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L’avventura d’IMPROVVISARTE, since last September is now in its seventh meeting to be held Sunday 8 May.

Once again the wonderful Borgo Antico putignanese host Art in its various forms of expression. the streets of the historic center, from 10 in the morning you can admire the creations of artists and artisans.

In the evening, Instead there will be performance of street artists and music concerts.

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Back N’de Jos’r, the annual event that transforms the old town of Putignano in a folk festival and food which combine conviviality, pleasure, cultures near and far, the banner of the oldest, authentic and lively form of entertainment: Carnival.

Simple in the sentence, linked to the cultural traditions of the territory to which it belongs, N’de Jos’r is probably the oldest among the different forms of provision carnival, one that may contain the remains rooted in the history of fads – Not only Carnival - of a city and its inhabitants.

Just because spontaneous and authentic expression of a place, wineries, exercise areas, the local, are present in our center as in the whole Italy. An important tradition, in a historical moment in which the comparison between present and past is a necessary condition, even before a choice.

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 Cultural Association "Trulli" 1a trav. Via N. Sauro 18d 70017 Putignano (BA) 

"IMPROVVISARTE" artistic expressions illuminate the historical center
Sixth race – 30 January 2011

Putignano (via S. Lorenzo, 1) – Hours 19,00 – 24,00

Free admission

The adventure of IMPROVVISARTE, initiative promoted by TRULLO, since last September is now in its sixth meeting to be held Sunday 30 January.

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The festival is held in center of the country. Are reopened, For the occasion, the ancient wine cellars and taverns. In the streets and squares are held shows and concerts. For information, contact the Office of Culture and Tourism of the City.

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Sunday 23 January 2011 back in old town of Castiglione Olona The Borgo dei Sapori, enogastronomy the market and of local traditional products and other regions of Italy.

This first event of the year are added new exhibitors with proposals for the tastings of the most diverse and special food, not always available in supermarkets. …l’articolo continua »

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Point of Departure from Piazza Martiri della Libertà Info – Rivoli (TO)
Sunday 9 January (by appointment only at 011.9561043) A tour of about half an hour on board of "two wheels" young and innovative; the opportunity to admire the beauty of the area, described by a tourist guide which also has Segway. Ticket 25 € per person. Reserved for greater 16 years. Recommended to wear comfortable clothes and sports shoes; avoid bags and handbags. - - TEL. 011.9561043

RIVOLI SECRET (On reservation)
Point of Departure from Piazza Martiri della Libertà Info – Rivoli (TO)
Every Sunday, Hours 16 (by appointment only at 011.9561043) The tour lets you discover the hidden beauties of the city: from the Casa del Conte Verde, the Grotto of the Nymph, through the bell tower of the Collegiate Church and the Tower of the Spinning Mill. The tour lasts approximately two hours, the total cost of 3 € (free for children under 6 years). - – TEL. 011.9561043

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Thursday 16 December at 12.40 the first 99 Cinnamon of monumental fountain Aquila has started to throw water.

”An event for the city’ and a sign of hope – You said the President of the, Ilaria Borletti Buitoni -. Our commitment’ a sign of hope after the tragedy of 6 April 2009. The city center’ E’ still battered by injuries and the water and’ back to flow from this precious fountain’ the hope for an early recovery and fast”. The event was also attended by Mayor, Massimo Cialente, L’Arcivescovo Giuseppe Molinari and Formula 1, Jarno Trulli.

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To cry Viva Maria the day of ferragosto each year through the streets of historic Messina parade majestic votive wagon. In order to pull this wagon are over 100 devoteesbetween men and women, young and old, pulling ropes attached to two long over each 110 m.

But what are we talking? E’ The Be,is but one of the largest processional equipment across Europe and shows the time Assumption of the Virgin in the sky and reaches a height of 14 meters. Everything is sprinkled with figure colorful angels, cherubim and seraphim that are activated with the gear mechanism in order to animate the cart.

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In magical night shooting stars will be in thousands of wine tourists that while will lift their eyes to count luminous trails potrenno also savoraromas and flavors of a good glass of wine. Back to the fact10 Augustat the Night of San Lorenzo,  Goblets of Stars, The traditional summer event organized by Movimento Turismo del Vinoand dalleCity of Wine.

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Like every year Senise (Power) L’associazione “ASSA's Fund”, Historical Development Association Environmental, organizing the eventU Strittul ru Zafaran - The Pepper Lane. l’edizione 2010 held from 7 August 8, in the eventDays of Pepper IGP.

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