard, including rare varieties and old varieties of new marketing amateur.

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Will stop in the tour of Rhodes Garganico ‘Risollevante’, The event brings together so many comedians who made public by the television ‘Zelig’ E ‘Colorado’. The evening, promoted by Promodaunia, will take place Saturday 9 from July 21:30 the port of Rhodes and will be conducted by Cristina Chiabotto, Mauro pulpit and Serena Garitta. The tour of "Risollevante" will be followed by the issuer "Comedy Central", channels on Sky 121 E 122, that will broadcast the entire evening, the 20 July, with different performances scheduled throughout the year.

"Hosting the first stage of this important event - said the President of the Council Promodaunia Billa - is particularly gratifying for us for the return of the image that will get our land. Also welcome is a positive initiative that, with so many characters loved by audiences and the certainty of a major television visibility, confirms the enhancement and promotion policies in the cultural and tourism increasingly pursued by Promodaunia ".

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Return to the port of Marina Piccola Sorrento, Today (9 July), THE 12 sailboats with Russian crew who took part in the regatta organized as part of the cultural activities planned for 'Year of Russia in Italy 2011.

Matches from Sorrento 2 July, Capri boats touched, Ischia, Naples and the Pontine islands, places linked to the long and intense visits to our shores by characters of Russian culture and politics: Gorky, Turghenev, Schredin and Lenin, among others.

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In preparation for the first "Festival of the Corn", which will take place Sunday 10 July at Troy, Mountains Daunians is no air of cooperation and synergies. And since we're talking about enhancement products "Kilometer Zero", among the protagonists of the initiatives could not miss the chef best known on earth dauna: Peppe Zullo.

Sunday morning,under the guidance of wise men and farmers of Troy Orsara, will be recalled the harvest by hand with scythes and be prepared to "GREGNE" (beams) of ears that will be threshed and then unground Sunday streets in Troy.

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Sunday 10 July will be held the 11th edition of the Hall&DOWN MARMOLADA, march non-competitive runs for couples 18 km through the beautiful Val Ombretta, one of the most beautiful valleys of the territory of the Dolomiti Stars with stunning views of the southwest wall of the Queen of the Dolomites.

a competition open to all, adults and children, single, Families, groups and associations, unique dual-starting, fixed at 8,30, Malga Ciapela or Alba di Canazei: components of each pair will travel the same route in the opposite direction and, then, their time will be added to the winners. There are three places to eat during the race, Refuge Contrin, Rifugio Passo Ombretta and Falier, with whom you can stop and get food for comfort, both arrivals and refreshments will be final.

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immagine_terrazze-320x321-2966121Until 30 September, sull’Arno, on hills or in the heart of the historic center: are the places where there are seventeen terraces participants Terrace with.

Hotel with a bar or restaurant, open to anyone who wants a drink at sunset, or dinner or just take a picture of a breathtaking.

Indeed, as has already been successfully tested in 'edition 2010 Is also a terrace with a view Photo Contest, open to all on Flickr: shooting will be rewarded with a most beautiful free stay of two nights in Florence.

And 'possible to withdraw the brochure Terrace with views at participating hotels, the city and the local tourist information offices in Via Cavour 1R and Vespucci Airport: There is also a space dedicated to stamps of the terraces.
With three stamps, offices at the above information to receive a free gift, memory of Florence.

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Also this year Villa Adriana in Tivoli opened its doors at night, every Friday and Saturday, Until next 10 September 2011.

Opening Hours: 20.30-00.00 (last entry 23.00)
Ticket price: 11,00€ whole; 7,00€ reduced.
Free: 0-13 years
reduced: 14-18 and over 65 years (upon presentation of proof of identity)
All others pay full price.

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Are frequent in the history of cinema where films narrate virtual experiences can "gift" memorabilia. Total Recall is one of these, where the protagonist turns to virtual tourism agency to get an implant in the mind that otherwise could not afford and which plays the role of a secret agent who has the task of saving the planet Mars.

How many people feel the desire to learn skills and information with a "simple" system memory as happens in the Matrix or control people's minds as in the famous TV series Fringe? Or would like to erase memories like the two agents of Men in Black with a flash and with other memorable sostiturli? Perhaps today's science fiction and Vanilla Sky Minority Report has come to the test of reality ... thanks to

YOUR ATRAPALO.IT, portal dedicated to leisure at the best price, part memories, the initiative to search for users who want to experience "indimenticabie" through an implanted system memory memory.

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