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The 16 October is expected to show "We want the spotlight," sponsored by the delegations FAI in the area under the national campaign "Defend your heart of Italy”.

The project provides that each delegation to choose a good local representative of the collective, abandoned or in a state of decay, but worth recover the original dignity, and take steps to raise the necessary funds to restore it and return it to the local community.

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Appointment in Foggia Sunday 10 Sunday October with the label organized by the Municipal Environment and Energy  

Valuing planning an extemporaneous art of street painting. E´ the event on Sunday ecological organized dall'assessorato Environment and Energy for the whole day of 10 October (closed to traffic from 9.30 alle 13 and 16.30 alleall00). A cure initiative “The colors of the city” is the cultural association “Small Arts” and addressed to all lovers of the palette and emerging artists of all ages. To enrich the event we can expect the library UBIK with a showcase dedicated to publications on the theme of.

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Sunday 3 0ttobre, within the national project of the Ministry of Heritage and Culture, "Sunday paper – Libraries and Archives are told ", the State Archives of Foggia and the Chamber of Lucera will make a special opening hours by continuous 9.00 at 20.00.

The demonstration of Foggia, called "Treasures of paper on display"Wants to offer to a wider audience, non-specialist, the opportunity to learn about the history of the captains through valuable documents described by officials. Often, Indeed, the population is unaware that in old buildings in their city are preserved documentary sources, dating back to time immemorial, that are accessible to all, not only to an elite group of professionals.

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