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Events in October | Traveling Easy

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With the start of spring back the urge to move and live in the middle of its territory. For the third consecutive year at the Spa Euganee part of the winning proposal Easy Activities, read many sports: ideal introduction to the world of sport with the advice of experts nordic walking is to cycling and at the same time know the area due to natural and environmental guides accompanying the tour on Thursday. There are also the Refreshments and wine with the delicious fruits of the area on Wednesday afternoon.

by 28 March 3 June and 29 August 28 October every day a different proposal: The Monday we start with the Nordic walking citizen Montegrotto, Tuesday easy biking experience immersed in the countryside, The Wednesday Nordic walking moves Hills Hills, the Thursday we can test with an excursion on Euganean and easy bike to finish the week Friday takes place on the tour thanks to Abano Terme Nordic walking city. There are also plenty initiatives for all tastes and levels of preparation!

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Sunday 31 October and Monday 1 November 2010, by 9.30 all 17.00, the sky above the Castle of Masino, wonderful properties of the FAI – Italian Environment Fund to Caravino (TO), again host for the fourth consecutive year “Hot Air Balloon Rally” organized by Team Charbonnier Balloon Aosta.

In Castle Park there will be many balloons – from Italy, France and Switzerland – their crews will compete in exciting races and chase away the sky, that all spectators can watch from land. For those who want it before the race, may also watch the colorful balloons inflate – a ritual of great fascination for the little ones – and experience the thrill of boarding the basket where the passengers are accommodated. Among the many proposals competitions, one of the most spectacular is definitely the one call “Fox Hunting“, call in which a balloon “fox” take off and all the other riders will launch its pursuit.
This year too Masino you can admire a very special balloon – the largest balloon Italian that can hold up 10 passengers – which will be conducted by a pilot as special: Igor Charbonnier, two-time Italian champion of balloon flight and 8 th place at World Air Games 2009.

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by 28 October to 14 November , a Pisa , 2° November Fest , a party that lasts 18 days when he found the atmosphere that attracts and follows one of the halls of the famous Oktoberfest in Monaco:

Pork shank, Nuremberg sausages, Bavarian ham and cheese, strudel, etc.

the famous and sought “Brezel gigante” – Bavarian Bread

an engaging and exciting typical German orchestra

the large brewery ofand the Bavarian Alps Wieninger Bier

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The Fiera di Monza and Brianza edition 2010 and welcomes all moves to a new and prestigious: The Autodromo Nazionale di Monza.A reason for the leap in quality has allowed us to add the adjective "great" on this twenty autumn event that enriches the city providing visibility to the exhibitors with a range of high level.

The larger surface area available than ever before able to provide a combined display diverse organization of side events. The stands will be placed in the box above, while the latter will be the provisions of Section MOTORMONZA where vehicles will be tested in motion on the circuit, while the paddock is for the exposition.

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26esima edizione della Festa del Bosco, traditional event in the city of Montone which every year offers the best productions of the territory related to the fall season; in addition to the exhibition and trade show will be held shows and special events.
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Il 30 E 31 October 2010 back to Umbria Giano, at the traditional event "Open Crushers", la TheMangiaunta, gastronomic itinerary in the four mills Gianesi tasting, guided tours and walks to the rediscovery of the traditional aromas and flavors of the region.

To make it easy and simple this "tour", the City of Giano dell 'Umbria has decided to make available the “Gianolio Bus”, a special bus that will shuttle service to and from the mills participating in the initiative.

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The first oil from Umbria Giano bride principals Slow Food.  Partecipano alle nozze i vini Doc e Docg delle cantine del territorio e i Corciano typical breads and Spoleto. The invitation is strictly for connoisseurs.

A bottle of oil as a tribute to those who complete the tour 

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