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Traveling Easy – The best tips for your travels – Part 10
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Traveling Easy – The best tips for your travels – Part 10

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At the start of the fourth edition fair flavor 2011 of Vieste, the special meeting that is held for several years during the summer in the city of Gargano; This event is dedicated to gastronomy and traditions of the territory, both wine tourism and business operators in this sector.


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Saturday 9 begins in July in the Park of Villa Casati the summer festival in Muggiò summer ever .... for 45 evening until Sunday 28 August take turns cabaret, Latin American music and dance, ballroom dancing, live concerts and musical tributes.

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I Serra di Sottoguda are in the Valley Harness, at the foot of the Queen of the Dolomites, Marmolada, extend for about 2 km from Sottoguda to Malga Ciapela. It 'a natural reserve where it is allowed only pedestrian traffic and the train during the summer.

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Starting today 5 July 'Giardino del Castello' Palazzo Madama in Turin will be visit. A project, achieved thanks to the significant contribution 1 million 100 thousand of the CRT Foundation in most of the 'big project' Historical Gardens and Parks', born by the desire to exploit the great potential 'of an area to which, the reopening of Palazzo Madama, had not yet been allocated a specific connotation. For the occasionwere also reconstructed traditional furniture of piggery, the falcon and the pen of chickens (but the animals are wooden shapes).

The first news of the garden Castle date back to Turin 1402, with documents that record the costs for enlarging the building during the reign of Louis Prince of Achaea (1402-1418), who devote much space to opera Viridario (Green décor).

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Tuesday 12 July from 21,00, Piazza Sordello ospita lo spettacolo musicale “Cantanti in Piazza – Non tacere… Vivi”, organizzato dal Movimento Internazionale Anti-Stalking, Anti-Pedofilia e Pari Opportunità

will perform 11 young artists, usciti dal più celebre dei talent show italiani, Friends: sul palco di Piazza Sordello si alterneranno il cantante Valerio Scanu (vincitore del Festival di Sanremo 2010), la ballerina Alice Bellagamba (recentemente protagonista di musical e della serie tv “Non smettere di sognare”), la cantante Francesca Nicoli, il ballerino Amilcar Gonzales, la cantante Diana Del Bufalo (già co-conduttrice con la Gialappa’s di “Mai dire Amici”), il ballerino adriano Bettinelli, la ballerina Giulia Pauselli, il cantante Antonio Mungari, la cantante Roberta Bonanno, il cantante Antonino Grosso, songwriter Mario Nunziante. All’evento prenderanno inoltre parte il ballerino Pedro Gonzales, il primo ballerino di Pomeriggio 5 Alessio Vincolo e la scuola di danza “Free Boys Studio” di Monica Meldo di Ostiglia. Nel ruolo di presentatore sarà presente sul palco il coordinatore regionale della Sicilia del Movimento Anti-Stalking Francesco Morgante.

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The Unesco list is enriched new assets, These include some Italian sites. Indeed, it was awarded with the title of Heritage the “Via Longobardorum”, A tour of eight places running throughout the boot, From Friuli to Puglia, characterized by the presence of testimonies of the Lombards. For Italy it is 46 ° of the listed site in the famous list.

The series includes the most importanti testimonianze monumentali Lombard existing on Italian territory, which are located from north to south of the peninsula, when extending the domains of the most important Lombard duchies that formed what we might call the first "nation" Italian.

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The State Railway changes its name to the Italian State Railways. With the new logo, the State Railways, very year of the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy,Railways want make a significant change in the sign of Italianity and strong national identity. The change of name was approved by the Extraordinary State Railways TUESDAY 24 May 2011 last.

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It is the online site that wants to make known to all Lombardy, best known as a region of industry and labor, but it hides wonderful places and rich in art and culture, nature, Lakes, Mountains and hills, fairy-tale landscapes, countries, and to discover. Here tourists can find the candidate everything you need to know to visit the Lombardy: from the big city to small town lost, from the farm to the spa, from nature trails to those of art and culture.

Even those who can live in Lombardy find useful information to spend a weekend without leaving too far from home, for a Sunday drive, to search for a ski resort or a charming small town on the lake, to find a restaurant, spa, and also to know all the musical events, all kinds of cultural and.

The site is divided into thematic sections and headings in order to make easy and immediate search for any topic. The structure of clean and immediate, graphics prepared, order to expose the various categories, make the site easy and enjoyable consultation.

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Tuesday 19 to Saturday 23 July Academy Park will be featured with the Roman Summer “NonsoloMameli….THE MUSIC THAT HAS KINGDOM ITALY”. 

L’evento, organized by the Cultural Food for Thought is a tribute to the jazz music that accompanied Italy during the war with a powerful reminder of the contamination.

The art direction is Milena Angel, which brought together for the occasion internationally renowned artists such as Aaron Goldberg, Eddie Gomez, Nicola Angelucci, Silvia Manco, Marco Siniscalco, Antonio Jasevoli, Roberto Gatto, Enrico Bracco, Maurizio Giammarco, Mimmo Cavallaro, Federica Zammarchi and many other talented musicians.

But the music is not the only star. The Park of the Academies will also be animated by the presence of gastronomic dining, tastings, crafts and events organized by the School of Music Artidee.

We will also be exhibited objects and records that will revive the history of the Unification of Italy.

There will be debates and information on prevention of psychologists employed by Mrs. Cianci and Dr. Mushi.

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the City of Tarquinia has opened 29 Last June, the first beach for dogs Viterbo coast. At the ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by Mayor Mauro Mazzola, Councillor for the Coast Renato Bacciardi, Local Coast Guard Marshal Alexander Lambert, The dogs of the SICS (Italian Dog Rescue School), the association of civil protection EAPO and many citizens with their four-legged friends. The area is located at the Lido, between the storage of boats Rose of the Winds and the establishment of the Chalet Fisherman.

«The Administration has wanted to meet the many people who have a dog and they had the chance to take it on the beach. - Said the first citizen - an initiative that combines animal welfare and respect for swimmers'.

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