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After a long and difficult restoration presented here the group Lamentation over the Dead Christ from the Church of St. Bartholomew's kinda Civo (SO). complex, composed eight wooden figures painted and gilded carved in the round, is usually placed inside the Chapel of the Pieta, the third right in the Parish Caspano. The small village, the Coast of Cech, the right bank of the Valtellina between Colico Talamona, experienced in the past moments of great splendor thanks to the noble House of Paravicino, that elected him as its original home, with improved architecture and beautifully decorated.

It was probably Don Giovanni Maria Paravicino, edited by 1497 the 1549, to equip the church complex of the three wood attributed to the workshop of De Donati: the altarpiece of the Resurrection of Lazarus (signed and dated “HOP. ALVISII / THE DONATIS / MID Lane. / 1508 / AUGUST “) in the second chapel on the left, the impressive factory in several compartments of the main altar with Stories of St. Bartholomew and the Mourning.

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From today we can say with certainty that the Leaning Tower Today is whiter, as it was centuries ago, Thanks to cleaning marble from smog and pollution. of Saturday 9 April Tower is free from the scaffolding. The work had began in the 2000.

We used various systems of cleaning and consolidation because the situations were all different”,has explained Dr. Gisella Capponi, Director Institute for Conservation and Restoration “We did a variety of wraps and cleanings”, Continue, “scalpel, micro recordings, with micro sanding, up to use the laser in the capitals most spoiled. We now need to check how they will behave over the years these surfaces restored. We need to understand how long will resume in need of maintenance“.

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settimana-della-cultura-20114-320x127-5871692The cultural event 'since the year: the thirteenth week of culture. The free open MiBAC, for nine days, all places state of the art: monuments, museums, archaeological sites, archives, libraries with large popular events throughout the. Appointments for all tastes: exhibitions, conferences, Special openings, Educational workshops, guided tours and concerts that will make it even more special experience for all visitors. Your chance to get closer to the greatest wealth of our country: our artistic and cultural heritage. There are many initiatives in the territory of Salerno and Avellino organized by the Superintendence of BAP (Architectural Heritage and Landscape), led by Gennaro Miccio.

The recovery of the Church of the former Convent of the Benedictine Teggiano.

Friday, 15 April 2011, at 17.30, Teggiano (SA), During the event, made by the Superintendency of BAP and BSAE Salerno and Avellino, will be presented restoration of the church of the former Convent of the Benedictine Teggiano, achieved thanks to two lots of funding provided by ARCUS SpA. and the Memorandum of Understanding signed on 22 November 2007 between the Pontifical Institute of the Religious Teachers Filippini and the Superintendence for BAPPSAE of Salerno and Avellino (Superintendents and then divided into BAP BSAE) who assumed the burden of design and construction management.

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Starting from today, Saturday 9 April reopen the doors of the crypt of St. Francis, the heart of the Basilica of Assisi: Restoration work, the first played for the sacred tomb, were completed.

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avellino-carcere-borbonico-320x240-7835753Tuesday 12 April 2011, at 17.00, in the conference room of the prison of Bourbon Avellino (main entrance from Via Dalmatia) Prof. Vito Cardone, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Salerno, the present volume, published by De Angelis Art,“The Bourbon Prison of Avellino – Past and future made by the Superintendence for Architectural Heritage and Landscape of Salerno and Avellino at the conclusion of the restoration of the monumental complex.

    This publication, by the architect. Cynthia Vitale, Officer of the Superintendent and Director of the Restoration of the imposing Monument Complex Avellino, describes in detail the steps and joint work of restoration undertaken by the Superintendence for the BAP. of Salerno and Avellino, directed by the Superintendent Gennaro Miccio.

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The Reggia di Caserta, Cultural Heritage of Humanity, is presented to the public after the recent restoration work carried out in three directions: the widening of the museum through the opening of new exhibition spaces and routes, the reorganization of the collections and the reopening of all the rooms of the royal apartments. Also offered to the public was also implemented the publication of a new guide to the paths of the historic apartment and rearranged the collections.

Here are some numbers from the recent restoration: 140 new paintings – grouped by theme paths monographs including the large collection of "Still Life" or "Orientalist" by Michele Scaroina – were exposed for the first time in the Picture Gallery (composed of nine rooms at the newly opened ground floor of the Palazzo Reale);

Other 120 paintings related to the Fasti Farnese – including the Battles of Alexander Farnese, the marriage of Philip V and Elizabeth Farnese, but also the works dedicated to Charles and Ferdinand IV of Bourbon, Francis I and Ferdinand II, or more examples of genre painting of the eighteenth and nineteenth century – no longer exposed to weather, were rearranged in the Picture Gallery on the main floor, next to the works already exist including the famous views of J. P. Hackert – and still about a hundred works of art (chinaware, tissue, sculptures etc..) have been collected in other areas visited by appointment, dedicated to the "decorative arts at the Palace".

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Once frescoes restored to glory, with their stucco with a gold leaf. E ' Camera del Camin Nero Castello del Buonconsiglio, after a restoration that continues the work with which by 1984 are gradually regained some of Great Palace, which is set to Castel old structure. Work, Total cost 154.000 €, concerned among other things, the frescoes of the corridor linking the two parts of the castle, the same period. …l’articolo continua »

Tuesday 1 next February at 11.30 Cosenza, Palazzo Arnone, conference will be held for the submission of an open work – The restoration of St. Augustine of Mattia Preti reveals the secrets of a masterpiece. 

Speakers Fabio De Chirico, Superintendent of History, Artistic and Ethno-anthropological Heritage of Calabria; Rosa Anna Filice, art historian, director of Calabria coordinator SBSA; Valentina Cosco, diagnosta; Giovanna Tartoni, president of the first division – Cosenza and Antonella Calvelli, Director of the Conservatory Stanislaus Giacomantonio "of Cosenza.

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Satisfaction of the Minister Sandro Bondi reopening of the House of the Vestal Virgins: “I wish to express great satisfaction with the reopening, after twenty years, House of the Vestal Virgins in the Roman Forum. It 's another important step towards the recovery of the archaeological center of Rome, due to the excellent work of the Special Commissioner Dr. Roberto Cecchi, assisted by technicians of the Superintendent, and with the collaboration of the University "La Sapienza", with its archaeological sites continues to bring to light important findings. A work to which his friend and secretary Francesco Giro and I, we are particularly close and that testifies to the importance of the decision of the Commissioner whole area of Rome and Ostia Antica, to remedy the great decay besetting.”

One of the jewels of the Roman forum back to its former glory: after twenty years is returned to the city’ The House of the Vestal Virgins, which is the’ where the square of the Roman Forum started to climb towards the Palatine, between the Via Nova and the Via Sacra, behind the Temple of Vesta. Now it, after major restoration, E’ Opened l'route via New denominate, visible on the roadway north-west slopes of the Palatine, that with a straight line running from the upstream to the beginning of the Clivus atrium Vestae Palatine. …l’articolo continua »

Yesterday was finally signed the agreement between the Ministry of Culture and the owner of Tods, Diego Della Valle, for restoration of the Colosseum.

So Tods SpA. The establishment of the plan of action for a sum of money equal to 25 million euro, to be disbursed to contractors on the basis of the progress of work approved by the Commissioner and the superintendent.

The signatures have been affixed by Della Valle for Tods Sp. A., Anna Maria Moretti, superintendent of special and Cultural Heritage of Rome, Roberto Cecchi, and Commissioner of the archeological area of Rome and Ostia Antica.

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