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trekking-con-asini_dsc_2687_2-bassa-320x213-6415007Even a walk Donkey well walks E in mountain bike for 4 itineraries organized to celebrate the famous festival in May. The discovery of the buried parts of the Trent and its Doss, Tre Cime del Monte Bondone and views of the Mountain circuit&Garda Bike.

Also provided moments of relief to taste food and wine land. 

mountain, exploration, adventure: are the key words of an initiative organized by 'APT Trento, Monte Bondone, Valle dei Laghi to live to 360 ° the city of Trento - in the days when hosts the popular TrentoFilmFestival – and its surroundings.

First appointment Saturday 30 aprile with Urban trekking the discovery of Tridentum Roman: the real soul of Trento in a suggestive look night, an original way to combine the desire for a walk with the opportunity to discover unusual places of the capital.

dive, led by a Archaeological expert, in the streets and squares of the medieval old town at a time of Tridentum buried: The Splendidum municipium, magnified as the Emperor Claudius in 46 dC, the underground Roman city holds a treasure of archaeological which over the years have been unearthed parts of walls, a gateway, a tower, paved roads, sidewalks, ditches, remains of the sewage, one of the houses with their decorations, workshops.

A brief conclusion Theater and some moments of tasting with local produce. …continue l'Articolo »

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The visit

This trip will take us to rediscover and rethink his eyes then (relationship even to modern times) the south west corner, that stretch of coast from Capo Feto (hence the Africa, Cape Bonn, is half the distance that separates from Trapani Messina!) Cape Granitola (who saw the landing, The 17 June dell'827, Arabs in Sicily…) and that includes Mazara (the first major Muslim island outpost), the small fishing village and the trap of Torretta (perhaps even then was the seat of activities related to tuna fishing) and the Tondi Gorghi, where we assume took place a pitched battle between Arabs and Byzantines.
Going to these places today means, as well as revisit the story, important to know its natural and cultural: Fetus Head of the wetland is of vital importance for bird life: Here many species of waterfowl and this is also the first port of raptors in migration from Africa arrived in the land of Europe. The nature reserve of Gorghi Round is a site of special landscape suggestion, as well as natural.

This day will then be an opportunity for many of us to discover a dish that is connected to the tradition of Sicilian cuisine: the boiled sheep. After the visits of the morning we will go in Contrada Settefurie, tra Campobello di Mazara e Castelvetrano, John and Eleanor where we will have lunch in their rustic home, surrounded by olive trees, where you can still charm of an old Sicilian countryside, preparing meals for us in organic produce of their land as the beans, olives and fennel. And the sheep, which requires laborious preparation and wise. All washed down with local wine and the typical sweetened ricotta cassatelle.

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A relaxing and without competition, for the simple pleasure of enjoying the company of the natural beauty and food and wine Valle dei Laghi, amidst beautiful landscapes and ancient villages.

This is the appointment with the 1° eat Magnalonga Valley Lakes, walk scheduled Sunday 1 May that lead the lovers of the outdoors and gourmet cuisine by flavors, traditions and charm of places around Trento

Now in its 15th, l’ecofesta (to reduce the environmental impact will only be used biodegradable cutlery and crockery) This year provides a distance of approximately 10 Km that will cross the entire Valley Cavedine, in a succession of delicious culinary stops and steps of the architectural jewels that dot the hillsides.

Departing in free program Lasino, pm 10:30 at 12:00. The first stop is at the farm Pravis, where he held a tasting in the company of a good cup of coffee on barley; The second stage is scheduled, instead, at the picturesque village of Castel Madruzzo, an amphitheater on the west side of Monte Bondone located between the cliff of the castle Castel Madruzzo and terraced fields and south down to the valley floor.

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Certainly no one had ever really thought of a night because on an expanse of white snow! all’Alpe di Siusi è possibile vivere innumerevoli avventure ai piedi delle beautiful peaks Sciliar, Sasso Lungo and Sasso Piatto non solo alla luce del sole, but also under the reflection of the moon. L’eco del silenzio, the intensity of the blue starry sky above the snow-white, il fruscio della neve non battuta: quando cede the sole way to luna, con lei sembra scendere sulle vette un velo di magia. Until the end of March 2011 also live in the mountains at night between tracks with sledge, dinners in shelters, snowshoeing and horse-drawn carriage rides: only advice, bring a torch!The lovers of racing sled can get in the car Rifugio Alpe di Siusi Tirler, da qui in circa un’ora di passeggiata si giunge allo Zallinger, dove ad accogliere gli ospiti temerari sarà una cena in vetta a base di prodotti tipici. After all ready to go! Stessa cosa è possibile dalla Baita Bullaccia,  il monte celebre per la presenza delle “panche delle streghe”, dove si arriva dopo una splendida passeggiata a piedi di circa mezzora da Compatsch, l’ingresso dell’Alpe di Siusi. This proposal is only possible on Saturday and Sunday and with a minimum of 10 Participants, toboggan rental is free. The ski sled ride also leave the shelters Mahlknecht / Molignon and Rosa Alpine Hut, by Bullaccia, Spitzbühl, Panorama, Icarus / Monte Piz.

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The Sicily is a treasure trove of wonders to know, charming and interesting spots that have always stimulated the curiosity of travelers and naturalists, Artists or simple holiday. Places full of history, where the myth is intertwined with nature and a simple walk turns into a life experience. Traces of an ancient past and legends that emerge from the vegetation, unique plants and animals, mountains that plunge into the sea and open onto open beaches giving life to the rare and unexpected landscapes are the elements that we will discover in our Desk. We can not forget the most friendly and social which has such importance in going to the mountains and seas, even more for us in Sicily. For this to excursions are often associated with the cheerful eat hardy in the company products are produced locally roasted and grilled. 

20 marzo ● Escursione dell’Equinozio di primavera

The Stone Castle in the Valley of Belice (TP) and the beach of the slab of Memphis Portopalo (AG). Two natural pearls of the south-western Sicily: a narrow gorge whose interior consists of a lush habitat for scrub-forest and then a sandy beach is still intact on the Strait of Sicily. Lunch in the country based on organic products. reservations required. Easy  

27 March ● hidden Archaeology: the site of the Walls Pregne

The huge walls on the slopes of Monte San Calogero (Pa). a short walk will allow us to discover important but little-known prehistoric site of the Walls of which can Pregne admire the Dolmen and the walls. Lunch grilled artichokes. Prenotazione obbligatoria. Easy 

9 E 10 April ● The ilex Costalunga and Colonial Brivatura

Trekking fascinating to discover one of the last stretches of natural forest on the outskirts of Palermo. Rustic dining and sleeping in tents near an old farm.


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The 16 October is expected to show "We want the spotlight," sponsored by the delegations FAI in the area under the national campaign "Defend your heart of Italy”.

The project provides that each delegation to choose a good local representative of the collective, abandoned or in a state of decay, but worth recover the original dignity, and take steps to raise the necessary funds to restore it and return it to the local community.

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