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Great opportunity for all shooters of Italy, who may participate in the great event and for the City of Torino which will accommodate more than 80.000 people.

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The engines are warming up: The 20 – 21 – 22 May 2011 returns the event organized by the Moto Club Mimosa Bike that for five years successfully combines a passion for engines and the excellent food and wine of the area.

Heart of the event, will remain the Lido di Fano which will host this year exclusive new models, gatherings of vintage cars and motorcycles organized in collaboration with several national clubs. But the promenade of Fano is also the ideal space to accommodate the local producers who will share their first fruits and visitors who can discover and taste the products of our land.

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4 Sundays of the festival 20 February 13 March 2011.
Every Sunday, combined with tasty local product 

At Booth's Corner Wolverine: Tortafritteria and Spalla Cotta Warm Sunday 20 February, Culatello and Ham Sunday 27 marzo, Guinness Cotechino the largest and longest in the world Sunday 6 marzo, Tortafritteria with the grand finale of mixed meats and sausage Sunday 13 marzMarchant papier-mache floats in the street, special subjects and the Mad Masquerade Corrida! Historical edition. Children who do not exceed one meter in height do not pay the entrance to the Grand Carnival, marching band, Masked performances along the course, attractions for children, parades. 

Performs 130 years of the Grand Carnival Laughter in Busseto, known as the Carnival in the boot of Italy more Music! To celebrate the milestone the phantasmagorical prestigious event was born in Parma 1881 invited young and old to party, between masked parades and confetti, for four Sundays (20 e 27 February, 6 E 13 March, more from 14.30 all 19) with the best national bands, flag-wavers and their incredible stunts in the air, the most entertaining marching band in the square and animation is always different every weekend in Old Town, in square, under the arches.

There is no birthday without respecting a rich buffet of gluttony: the proverb says, "You better have a full belly laughs", this is when food and wine excellence of Verdi's land port in Busseto (Orange Flag of the Italian Touring Club) the best products of the. At the corner of Wolverine, in the square in front of the Green Fortress, every Sunday during the Grand Carnival is celebrated on a different sausage: Tortafritteria and Spalla Cotta Warm Sunday 20 February, Culatello and Ham Sunday 27 marzo, Guinness Cotechino the largest and longest in the world Sunday 6 marzo, Tortafritteria with the grand finale of mixed meats and sausage Sunday 13 marzMarch Inevitable the sweet talk covered with powdered sugar, tortelli pastry filled with jam, fried tortellini stuffed with raisins and candied fruit, Verdi steaming mulled wine and chocolate. You can taste the wines: Fortana Taro, typical of the area, Lambrusco Wine and Verdi. The organization is responsible for twenty of twenty volunteers – now experienced chefs and sommeliers – Group of marchers Public Assistance.  …l’articolo continua »

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Is returning the missed appointment with the Carnival Imola, now known throughout Italy for its originality: Carnival, Indeed, has its strength in Grande Parade Fantastic Vehicles, bizarre evolution of the floats in key ecological

FANTASY, creativity, ecology: The Fantastic Vehicles are vehicles weird, unusual, bizarre and ingenious: can be high, low, long with a two-wheel or thirty; conducted by a single person or a group of people; may be unique or revision of existing vehicles or bicycles.

There is only a very strict rule to be respected: In Fantastic Vehicles must not use polluting fuels (Gasoline, diesel, ecc.). Possono cioè muoversi a trazione umana, Push, Pedal, to sail or be powered by engines with fuel “zero emission” (electricity, compressed air, Solar Energy, ecc.).etc..

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The 6 January 2011 held the first national gathering of witches and Befani Parma Apennines. awards, games and even a Miss!

Brings gifts to children, dispenses sweetness and light with small gifts and carries with it the holiday season: Befana finally has its official event in Parma! it is the the first national gathering of witches and Befana takes place 6 January 2011 Fornovo Taro (Pr). To organize the whole is Green Cross Fornovese , that summons the local associations to set up stands and markets, and makes the trumpets rang to invite groups of friends who feel in the mood to participate in contests Befanate, parades and races of sympathy, not forgetting the beauty!

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From 3 all’ 8 December, Back in green Irpinia The Trajan Camper Club (TCC), in collaboration with the sponsorship of the City of Castelfranci (By), to coincide with the feast of the Immaculate, organizing the 1st Meeting of camperistico Castelfranci. During the meeting, campers as well as guests to taste the local products on display in the stands set up in the center, will attend the Wine Festival - Bonfire Night, organized by the town of Castelfranco.

The Wine Festival presents events through routes, laboratories and other riotous events to be held in the most picturesque in the country: parades of local folk groups and folk music in concert with Eugenio Bennato.

Well four days to admire the beauty of the country, that because of its history, its traditions and its cultural and artistic heritage, well known and deserves to be visited by the great family practice that itinerant tourism.

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Sunday 31 October and Monday 1 November 2010, by 9.30 all 17.00, the sky above the Castle of Masino, wonderful properties of the FAI – Italian Environment Fund to Caravino (TO), again host for the fourth consecutive year “Hot Air Balloon Rally” organized by Team Charbonnier Balloon Aosta.

In Castle Park there will be many balloons – from Italy, France and Switzerland – their crews will compete in exciting races and chase away the sky, that all spectators can watch from land. For those who want it before the race, may also watch the colorful balloons inflate – a ritual of great fascination for the little ones – and experience the thrill of boarding the basket where the passengers are accommodated. Among the many proposals competitions, one of the most spectacular is definitely the one call “Fox Hunting“, call in which a balloon “fox” take off and all the other riders will launch its pursuit.
This year too Masino you can admire a very special balloon – the largest balloon Italian that can hold up 10 passengers – which will be conducted by a pilot as special: Igor Charbonnier, two-time Italian champion of balloon flight and 8 th place at World Air Games 2009.

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