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Traveling Easy – The best tips for your travels – Part 5
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Traveling Easy – The best tips for your travels – Part 5

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Has been repeated for years, yet every time picks always great number of visitors, Bat-night organized by the Botanical Garden of Oropa. so that, In 2011, International Year of the Bat, thanks to a collaboration with Nature Reserve Park Burcina, appointments, and even doubles, after the first in Burcina (where not only were heard, but also seen!), fans, or just curious, will make a second meeting with the “rate vuloire” of Biella.

I Bats do not enjoy good reputation among the people. Although few can claim to have seen a bat up close, Many imagine if as a winged monster, ready to bite anyone who approaches. Yet, those lucky enough to see it or even episodic knowledge, discover an incredible universe. While until a few years ago we took care only of their systematic cataloging and their ecology, now becomes increasingly important to address also their conservation.

Indeed, bats are not doing very well: in recent years there has been constantly, both in Italy and the rest of Europe, the disappearance of many of their colonies and a general decline in their populations.
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Hard to find a festival with a rich history and strong cultural and artistic identity as a Rockin’Umbria, with passion and courage continues to highlight the trends of contemporary music and youth culture.

An event with a glorious past, with the best of Italian and international rock scene that from 1984 came through the festival in Umbria, and this makes it intriguing that the right to enter again this year for its 21th edition among the most interesting Italian summer festivals in circulation.

From 19 the 24 July 2011 come, among others, the likes of Verdena, Giovanni Lindo Ferretti, Joan As Police Woman, Culture Shock e Marianne Faithfull. Quest’anno Rockin’Umbria, to be held in historic venues Umberleigh E Perugia, also return to his true soul of the festival, from the splendid location of the Park River Umbertide, ideal for a rock festival, with the river Tiber and thick vegetation to make a worthy setting for most of the events scheduled. But not only, This scenic views and pleasant square in the historical center of St. Francis St. Francis Auditorium Umbertide Perugia, which will inaugurate the festival on the occasion long after restoration.

Then the two women to the fore. Marianne Faithfull – true icon of rock history, one of the most original songwriters woman ever appeared on the world music scene capable of changing skin constantly moving from rock to pop, from music to acting, the image of "bad girl" to that of refined lady of music – will be Rockin'Umbria (Sunday 24 July, hours 21.30, St. Francis Auditorium in Perugia) one of the few Italian dates for the summer tour of his 23rd solo album, the incredible “Horses And High Heels”.

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the Flower Trail, which extends around the 3.000 meters of altitude from Pass Castellaccio (mt 2.963) To Tip of Lagoscuro (mt 3.165) where the eponymous Hut,is one of the most popular climbing routes and loved Upper Vallecamonica Where, on a clear day, gaze sweeps dall’Ortles-Cevedale e dalle Dolomiti fino al gruppo del Monte Rosa con il Cervino. Leading up here mountaineers are the beauty of the landscape and the ability of these peaks have to take them back in time, Here the First World War when he ran the border between Italy and the Austro-Hungarian soldiers were moving on this path is little more than eighteen engaged in countering enemy fire. Along this route, two long runways 55 E 75 m permettevano di aggirare il Gendarme di Casamadre e di raggiungere il villaggio militare posto al passo di Lagoscuro. in 1918 was built una galleria che portò ad abbandonare le passerelle, in the following years were demolished by "recovering", which the artifacts looted war to earn a living through their sales.
Last year the Friends of Capanna Lagoscuro involving the City of Pontedilegno, la Provincia di Brescia ed il Parco Adamello nella ricostruzione di alcuni manufatti della Guerra Bianca. La ricostruzione delle due passerelle del Gendarme è basata su fotografie dell’epoca; to take care of their recovery has been the mountain guide Dario Melotti that the summer has positioned exactly where they were the original, making use of skilled workers. In this way, the climbers have now two possibilities to circumvent the parent company of Gendarme: in tunnels or on bridges, As the soldiers were originally pledged to fight the Austrians- and cold- in this long war in the mountains.

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Apricena – Also back this year, From 16 the 19 August in the Quarry Pizzicoli Apricena, SUONINCAVAThe musical member of the Consortium 5FSS (System Five Festival South - consortium for the promotion of the cultural quality of the territory, the third year of operation in the province of Foggia) is supported primarily by the Region of Puglia with ERDF funding and has the support of Puglia Sounds.

SuonInCava will be for the twelfth consecutive year the most anticipated events of the summer. This year once again an active quarry stone is the natural setting where national and international artists will perform. Four evenings of concerts by various kinds: pop-jazz-soul British, acid-jazz, music patchankaeShould, folk-rock.

Among the artists this year include: 16 August INCOGNITO with their acid-jazz sound, 17 August Modena City Ramblers folk and their combat, 18 August, Salento AFTER CLASS and the grand finale 19 August with MATT WHITE.

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Frederick Bano announced “The Symbolism in Italy”. L’appuntamento, missed in many ways, is from October 1 to February 12 of this year 2012, Padua, in the Palazzo Zabarella.
To make this new venture, the Foundation Bano, Here once again together with the Foundation Antonveneta, called Fernando Mazzocca and Carlo Sisi with Maria Vittoria Marini Clarelli, Director of the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome.

The theme and scope are well known: at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth century, the unconscious breaks through in the art and nothing will ever be. E’ the discovery of a world “more”, fascinating, intriguing, a new lens that turns the perception of all reality, it is a physical landscape and the soul of a motorcycle.

E’ the story of a movement that extends quickly on a European scale but here is dutifully – and is the first time – investigated in its key Italian affair. Not without providing comparisons across borders and in particular with the scope of the Austrian Symbolism: worth of all the Judith – Salome, Gustav Klimt or Sin, famous masterpiece by Franz von Stuck: two works alone are worth the visit to the exhibition.
But if international comparisons are of absolute quality, that the Italian offer eight sections of this exhibition, is not less.

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Typical products and quality, original recipes and traditions, chefs and food experts, Free tastings. These are the "Medici Appetizers. Taste of Tuscany ", an event for the new Versilia laying down a series of eight events that will enliven every Tuesday from July to August, Palazzo Medici of Serravezza (Lucca), street as the 358, with the participation of big names of Italian cuisine presented by journalist Fabrizio Diolaiuti.

It starts Tuesday 12 July at 18.30 with the famous television presenter and expert on food Beppe Bigazzi Michelin-starred chef, and Breschi Franco propose that the audience is a recipe that has as protagonists the "Spelt, octopus and parmesan ".

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BONAGIAFrom 12 the 22 July 2011 la splendida cornice dell’antico borgo marinaro di Bonagia ospiterà la manifestazione ”Sulla rotta del tonno rosso”.

Si tratta una rassegna culturale e gastronomica i cui protagonisti principali sono il tonno rosso del Mediterraneo e la sacralità tra passione, tradizione e cultura. La pesca del tonno è stata per secoli il perno dell’economia locale, con le antiche tonnare, oggi in disuso, e i centinaia di tonnaroti impegnati in quest’arte.

The program provides degustazioni e grigliate di pesce azzurro (angiova, minnola, sarda, macchetto) ma anche mostre, meetings, proiezioni sul tema del tonno e delle tonnare, con personalità del settore e i tonnaroti, diretti protagonisti con il “Villaggio dei Pescatori”.

Le serate saranno allietate da spettacoli dal vivo e momenti di memoria e folklore con canti di tonnara e giochi marinari.  Un’area espositiva denominata ”Cittadella Enogastronomica” sarà dedicata alle produzioni tipiche del territorio trapanese con stand istituzionali e di aziende. 

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Once again the Italians have chosen the combination of "sun, sea ​​and sunbathing "as the leitmotif of their summer holidays. According to the ranking of the twenty cities that have had the biggest increase in searches to June compared to 2010 on Italian site, in fact, hotels on the sea, especially in Italy, have experienced a real boom in requests.

At the top of the month of June is Sperlonga; Lazio has indeed recorded the location last month, an increase of 500% in searches compared to June 2010. With its clean beaches and equipped and to his soul "historical", is the ideal place to spend a holiday of relaxation and culture. The Italian seaside resorts are confirmed among the most popular with our countrymen especially in view of the summer holidays, as evidenced third and fourth place in Noto (+493%) and Capo Rizzuto (+487%), popular destinations especially for the beautiful sea.

Exception, in a ranking dominated by Italian cities, second place in the Turkish city of Bodrum, which recorded an increase of 498%: white houses, paved streets, clear sea and numerous caves to explore give a unique charm to the city.

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For the first time in Italy exhibition, Magdalena Moeller and curated by Marco Goldin and stronger than 100 paintings and cards, Brücke Museum in Berlin from all, says precisely, according to a chronology but also moving to areas almost monographic, Kirchner, Heckel as a, Nolde as a Schmidt-Rottluff, Pechstein as a Mueller, the birth and development of the movement called “The bridge”, la pietra fondante dell’Espressionismo. 

La mostra avrà luogo a Villa Manin dal 24 September 2011 the 4 March 2012 e si pone come terza tappa del progetto pluriennale, ideato e curato da Marco Goldin, called “Geografie dell’Europa”.

Con la nascita del movimento “The bridge” a Dresda nel 1905 si posero le basi del movimento originario dal quale in seguito discenderà quello che, In the history of, è noto come “Espressionismo” e che costituisce il primo importante contributo di area tedesca alla modernità. Non si tratta tanto di raffigurare i diversi aspetti della realtà visibile – che costituiva il contenuto artistico dominante – quanto piuttosto di esprimere le esperienze soggettive e i sentimenti interiori dell’individuo.

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the Italian Touring Club the offers for 'Estate 2011 offers a beach and non-smoking throughout. For the first time, in fact, in Italy, tourists will be able to choose to spend their holidays in a village where under the umbrella is strictly forbidden to light a cigarette.

The property is located in Marina di Camerota, in the province of Salerno: Also under the umbrella on the beach, will be done prohibition turn on the exhaustive cigarette.

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