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Traveling Easy – The best tips for your travels – Part 11
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Traveling Easy – The best tips for your travels – Part 11

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the 9 E 10 July at Mount Cornizzolo Suello (Lecco) someone said witches fly, but it is completely true.

Certainly back She Fly, second edition, large gathering of women pilots paragliding. If they are witches or not, depending on your point of view. The event is organized by the Paragliding Club Scurbatt in collaboration with the Italian Federation of Free Flight with the aim to gather from across Italy who practice this discipline the girls and attract those who want to live a first flight experience.

A special contest, in fact, allow girls to eight, among the many who wish to do, to experience the thrill of free flight tandem accompanied by instructors.

The organization aims to exceed the record 2010 (80 participants) with a rich program of new initiatives. She is also a fact Fly precision landing contest, is to fly together to the joy of flying, is to deepen specific topics of free flight, refreshments and snacks are, is a baby club with educators who will entertain children while their mothers the skies.

Exceptional godmother of the event will actress Paola Onofri, friend of “Scurbatt” which in local dialect means the raven. Only the male? In, the female.

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As a dancer has walked the most important stages of the world, as a teacher is doing many budding talents accompanying them to the most prestigious schools, as a man could not help but dance, choreography, directing and theater melodrama. He is Lino Privitera and GREAT EVENING OF DANCE, is the big show that the famous Sicilian artist will stage the next 10 July, at 21.00, in the prestigious setting of Palazzo Minority, beautiful eighteenth century building situated right in the heart of the historic center of Catania.

Now in its 8 th edition, edited by the dance master Privitera, is becoming a happy habit for the City of Catania and an event of great quality for the Regional President of the province of Catania, Giuseppe Castiglione, This year he married the noble cultural purposes. And speaking of culture, This year the event will have additional items that will enrich an event already known, and known for quality and completeness. First, thanks to the program: in the first part, in fact, ample space is given over to 50 students Privitera Opera Catania, to be involved in classical ballet, "Morte del Cigno", “Ave Maria”, "Corsaro" etc,and neoclassical repertoire. In the second part, with the grand finale Cavalleria Rusticana by Pietro Mascagni, Melodrama in 1 G act. And G-Targioni Tozzetti. Menasci.

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2001-2011 Ten years of theater, music, dance and film in Chiasso

The sound ... ... the gesture image. Notes for a new theater season.

It will reopen on October 8, the Cinema Teatro Chiasso, kicking off the new season 2011-2012, which will offer appointments with the theater but also with the dance, with the music - classical and jazz -, with film, not to mention a few events targeted at smaller. 

The first event - the Grand Gala with the Ballet de l'Opera National de Paris – will be proposed as the opening night for the tenth anniversary of the restoration and reopening of the Cinema Theatre Chiasso. Ten years spent intensively, who have seen alternating actors on the stage of Chiasso, musicians, dancers and choreographers of international repute.

The Season 2011-2012 then continues with many events until June; the three sections of the supporting program (theater, music, Dance) will be implemented by the fifteenth edition of the Culture and Music Festival of Jazz ( three evenings and a preview at the Teatro Sociale Como AsLiCo), XXII edition of the Festate, Festival of cultures and music from the world (two nights in the open-air Town Hall Square), The XVII edition of the theater for kids Without Borders (5 entertainment for young and old) and the film festival A friend Magic. Nino Rota's music in film, tribute to the great Italian composer, organized in collaboration with Teatro Sociale di Como As.Li.Co.

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Start Countdown to "Sophisticated Rome", the event to be held in Rome on 12 July 2011 in the beautiful Hotel Sofitel Rome Villa Borghese: an evening of food and live music, with the special participation of DJ Martin Solveig, To the Inaugurazione ufficiale La Terrace Kitchen & Lounge, Panoramic restaurant and lounge bar immersed in the green heart of the city.

Respecting the rituals of the characteristic World Sofitel, the upscale hotel in Rome for the occasion turns into an interesting crossroads of cultures, paying homage to the great Italian and French culinary traditions.  

style, excellence, art of hospitality and the traditional rituals of bread, Wine, cheeses and desserts, create a unique atmosphere for guests, who will have the opportunity to appreciate and enjoy, in various areas of the, from the lobby to the halls, The Boston Club dal fino a La Terrasse Cuisine & Lounge on the 7 th floor, champagne e finger food, classic baguette and carasau, French oysters and foie gras with a spoon, mozzarella and risotto, fresh pasta, cheese, cold cuts, up to the delicious selection of sweets.

all, will be made to art, to surprise and engage guests, offering them the opportunity to experience the signature Sofitel Rome Villa Borghese. 

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Dubrovnik Summer Festival (Dubrovnik Summer Festival): The most important cultural event of the World Heritage city, and a major Croatia starts in July and lasts through August. The beautiful Dubrovnik as a loud party with Music, classical music, events theaters and historic buildings, in the streets and parks, the beaches and restaurants. To highlight in particular is the annual event Shakespeare's plays in the picturesque open-air arena in the courtyard of the Fort Lovrijenac.

Getting to Dubrovnik by sea, motivated by the sheer force of the wind, is like stepping back in time. It seems to be ancient Venetian navigators calling at one of the finest colonies of Venice.

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Enzo Siciliano is told through the sheets made from a lifetime of intense dedication to art. A skilled craftsman who has used a hand press for many years working successfully with various etching techniques that have always accompanied the drawing and painting.

An artist who has had the opportunity to grow and to mature his skills in technical studies of “grandi milanesi” after World War II. The area mythical (and mitizzata) Accademia di Brera – now distorted by modernity - in the Sixties and Seventies was the focus of contemporary artistic ferment: place of visual experimentation, intellectual ingenuity; place of culture and perdition.

From coffee plants, locations of daily encounters between artists, sculptors and poets (Piero Manzoni, Eugenio Montale ...) the atelier of Corso Garibaldi.

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A new concept of online booking of cruises
• A cool site, dynamic and customer-oriented
• Nasca grazie to Viajes El Corte Inglés, leading travel agency in Spain and Latin America

Tripcruises is the new di di Crociere website Viajes El Corte Inglés, where customers can check availability, get a quote and book online cruises offered by major shipping companies in the world. The website, whose address is, allows users to check availability for all destinations imaginable and of course the most popular as the Western Mediterranean, the Eastern Mediterranean, Northern Europe, the Caribbean, the Red Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, The Norwegian Fjords, ecc.

What are the advantages for customers?

Tripcruises The website was created with a strong bias towards the customer and always using the latest technology, so users can enjoy many benefits. It offers users the ability to customize the cruise experience: ONLINE you can choose exactly the car you want simply by selecting it with a single click on the map of the ship's deck, or you can choose the round for dinner, require special diets or insert any code of loyalty cards of the shipping companies to get their benefits.

The website is designed not only to be easy to use and highly accessible, but to be completely intuitive, in order to transform the experience of booking a cruise online graphics and fun activity that is, counting hundreds of cards with descriptions of tourist destinations, gates, ecc. integrated navigation and written by experts in cruise passengers. In addition, The web site includes complete cards craft, and the ability to read the comments and opinions of other cruise and post their own evaluations. And finally, as if it were now a vocation related to the activity of Viajes El Corte Inglés, customers

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